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    Mandrake Speaks Newsletter Compiled by Mogg Contents 06.Wiccan Roots/Philip Heslton 07.Fortean Times & Austin Osman Spare 08.Kenneth Grant 09.Inside Merlin s
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      Mandrake Speaks Newsletter
      Compiled by Mogg

      06.Wiccan Roots/Philip Heslton
      07.Fortean Times & Austin Osman Spare
      08.Kenneth Grant
      09.Inside Merlin's Cave
      10.Virtual Exhibition
      11.The Sheela Show
      12.I Ching Archive
      13.'The Encirclement of the Sorcerous Self'
      14.Queer Spirit
      15.ebooks - Sybarite among the Shadows
      16. From our correspondent
      17. Crowley/AA T-Shirts
      18.A Magick Life/A Biography of Aleister Crowley by Martin Booth
      (reviewed by Mogg Morgan)
      19.TMTS E-books
      22.Subscription details

      Monthly info for friends of leading occult
      publisher and bookseller Mandrake of Oxford
      Monthly info on ours and other interesting publications
      and events.

      6. 'Wiccan Roots, Gerald Gardner and modern witchcraft revival' by Philip
      Heselton, (Capall Bann)
      Interesting new book, which throws particular light on the debate about the origins of
      wicca. Perhaps Gardner was more like Alex Sanders that was once thought:
      'I have always been very sceptical
      of Gerald Gardner's claims and after reading Aidan Kelly's "Crafting the art
      of magick" and Ronald Hutton's "The Triumph of the Moon" thought that my
      suspicions were well founded. But after reading Philip Heselton's book I'm
      not so very sure, the book itself covers the time when Gardner said he was
      initiated into a coven in the new forest and the people and organisations
      involved in incredible detail.
      If your interested in the origins of the Wiccan/Pagan revival then this book
      is a must, I suspect that this book's findings will have a even greater
      impact on the way pagan history is perceived than even 'The triumph of the
      This is what Ronald Hutton says about it in the forward: "Philip Heselton's
      book represents a major landmark in the recovery of those origins. It is a
      work of considerable primary research which solves several long-standing
      problems and questions and furnishes a quantity of solid information upon
      the subject greater than that provided by any previous publication".
      So maybe Gardner didn't make it up!!!!!!' - Jack Daw

      7. Fortean Times & Austin Osman Spare
      The march edition of Fortean Times has a seven page cover feature on
      Austin - check it out

      8. Snakewand & The Darker Strain
      Two new tales by Kenneth Grant. Frontespiece by
      Austin Spare. Standard edition 25pounds+P&P, and
      limited edition 55pounds+p&P.
      Ninth Arch still in preparation.
      The Mauve Zone and other titles
      still available

      9.Inside Merlin's Cave
      I have a very nice new book called
      _Inside Merlin's Cave - A Cornish Arthurian Reader (1000-2000)_
      edited by Amy Hale, Alan M Kent and Tim Saunders
      (Francis Boutle 2000) 12.50UK pounds
      Actually the time scale given in the title is a bit misleading as it
      have some material from stone inscriptions c500-800AD and Taliesin c500AD
      The origins of the legend of Arthur presumably date from the this time, at
      the end of the Roman occupation and the subsequent resistance in Wales and Cornwall
      to Saxon invaders. This is a very nice anthology and arms one with all the
      information one may need to make up your own mind. I particularly
      like the _Sisters of Glen Nectan_ by Robert Hawker.

      10. Virtual Exhibition - Occult Art
      The exhibition will be confined to art by occultists, portraying occult
      themes, borne of occult insights or created using occult techniques.
      There will be works by Austin Osman Spare and Rosaleen Norton, but the
      emphasis will very much be on living artists, particularly artists who
      have an affinity with occult currents which also manifest in the work of
      authors and occult groupings.
      More: ben@...; http://www.cadu.demon.co.uk/ http://www.io.com/~albion/caduceus/

      11. The Sheela Show
      If you're familiar with the sheila-na-gig image you'll know what this is about.
      Sheela's are either ancient erotic carvings or christian images of
      lust, depending on your point of view. personally I find them rather an
      unpleasant image of female sexuality. However if you would like to see and
      maybe buy one then check out the
      Shoreditch Sex Map
      The map Factory, 380 Old Street EC1V 11-29th february.
      More: sheela.show.co.uk

      12.I Ching Oracles
      As the publisher of Jan Fries' book on the I Ching (Living Midnight),
      which is popular amongst many magicos,
      I received the following notification of a new Oracle archive -
      and some CD roms:

      'China's Oracles were only discovered
      100 years ago, but as relics they may date back to Shang Dynasty
      (about 1600 BC 1100 B.C.). This LIBRARY is compiled by the History Study &
      Research Institute of
      the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, published by Sichuan University
      Press, sponsored, schemed and issued by China Tianyuan Cultural
      Industries, Ltd. and Sino Arts & Assoc., Singapore, and all are under
      the supervision and direction of the EXECUTIVE COMMISSION OF LIBRARY OF
      more: <http://www.cn-oracle.com>

      13.'The Encircling sorcerys of the self'
      Encircling Sorcery's of the Self

      Five interconnected workshops covering the basic techniques of
      Traditional Sorcery. The cost of all five two hour workshops is �15.00, bookings will be
      taken for all five workshops only.

      The maximum number of participants for these workshops is 10-15.
      Workshop 1 -Entering the Circle. 21st of February
      Workshop 2 -Systems of Gnosis and power. 7th of March
      Workshop 3 - Atavism. 21st of March
      Workshop 4 - Spirit travel. 4th of April.
      Workshop 5 - Coming full Circle. 18th of April.
      For more details Email CronnackDhu<wytchery@...

      14. Queer Spirit
      QUEER SPIRIT - the magazine for Lesbian Gay and Bisexual
      Pagans and Occultists. Contact queerspirit@... or
      visit http://www.queerspirit.moonfruit.com

      15. '...Then I noticed a man sitting in the gloom.
      He was staring up at me. Large fellow, thickset,
      looked like a stockbroker, apart from his head, which was shaven...'

      So Dylan Thomas begins describing his fateful encounter with
      Aleister Crowley. His listener is Victor Neuburg, Dylan's first
      publisher and once Crowley's most fervent disciple. Set during a
      single day in June 1936, Sybarite among the Shadows follows Dylan and
      Neuburg as they track the Beast through the Surrealist Exhibition,
      the pubs of Fitzrovia, and louche Soho clubs frequented by such
      Crowley associates as Augustus John and the head of the most secret
      division of MI5. Finally, in a terrifying denouement, Neuburg finds
      himself implicated not only in a maze of intrigue involving Wallis
      Simpson and the soon-to-abdicate King himself, but also in the last
      ritual of the magic of his youth: the banishment of Bartzabel,
      Spirit of Mars, which has possessed him for thirty years.

      More than just a fast-paced work of occult fiction, Sybarite among
      the Shadows is a painstakingly-researched attempt to explore Crowley
      and his magick from a new angle. Read the first chapter on
      www.cyberite.co.uk or for further information on obtaining the
      e-book mail valentin@...

      [I'm updating our links pages to add e-books - it can be viewed at
      www.mandrake.uk.net/cool.htm. When I have enough I'll start a
      new e-books page, which will also include some of our own titles
      due to be issued in this format. If you have a publication you like mentioned
      please email url and details to mandrake-owner@egroups.com - Mogg]

      16. From our correspondent
      'Picked up a copy of Fortean Times over the weekend. A couple of
      items may be of interest to you. The first is, the Martin Booth
      biography gets a review there and also another Crowley biog
      'Do What Thou Wilt' by Lawrence Sutin. The other is an interview with Coil, but as they are going to
      put the full interview on their web site I guess it is not an
      essential purchase... Oh, they also mention a forth coming
      feature on AOS.

      17. The design is the magickal seal of the A.'. A.'. (Astrum Argentium or Silver
      Star) one of the first organisations Crowley was involved with, after he
      left the Golden Dawn. The seal is stitched by special machine so the reproduction
      is perfect to that of the seal. It is stitched in silver thread, on the left breast on
      black shirts. The width of the seal is 3".
      Short sleeved T-Shirt - �12 / �13 / �14
      Long Sleeved T-Shirt - �15 / �16 / �17
      Sweatshirt - �18 / �19 / �20
      Hooded Shirt - �20 / �21 / �22

      Prices above are UK / EUROPE / REST OF WORLD respectively and include sales
      tax and first class / Airmail shipping.

      Available from www.coldspring.co.uk or for credit cards owners

      18. _A Magick Life/A biography of Aleister Crowley_ by Martin Booth (Hodder & Stoughton)
      The raison d'�tre of this new biography seems to be as an antidote to
      John Symonds 'classic' study 'The Great Beast', which is widely disliked by
      Crowley aficionados. Personally I think that Symonds's work is difficult to
      better, especially if one has a sense of humour, a faculty often lacking
      in born again crowleyites. Having said that I think that Martin's Booth's
      new biography is an excellent read and does contain some new information
      although, in my opinion, very few new magical insights; especially on developments
      in the last twenty years. I get the impression that
      this book is supported by the American 'Caliphate' OTO and represents their
      claim to fame. My contention is backed up by some rather startling omissions,
      for example not a single mention of Kenneth Grant (either in the text or bibliography),
      even though he has written a lot of material relevant to any biography of Crowley. Grant was,
      afterall, one of Crowley's most important students. Other the other hand,
      someone like Amado Crowley, whose
      connection with the old master, is, to say the least, unproved, has lots of his
      silly stories dealt with at length and all his books are listed.
      This then is not objective biography but political biography with a small 'p'.
      If you bear these drawbacks in mind, the book is an essential read although perhaps
      not the last word on the subject.

      Martin Booth's contention seems to be that the deathblow to Crowley's reputation was dealt
      by the expedition to Kanchenjunga. Crowley's friend and teacher Oscar Eckenstein refused to
      join an expedition under Crowley's leadership. His intuition was probably right,
      as Crowley's leadership abilities were
      tested and found wanting, the expedition fell apart and a man died. Crowley's alleged callous
      attitude and refusal to try to rescue the stricken climber, blackened his name for all time and
      closed off any further climbing adventures. I thought it was one of the most
      interesting parts of the book and that it would have benefited from some photographs and maps
      of the mountains (as is normal in climbing books). There were plenty of other illustrations,
      mostly the ones that get reused in every other book on 'old crow', but the odd piece of
      stock photography of the scenes would have helped. I also think the author could have talked
      to some contemporary climbers about Crowley's predicament - he might have found them
      surprisingly sympathetic to the old boy.

      The book has the obligatory discussion of the death of Raoul Loveday. Once again I think this
      is the company line - whatever Raoul Loveday died of it wasn't as a result of drinking cat's
      blood - on no siry. That Crowley could have f**ked up a ritual - oh no that can't be.
      But as I myself put it to someone attacking Snoo Wilson over this very issue -
      no one ever denies that the sacrifice of a cat took
      place - nor that the blood was drunk. And that in most people opinion is far more damaging than
      the mysterious death by typhoid fever of one of the participants.

      Anyways - these are small quibbles, I do recommend this biography as a good read,
      not as good as Symond's version, which is anyway, difficult to get hold of,
      but nevertheless a creditable and highly informative
      study. Mogg Morgan

      19. TMTS E-books
      www.web-orama.com or www.occultebooks.com
      Titles so far are: SSOTBME heavily revised and expanded; The Good The Bad
      The Funny (book on the trinitarian thinking I first announced at Lockenhaus
      around 1990); and Hugo l'Estrange's Hellgate Chronicles (collected
      diaries). All PDFs for screen or printing, costing 3 pound UK each.
      Words Made Flesh has just gone out, and they are setting up a system for
      free downloads of short pieces for reading on Palm PDAs.
      Then you have
      www.occultebooks.com/blast.htm - for Blast YThe our Way to Megabuck$
      www.occultebooks.com/gbf.htm - for The Good Bad the Funny description
      www.occultebooks.com/words.htm - for Words Made Flesh description
      www.occultebooks.com/SSOTBME.htm - for SSOTBME description
      www.occultebooks.com/hugo.htm - for Hellgate Chronicles description
      www.occultebooks.com/pda/pda.htm - for list of free PalmOS peanut-reader

      20. Ananke2: Symposium of Real Magick and Global Ritualism.
      I've had to postpone this as some of the programme items have fallen
      through - hope to have news of alternative soon.

      21. Best Selling Titles
      Jan Fries/Visual Magick (new edition) 10.99
      Jan Fries/Seidways �14.99
      Jan Fries/Living Midnight 10.99
      Jan Fries/Helrunar 10.99
      Snoo Wilson/ I Crowley 9.99
      Katon Shual/Sexual Magick 7.99
      Ramsey Dukes/What I Did In My Holidays:
      Essays on Satanism, Devil Worship and black magick
      Kamil Zvelebil/The Siddha Quest For Immortality

      Jan Fries/Caldron of the Gods
      Mels Van Driel/The Secret Part: a natural history of the penis
      Kamil Zvelebil/Hippalos
      Mogg Morgan/The English Mahatma
      Gerhard Wassermann/Consciousness and Near Death Experience
      Chris Morgan/Medicine of the Gods


      22.Subscription details
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      To subscribe send email to:
      To email the list owner

      Other lists:
      Ayurveda database: ayurved-subscribe@egroups.com
      Naths, AMOOKOS and East/West Tantrism: wyrdglow-108-request@...
      Neo Golden Dawn: goldendawn-subscribe@egroups.com
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      10:22 12/11/02Mandrake Speaks Newsletter, Compiled by Mogg No 105 Monthly info for friends of leading occult publisher and bookseller Mandrake of Oxford
      Message 36 of 36 , Dec 22, 2002
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        10:22 12/11/02Mandrake Speaks Newsletter,
        Compiled by Mogg
        No 105

        Monthly info for friends of leading occult
        publisher and bookseller Mandrake of Oxford
        Monthly info on ours and other interesting publications
        and events.
        Contributions are welcome if sent to:
        Please feel free to repost this newsletter to other lists.

        174. Sexuality, Magick & Perversion
        173. The Ninth Arch by Kenneth Grant
        172. Ramsey Rides again
        171. The Picatrix and other Ouroborus texts
        170. Devil theme park
        169. Secret Chiefs, History of Fun & Kenneth Grant
        168. �Nameless� Speaker Meetings
        167. Mastering Witchcraft
        166. Ayurveda: The Mantra of Niramaya

        00.Subscription details
        000.Groups, events et al

        174. Sexuality, Magick & Perversion
        Maybe its the time of year but many interesting books from the more
        left field side of the market are suddenly reappearing or being republished.
        I have such a backlog thought i'd better at least mention some of the current
        goodies in time for Crowleymass -
        From the excellent Feral House in USA, I have fine new edition of
        Francis King's' Sexuality, Magick and Perversion'.
        First published by Neville Spearman
        in 1971 (remember them - they produced a spoof edition of the Necronomicon)
        it probably is one of the first serious books since Crowley
        to take a look at sexuality as a means to magical gnosis. In the meantime others have taken the issue further but this is still an important book
        full of the odd picaresque anecdote - such as is recounted in the
        first chapter 'A dildo for a witch' now there's a title!!
        Price about 10 ukpounds.

        Also out this week is The Ninth Arch By Kenneth Grant =

        173. The Ninth Arch by Kenneth Grant
        [Here's the publisher's blurb] -
        The ninth and final volume in the series of Typhonian Trilogies.
        It is available in a first edition of 1,000 copies.
        The book is hard-back, sewn binding, 640
        pages long, including Appendices, a Glossary and an Index.
        There are also 26 pages of
        monochrome plates. The frontispiece is a colour reproduction of a 1955 pastel,
        'Man is a Bundle of Ids', by Austin Osman Spare; whilst the volume closes with a colour plate consisting of the front cover designs for all nine volumes of the Typhonian Trilogies. The standard issue is bound in black Wibalin, and comes protected by a dust-jacket with colour design back and front by Steffi Grant.
        . . .

        In order fully to understand its purpose and content, The Ninth Arch should be scanned against the background of the larger canvas on which it is painted. Such an approach will facilitate insight into the Oracles of OKBISh and their accompanying comments.
        As an additional aid to focussing salient features of the Tradition, the author's Nightside Narrative, Against the Light (Starfire Publishing, 1997) should serve as a helpful and explanatory 'footnote
        ' to the circumstances existing at the time OKBISh was 'received'.

        The Oracles were communicated audibly, and occasionally visually, to various members of New Isis Lodge (1955-62) and at certain stages of magical ritual. The Current which generated the material began, sporadically, as early as 1939, with the initial movement of a transmission which
        developed over the years into the text known as the Wisdom of S'lba (see Outer Gateways, Skoob Books Publishing, 1994). In 1945, the Wisdom - then in its nascent stage - was recognized by Aleister Crowley as an authentic communication. From that time, the Informing Intelligence went
        on to complete the Wisdom, and proceeded to produce the massive series of Oracles presented in The Ninth Arch. The mode of reception has been described in the Introduction. The method of documentation confirms beyond cavil the validity of serial qabalah, as used previously in
        analyses of the Wisdom. The richly complex pattern of magical correspondences, in both cases, has proved of unparalleled value in determining genuine contact with occult forces possessed of
        Knowledge and Prescience concerning important terrestrial Events. That the pattern reflects direct contact with an indefinitely ancient yet ever new Typhonian Gnosis, is demonstrated by
        the application of relentless and rigorous qabalistic exegesis,
        as recorded in the comments.

        For readers interested in significant relationships between Numerical (physical) and Magico-Mystical (metaphysical) concepts, The Ninth Arch contains an exhaustive thesaurus of the Typhonian Tradition. But beyond considerations of gematria, the Oracles of OKBISh adumbrate Events likely to overtake planet Earth within the lifetime of many of the book's readers; and - for individuals who are able to interpret the Oracles in terms relative
        to their own magical universe - they issue warnings of the dangers that lie ahead of those unprepared to invoke the Sign of Protection against the oncoming wave of Outer Forces set
        to assume control of the planet. Now, at the turn of a millenium, it seems
        appropriate to release this Knowledge.

        172. Ramsey Rides again
        And if thats still not enough i have to tell you
        that SSOTBME (Sex Secrets of the Black Magicians Exposed) is back in
        print after almost a decade to be followed shortly by Thundersqueak.
        And new is the long awaited work of magical philosophy:
        'The Good, The Bad, The funny' said to be the only antidote one needs
        to incipient dualism.
        For more details on any of the above email

        171. The Picatrix et al
        apart from the Picatrix plans for
        several other crucial magical texts:

        January 2003]: Ouroboros Press will release The Heptameron: or, Magical
        Elements of Peter de Abano. Translated by Robert Turner. Introduction,
        appendix and bibliography. Illustrated with circles, angelic sigils and
        tables with head and tail ornaments. Limited Edition of 250 copies; 50 of
        which will be specially bound in a Fine Binding by Ars Obscura Bookbinding.

        February 2003]: The Emerald Tablet of Hermes. A hand-set Letterpress
        Broadside printed on hand-made paper with a Washington Iron Press and
        embellished with an Alchemical Emblem. The typeface used will be Centaur
        which was designed by Bruce Rogers. For this special project Ouroboros Press
        commissioned Rollin Milroy of Heavenly Monkey Press to set the type and
        print the work in his workshop in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Finely printed and
        suitable for framing. Limited to 100 copies only.

        March 2003]: Zoroaster's Telescope, or The Keys to the Great Divinatory
        Kabbala of the Magicians. First English Translation from the German by
        Robert William Mattila. Edited and introduced by William J. Kiesel.
        Illustrated with exquisite woodcuts and a folding table of 'The Urn'.
        Limited edition with a few special bindings by Ars Obscura.

        review to appear in near future:
        The Picatrix, or Ghayat al-Hakim as it is titled in Arabic, has long been
        regarded as source material in the Hermetic Tradition. The text of this
        Medieval work consists of four books covering the art and practice of
        Astrological, Talismanic and Astral Magic. The author has compiled
        information derived from 224 books by "ancient sages" (Hermes, Plato &
        Aristotle & others known & unknown) with the intention of uniting all these
        diverse arts into a practical system. It was recognized by Alphonso the Wise
        in the 13th Century, who had it translated into Spanish. Brought out of the
        obscurity of the Middle East it passed through the hands of many prominent
        figures throughout the history of Hermetic thought. Marsilio Ficino, Pico
        della Mirandola, Peter of Abano and Henry Cornileus Agrippa were among them.
        A Latin translation made its impression on the Bard Rabelais and the
        Venetian Inquisition cites it as a cause for the arrest of Casanova. Volume
        one contains the first two books of Ghayat al-Hakim, here translated into
        English for the first time. Volume 2 is in production.

        "A most complete textbook for the magician, giving the philosophy of nature
        on which Talismanic and Sympathetic Magic is based together with full
        instructions for its practice." ---[Francis A. Yates]

        Picatrix [Ghayat Al-Hakim]: The Goal of the Wise.Volume I. Ouroboros Press:
        2002 Seattle. First English Language Edition Translated from the Arabic by
        Hashem Atallah. Edited and with an Introduction by William Kiesel. Octavo.
        Cloth with gilt title in dust jacket. xvii, 173 pages. Bibliography.
        Limited to 500 hand numbered copies. $50.00
        If you'd like a copy or this let email

        170. Devil theme park is a hot property
        From Sunday Times, 27 October 2002

        Hell hath no fury like a Satanist scorned, it seems.
        American Satanists have fallen out over plans by a Californian
        "Church" to build a theme park dedicated to Lucifer, black masses
        and heavy rock music, writes John Harlow.

        The Free Church of Satan has identified two possible sites near San Francisco
        in California, and Dallas, Texas, for a 15 acres theme park, provisionally called
        Perdition, and hopes to win over local planners with promises of jobs and taxes.
        The church plans to build a rollercoaster called Journey to Hell, a rock and roll
        stage, a church for black masses and a gallery featuring contemporary anti-heroes.
        The Satanists regard it as a riposte to the Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme
        park in Orlando, Florida, and an anti-evolutionary museum under construction in
        Kentucky by Christian fundamentalists.

        The original Church of Satan, which claims to have founded contemporary
        Satanism in San Francisco in 1966, and still publishes the best selling
        Satanic Bible, has condemned the Perdition proposals as ludicrous.
        Its members fear that a theme park could spark a confrontation between
        America's Satanists, whose hardcore membership has been estimated
        at more than 30 000, and the country's 230m Christians.

        The schism has materialised on the eve of Halloween, when sales of pumpkins,
        witches hats and tickets for haunted houses contribute to a �1.7 billion bonanza in the U.S.

        166. Ayurveda: The Mantra of Niramaya.
        Interactive CD-Rom on the ancient system of Indian
        Medicine. Recommended price 20 Euros.
        (if you want one email mandrake@... for details)

        This is quite a useful introduction to the Ayurvedic medical
        system covering all possible aspects of interest - history, personalities,
        pharmacology, philosophy, basic principles and therapies. I found it a relatively
        trustworthy and informative guide to material that can so often be
        the field of 'nationalistic' history and mythmaking. Illustrated with
        beautiful modern renditions of traditional images.
        But it is just that - introductory - the section on pharmacology, for
        example listed and illustrated a great many interesting medicaments but
        I would have liked a little more detail. I really appreciated the biographies
        of several seminal medics. On the whole, if you like the
        medium of CD ROM, which apparently many students at Gujerat's
        Ayurvedic University do, then this product is pretty good. It
        could pehaps do with a better index and perhaps the interactive aspect
        could allow some kind of self analysis of body types etc. But otherwise
        (Author of 'Medicine of the Gods:basic principles of ayurvedic medicine)

        0. Best Selling Titles
        Jan Fries/Visual Magick (new edition) 10.99
        Jan Fries/Seidways �14.99
        Jan Fries/Living Midnight 10.99
        Jan Fries/Helrunar 10.99
        Jean Overton Fuller/Sickert & the Ripper Crimes
        Snoo Wilson/ I Crowley 9.99
        Katon Shual/Sexual Magick 7.99
        Ramsey Dukes/What I Did In My Holidays:
        Essays on Satanism, Devil Worship and black magick
        Kamil Zvelebil/The Siddha Quest For Immortality
        Mels Van Driel/The Secret Part: a natural history of the penis
        Kamil Zvelebil/Hippalos
        Mogg Morgan/The English Mahatma
        Gerhard Wassermann/Consciousness and Near Death Experience
        Mark Mirabello/The Cannibal Within
        Mary Hedger/History of Fun
        Chris Morgan/Medicine of the Gods

        Jan Fries/Cauldron of the Gods
        Les Visible/The Dark Splendor
        Evangelos Rigakis/Threskia: The Greek Mysteries
        Steven Ashe/Qabalah of 50 Gates
        Mogg Morgan/Thelemic Magick 1
        Mogg Morgan/Strange Oxford


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        000. Groups, events et al

        Cardiff contacts sought for occult moot perhaps
        leading to ritual seed group on OGDOS lines
        email mandrake-owner@yahoogroups.com

        Pagan/Magick Pub Moot
        @ The Eagle
        From 8pm onwards on the first Monday of the Month.
        For further details mail benvaughan49@... or go to

        Magician's Moot, which occurs the second Thursday
        of every month in Norwich in
        floating venues. For information
        e-mail denise@...
        or phone Anton or Denise at 01603 622142.

        London AMOOKOS group
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