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Go Oprah!!!!!!!

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  • nabrri@aol.com
    Oprah Takes on Puppy Mills!!!!! (the billboard strategically placed for Oprah to see) Maybe it was the billboard strategically placed near Oprah’s studio in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
      Oprah Takes on Puppy Mills!!!!!

      (the billboard strategically placed for Oprah to see)

      Maybe it was the billboard strategically placed near Oprah’s studio in Chicago, maybe it was one of the petitions, or maybe awareness about the issue is finally becoming a reality. This Friday, puppy mills will make it even further into the limelight. It’s one thing for a news station to do a show on the commercial pet breeding industry, but when Oprah’s talking about it—well, maybe pet stores and the breeders who supply them will see a difference in the demand.

      Friday, April 4th
      Click here for show times

      But the real thanks goes to Main Line Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania

      Main Line Animal Rescue is known for not only their work in rescuing animals, but also their fantastic, edgy billboards. They pictured a Beagle in a dishwasher to show USDA cage sizes, they placed a billboard to welcome families to "Scenic Lancaster County—home to hundreds of puppy mills"

      And they plunked a billboard right near Oprah’s studio, plainly asking her to tape a show about puppy mills.

      An excerpt from Main Line Animal Rescue’s e-mail announcing the show:

      "Well, the cat is out of the bag, or should I say the dog is out of the hutch! Main Line Animal Rescue is going to be on Oprah this Friday, April 4. The show will address euthanasia in our nation’s shelters, and the inhumane treatment facing dogs in Pennsylvania’s puppy mills. In preparation for the latter, MLAR went undercover with Special Investigator Lisa Ling and members of Oprah’s production staff. We filmed the day to day horrors of actual puppy mills and you can watch as we rescue a number of the dogs we currently have at our shelter."

      Let’s help the Oprah show have the biggest impact possible!
      Actions to take before the show
      Get as many potential puppy buyers as possible to tune in to Oprah’s show—target people who may not know about puppy mills, and/or may be shopping for a puppy.

      Take advantage of free classifieds by placing as many ads as possible. Post notices on Craigslist.com, local news boards, freecycle,—anywhere that people might go to look for a pet to buy. Below is a sample ad (be sure to put in the correct time):

      Are you in the market for a puppy? Watch the Oprah Winfrey show on
      Friday, April 4th! (insert correct time here). Friday’s episode is all about buying puppies and dogs!

      Actions to take after the show
      1.) Post more information in the SAME free online publications. Give people more information on how they can help, how they can avoid puppy mills, and how they can get involved with Best Friends’ campaign. Below is a sample ad:

      Did you see Oprah Winfrey’s April 4th show about puppy mills?
      Go to www.network.bestfriends.org/truth to learn how to make sure your dog doesn’t come from a puppy mill

      2.) Post the above comment on Oprah’s web community here: http://www.oprah.com/community/thread/44908

      More information about puppy mills

      1.) What can one person do to stop puppy mills? Click here for a downloadable PDF.

      2.) What is a puppy mill? What are the "red flags" that help identify them? Click here for a downloadable PDF.

      3.) Want to get continued news coverage, event notices and learn more about the puppy mill industry and how you can help make a difference? Join this community to receive our monthly newsletter!. It’s free and takes less than five minutes. First join the Network (see the links upper right) then click "join this community" under the "Bookmarks" section.

      Click here to read about Main Line’s quest to get puppy mills on Oprah’s show.

      By Kelli Ohrtman: Best Friends Animal Society
      Small Photo: Main Line’s billboard in Chicago. By Yvette Pina
      Main Photo: Puppy rescued from a Virginia puppy mill. By Clay Myers
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