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A good reason to donate

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  • Carmen
    RootsTech is where all the genealogists from around meet up with the computer people. It s a conference for genealogists. People buy booths there to sell
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2013
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      RootsTech is where all the genealogists from around meet up with the computer people.  It's a conference for genealogists.  People buy booths there to sell their books and software, anything to do with genealogy.  So, I was fortunate enough to get a booth but the cost of  $250 is steep for an individual.  I'm not a company.  So, what I do is ask for people's help by sponsoring me (donating to my cause).  By having a booth I will able to talk to the thousands of attendees in hopes of getting the word out about Maltese genealogy.  In return for your donation I will display your name as a sponsor.  It's people helping people.  With the help of my "sponsors" I will be able to showcase the Maltese  in way that will get them excited about their Maltese family tree and their heritage.

      Their website is 

      RootsTech is an opportunity unlike any other to discover the latest family history tools and techniques, connect with experts to help you in your research, and be inspired in the pursuit of your ancestors. It is a conference with a unique emphasis on helping individuals learn and use the latest technology to get started or accelerate their efforts to findorganizepreserve and share their family‚Äôs connections and history. Attendees will learn key skills from hands-on workshops and interactive presentations at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

      Thank you for considering sponsoring (donating) me at RootsTech 2013
      Carmen Borg

      Please send your donations to my paypal account carmenborg@...
      A receipt of the donation will be provided to you for your taxes.
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