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Re: Family Tree search -to Egypt

Dear Joysanne, Julius has been an immense help over the years, learning about the MBE's (Maltese Born in Egypt). If there are any other descendents of MBE's
Annick Shipley
Feb 24

Family Tree search -to Egypt

You are correct his second was Swedish also. Cheers, Julius Borg, the Maltese of Egypt family tree man I can now say that I am officially recognised as a
Julius Borg
Feb 24

Re : [Maltese_Genealogy] Family Tree search -to Egypt

his second wife (of Robert) who died in Sanary was seemed to be swedish as well josyanne http://www.geneanum.com/malte.html
josyanne massa
Feb 24

Family Tree search -to Egypt

Hi Josyanne,I recall that when my wife and I were on a trip of Europe, we visited a perfume place in the south of France (I cannot remember the city) and when
Julius Borg
Feb 23

Re : [Maltese_Genealogy] Family Tree search -to Egypt

Hello Julius "normaly" I have the acts from Sanary in the South of France but may be a mistake not née BORG ?? bizzare i will check thanks a lot Josyanne
josyanne massa
Feb 22

Family Tree search -to Egypt

Hi Josyanne, Maitre Robert Borg married a Swedish lady in Egypt, Estrid Kjellberg (She was not a Borg) and went to Sweden amd as you syaye he did not like it
Julius Borg
Feb 22

Re: Family Tree search -to Egypt

to Annick I know that "Julius borg" has a big data base concerning Maltese in Egypt but never heard of a book concerning them I know that one of my BORG went
Feb 22

Re: Family Tree search - Zammit clan from Gozo to Tunisia to Morocco

To Marc Zammit, I do not know if it ties in at all, but I have the birth certificates of nine children born between 1884 and 1898 in Alexandria Egypt to a
Annick Shipley
Feb 22

Re : [Maltese_Genealogy] Family Tree search - Zammit clan from Gozo

I have more concerning your family Joseph (Giuseppe) ZAMMIT is married to Maria SPITERI they married in Saint Paul of Valletta on the 11th of June 1820
josyanne massa
Feb 20

Family Tree search - Zammit clan from Gozo to Tunisia to Morocco

I am in search of family heritage on my father's side. Here is what I know: Josepho Zammit borm Malta early 1800's married Maria ? +Salvatore Francesco Mathias
Feb 20

WDYTYA April 2013

Hi everyone - I haven't posted much on this group and in fact only looked in as a result of a Yahoo Groups activity message. What I 'just happened to find' was
Apr 26, 2014
Annick Shipley
Nov 1, 2013

Re: Ursola Meilak

Hi Carol, Welcome to our group. Do you know where they were married? Or what about children? Have you check the database on www.geneanum.com. Give that a
Oct 24, 2013

1st Annual Maltese Conference Feb 9-11, 2014 Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Everyone,   We are happy to announce our 1st Annual Genealogy Conference being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb 9-11, 2014.  Please pass this around to
Oct 24, 2013
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Ursola Meilak

I am wondering if there is someone who may be able to help me, I am trying to find the mother of Ursola Meilak. Ursola's father Giovanni was married twice, I
Aug 15, 2013
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