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(no subject)

Soph Wright
Jan 8, 2013

(no subject)

Sex is the only satisfaction... http://fanandish.com/friends_links.php?ysSID=93jq2
Vanessa Adams
May 18, 2011

Malian album fundraiser- Deadline Sunday! Please make a pledge.

YMCA! Hope all's well for everyone. I'm just recently back from leading a summer program in Uganda and my Europe music tour. It was a whirlwind.. tons of fun,
Adam Klein
Sep 10, 2009

Malian music album!

Hello again friends. Hope it's been a fine summer. Ireland greets you with rain, Guiness, and Jameson. I'm writing to request your support for my next musical
Adam Klein
Aug 25, 2009

'Mande Sessions' music project..

Hello YMCA stage! Hope all's well. I'm writing to announce an exciting musical project: 'The Mande Sessions'. I've started a project on kickstarter.com seeking
Adam Klein
Jun 16, 2009

Flagpole Music Award Nomination: Please vote!

Hello friends! Hope all’s well. I’ve been nominated for a Flagpole Music Award (best of Athens) for Solo Performer. First time to be recognized in this
Adam Klein
May 11, 2009


Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to cook Moni porridge? Last January my jatigi family gave me a 1/2 kilo bag of dried Moni as a going away gift. I tried to
Gwendolyn Roeske
Apr 5, 2009

Mali food & music

Hello friends! Hope all's well with you and yours. I'm writing to ask for one, possibly two favors. :) I. I'm hoping to work on a television project involving
Adam Klein
Apr 5, 2009

FW: Show support for President-elect Obama and his Peace Corps pledg

If you support an expansion of Peace Corps in the future, Sign the petition!   -Cheryl The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance
cheryl turner
Nov 11, 2008

Re: Greetings

Wow--I just logged onto this and am so sad I missed all the news from folks when it was still timely. Imoite and Knox: So sorry to hear about both of your
Apr 22, 2008

Re: Greetings

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've talked with most of you. It's great to hear updates from everyone. I am finishing up my first year of a two year MBA
David Linnell
Mar 2, 2008

Re: Greetings

Imoite, I am sad to hear of your father passing away. I just returned from TN where I went to bury my grandfather. Loss of a close relative is so difficult.
John Knox
Feb 25, 2008

Back in Ghana with our new addition--see photos of baby Makena

Hi everone, I have been meaning to write for ages! Aw ni faama! Emmanuel and I had a baby boy, Makena Nathan Level, born last October in San Luis Obispo,
Feb 24, 2008


Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is doing fine and doing great things. I figured I would share some news with you all. I returned from Kenya a few weeks ago due
Feb 20, 2008

Looking for a Nweh speaker in DC

Dear all: I apologize for clogging this email with requests for help, but 2 class mates who are representing asylum seekers from Cameroon are facing the same
Jan 24, 2008
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