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The Creator and the created order- part -44

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  • John
    Part-44 We have seen that man is a product of the components of Nature, cosmos and the celestial word, which is inextricably blended together for a homogeneous
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      We have seen that man is a product of the components of Nature, cosmos and the celestial word, which is inextricably blended together for a homogeneous function of playing the demi-God duties. Where we come from and where we from going hitherto are a big question that nobody is certain to affirm in concrete term, Job.1, 21. Children resemble the parents in appearance, bodily functions and duty roles and mental outlooks, with varying exceptions, the reason for many ways that nobody knows other than some religious outputs differing in many in vivid forms, like Roman Catholics teach that souls undergo through `Bespurcana' or `kutty narakam', whereas the Orthodox teach that once one' sins are forgiven middle heaven is an unnecessary appendage; the souls go to Paradise or hell, depending on the result of after an interrogation in aerial realm, `Oyar', for 40 days. Despite some children claim that they shouldn't have been born in one particular family is an answer of escapism. In their adult life they will find out why they have come in that family, because of the adage, `'Like mother, like daughter'', Ezek.16, or like father, like son.

      Many youngsters take so much precautions by abstaining from certain foods, fearing that they may be transmitted by their parents' diseases like diabetics, cholesterol, heart attack and what not, Exo.34, 7, 34, 6- 7, because at least hereditary genes, DNA, enzymes, minerals of either parent, for the unrighteous ones transmitted for 4 generations and the righteous ones for 1000 generations, play a greater role in their personality which is the sum total of inner and physical personality that make an indelible mark in the cells of the body. ``The first impression is the best impression'' or `love at first sight' of the couples conveys the truth that they have similar genetics that make a chemical attraction between their bodies. `'Buffaloes join with buffaloes'', so also `'great men think alike'' dictate the natural order. The reflections of the genetics resemble on the face is a fact or face is the mirror of the heart is true. Character studies can be done by the art of physiognomy, face reading.

      The features of one's forehead and nose work like a propeller and radar that make one's destiny through different situations of confrontations in life. Whether one is a low birth or high birth can be studied from their facial appearance though it is difficult to judge unless one has an intuitive knowledge or being the vehicle of the Spiritual world. The facial or some body features change over a period of time by the way one leads one's life or the deciding factor is one's character that fluctuates when one is tuned to a lusty materialistic life or spiritual sensibilities. Kallassseril Bava was said to be shy and not very handsome in childhood, but the luminosity that shone on the face and body and the commanding power was a product of a rich spiritual life, which earned the prelate a place in `Devalokham' and among the elites of the world. The sage's visit to Great Britain proved this truth that was reported in the media of the time.

      The eye and nose of a person can ascertain whether he can be a leader or a follower. Mar Ivaniose's eye was a powerful dynamo that was the reason for enticing the authorities and establish mar Ivaniose college and complex, when Trivandrum and the rest of the rest of State was under the king's rule who belonged one particular caste, so also Parettu Mar Ivaniose who could establish colleges, schools and monastery at Pathanapuram which was the stronghold of Muslims was on account of the personality and charisma of the person. The position of the ears and the contour of lips are all implicit communicators of the personality of the individual. Look at the portrait of Jesus and Judas.

      I can't ignore the name of Vattasseril Thirumeni, the valiant and magnetic personality, who could alone face a foreign prelate that used the triumph card of ex-communication to grab the material wealth of the St.Thomas Christians by the accomplice role played by our own brethren by stabbing at our back, the foul play of a betrayer. No other prelate of our church other than ever suffered after the post- Portuguese invasion that sent the church into anonymity, the psychological torture and physical death threat and villainy hovered over Vattasseril thirumeni and the followers. When one of thirumeni's priest was grabbed by the hit man in the compound, the courageous thirumeni in such a helpless situation running with the cane and caning the attacker reveals Thirumeni's love towards the disciples. The fortress of prayers at the dead of the night was only the companion that saved the spiritual warrior in those darkest moments of the church, which sharpened the saint as an eloquent orator and a theologian of the first order by writing the book `Mathopadeshangal', though finance was a problem for the indigenous church then. Look at the photo and study the warrior's forehead and eye, squint eye. `'Great men are born, not made''. Sharp personalities overact at times, the reason for making enemies, while grooming the Dn.P.T. Ghevarghese, first M.A.Achen, as the next Catholicose, but were later sidelined due to adverse character changes noticed by the pontiff. This led him to the formation of `Malankara Reeth.

      The head of a country or any other institutions should be a benevolent administrator and a spiritual and moral warrior. The selfish institutional head that certainly will prove himself as an autocrat by luring his subordinates to support him and allow plundering their self-motivated interests, for which some subordinates become enemies because of certain principles governing their lives. As a new spirit blasted across the globe since 1970s, some crowns crumbled down to the ground, owing to the multifarious reasons of the cold war syndromes, outer space explorations and global rivalries, high-tech advancements and so on. These changes also touched the soul of the churches by the Vatican encyclical in 1968 that dawned a new world with new outlook on various aspects of life, like sex roles, equal opportunities and Privacy Law that led to the female ordination, there by a new spirit of religious and social reforms became imperative. The fossil energy wealth, high-tech pleasure added another dimension for the degeneration. The Orthodox churches also became a slave under the siege of these ferocious winds of changes. The post-1970 era witnessed a new phase that indulging in fraudulent election techniques and disparaging propaganda method for the positions of the echelon and detrimental waves downward and carnal ripples of a new money culture that affected the sanctity of faith, mother of all changes in ecclesiastical and religiosities, precipitated an unwanted religious ethics, echoing everywhere, `There is nothing good or bad but thinking make it so'. Such avalanches blew all over the church and a new `religious order' which envelope with all forms of unwanted sub-cultural celebrations became the soul of the church. Factions raised their head again and a new church is the outcome of such unholy alliance that again made it as a part of the apocalyptic church.

      Similar to the art of physiognomy is the issue of palmistry that inscribe the character and the destiny of an individual which of course can be altered by one's own will power and character. There are mainly fate, heart and lifelines on our palm and other health and education lines and other lines are on our palms, also lines on the sole of the foot and head and also the size and length of the fingers and the body build delineate our life and its ups and downs. These lines tend to change as our thoughts and will power changes, but not very easy to change the genetic influence. Envy is the parasite that cast aspersion about others in a cashless and cashless society, which cannot recognize between parents, grandparents, spouses, dear ones because of the drug, and alcohol addicted generations of Godlessness and fearlessness. I still remember a poetry stanza that I studied in the 8th year of schooling. `I envy nobody, no, not I, and nobody envies me'. Great personalities who cultivate values and religion will never succumb to force and submit to hooliganism of any sort. If they fail, they accept failures and withdraw, instead of becoming a food of the weedlings. But the day of apocalypse is the harvesting season for the bravadoes of types. What, these days, we see in the markets are fraudulent and self-deceived, dubious personalities and fortune-tellers who shouldn't be taken be taken seriously into account; their aim is to make money by the indirect art of hypnotising the vulnerable.

      The knowledge of such higher sciences help us in understanding the men with all parts and to develop a kind of hero worship that equip us realizing our own limitations and respecting the men of higher powers by emulating their lifestyle which made them as a living dynamo. Pilate's exclamation, `behold the man' that highlights the magnetic personality of Christ and Julius Caesar's warning that `beware of Casca', a lean man and Napoleon's height of 4' 4'' that making him a young hero are clear-cut personalty study encyclopaedias. The lean and stout men don't have to use much energy to pump blood to their brain due to the absence of obesity and the distance from heart to brain; therefore they tend to draw harsh selfish decisions in conquering others, without thinking the far-reaching consequences, for the righteous recede or pushed to the background without trying to cling on to power and making disparaging complexities. `Empty vessels make most sound' by barking, but the fact of `still waters run deep' making know that free and open society of today has produced extroverts of legalised or accepted profligacy that make most sound.

      But the young Lilliputians of today's high-tech culture of loose freedom is unable to grasp the genetic stalwarts of Gulliver's tallest and imaginary Broombridnag inhabitants, creating the age of the unfittest to survive is the last nail struck on the coffin of spiritually and morally derailed humanity. We can be free only when we are free of our sins, the reason for Jesus to say `the truth will set you free' because He is the truth and freedom-giver. Know well that `style is the man'.

      Will continue in part-45

      E.S.John, Australia
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