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The Creator and the created order- part -43

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  • John
    Part-43 God wrote all His laws on the walls of our heart and is permeated it in every cell of the body, so also saturated His laws in crude form in Nature and
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      God wrote all His laws on the walls of our heart and is permeated it in every cell of the body, so also saturated His laws in crude form in Nature and in all the living things on earth, so as to have a reciprocity of participation of all earthly and cosmic world for its continued perpetuity hereafter, Ps.148, particularly verse 6. If there is no commonality of immanence of power, these forces of each entity cannot participate in eating them according in predating the chain order and metabolism, metamorphosis that in tune with the change of seasons and weather/climate. `'Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate day from the night; and let them be sign and seasons….'', Gen.1, 14. Those light are for `signs' also, for what sort of signs is a big question. When Jesus was born, a particular star guided as a sign for the wise men's journey. Had God no other options other than a star to lead their journey for 2 years or some days. `'When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy'', job. 38, 7. `'How you are fallen from heaven, o daystar, son of dawn, Is.14, 12. How come the fallen angel LUCIFER as personified as son of dawn. Joseph saw the dream in which son and moon worshiping him. All the divine and natural forces, congenital factors that lead us through to lead our life take part in our birth that decides our fate that goes in line with our character formation. Some tribes and clans and priestly class solicit for special auspicious seasons and times, with fasting and penitence, for nuptial union, so as to have very promising children.

      The impact of the Divine word upon our destiny is beyond human intelligence, thus proving the aphorism, `'Energy is born, not made'', as in the case of John the Baptist and Jeremiah. `'The Lord visited Sarah….and she conceived…'', Gen.21, 1-2, a son, but God didn't visit Haggar in the conception of Ishmael. The Jews being the chosen race, laws and covenants were given by commandments which is in unison with the combined laws of Providential and earthly laws were dictated, whereas the non-Jewish races were guided by science coupled with supernatural laws and principles, such as mythologies, allegories, fables etc which are pregnant with heavenly recipes. As the donkey, Jews, and its colt, church, are pioneered by commandments and parables, natural and heavenly laws inscribed in astrology are given to the gentiles. Thus the 3 magi and the retinue were Astronomical giants who studying the sky were waiting for a Messiah who they thought was from the Orient.

      But the age of astrology is over by the visit of the magi and offerings of the credentials of gold, frankincense and incense, produce of the earth and plant kingdom-forbidden fruits which, come in unison with the Heavenly precious stones and jewels and fruit produces of the Tree of Life, Rev.21&22- which Adam preserved for presenting to the one who would crush the head of the serpent, and also signalling the dawn of the birth of a Heavenly Lamb by the visit of the shepherds who were caring the sacrificial lamb for the Jerusalem temple, as a warning that animal sacrifice had come to a holt forever. The wise men who came from the East were astrological elites, giving the green light that their age was over by the presents of the forbidden fruits of the earth, and heralding the age of the colt, church, Mt.21, 2. Since all the world civilizations that were waiting for a King of kings found their Saviour in Jesus Christ, the era that finished the prophesies and intellectual pursuits for the pursuits in quest for King of glory. Thus the age of miracles that Jews always craved for, signs and Hellenic culture and old prophetic culture and civilizations came to stagnation by the decent of the Son of God, 1.Cor.1. 22…30, 31.

      But Jesus Christ didn't to come to abolish the Mosaic commandments and the Creed but to fulfil them, Mt.5, 17; thus the contributions or revelations of all the world cultures that served as the herald of Christ are to be considered with highest concerns, with a warning of condensing of 10 of Mosaic commandments as 2 main commandments. As all the branches of science that dealt in preserving our life till the close of the age should not be discarded on the pretext that the Body of Christ that has saved our lives. Just as God provided manna, food of the celestials, in the desert, He could not give His Body without coming down to the earth, because the bread from Heaven is the transformed body of the outcome of the concocted body of Adam and the 2nd Adam. As the smart phone is bundled with the all the human activities of the world, the Bread of Heaven is the condensed form of the Body of Christ that sanctifies and purifies our soul spontaneously. None, therefore, is infallible or impeccable other than God. It is true that He blotted out the Adamic sins, but the sins that we commit in our bodies are to be sublimated by the excrement of penitential tears. Hence to purify us we have to depend on all the empirical or experimented scientific truth to lead our sanctified life in purity and holiness.

      The Indian contributions that intruded into every walk of life delineate scientific recipes for all walks of our daily life, prophesies through mythologies, religious and yogic and spiritual metamorphosis, moral anecdotes and ethical fables, the reasons for the rest of the world came to the Indian universities like Nalantha….in the B.C. era. As Clement of Alexandria, his own church disowned an early church theologian, because his religious exegesis reflected the Indian philosophies, unique in itself that he imbibed while staying some years in India. The moral teachings that Bhagavan gives in `Bhagavath Geetha' during the time of Kurukshethra war echo also in the Sermon on the Mount in potentised form in the beginning of the Jesus ministry. Parochialism that breeds contempt is not a sign of large-heartedness. The Indian philosophy that appeared in mythologies and fables and many forms of yoga and scientific expositions, also Hellenic mythologies, the writings on the walls of Egyptian pyramids, speak eternal truths that are yet to be unfolded like parables of Christ in the NT period. If the Jews were given with commandments and the resultant miracles, except the book of prophet Daniel that mainly deal with imageries in the B.C. era, thus the aliens are given with mythologies that performed miracles that they are still holding it as yet to happen, though became obsolete by the coming of Jesus. The Book of Revelation revelations are yet to take place all the events are given in imageries like that of the mythologies. Some of the Mythological revelations are also yet to take place and I am presenting one of them in the next para. As we are yet sinful in nature, we are bound to follow all the teachings in modified form to follow the footprints of Jesus, unless we are the Elects of the Spirit like the apostles who were taken as His medium without their knowledge for becoming martyrs, Acts.2.

      One mythological truth that we experience now may give some food for our thought. Hanuman, hani+man-the derivative forms, jumped from the closest Indian peninsula to Lanka, the present Srilanka nation, by setting alight his tail, so as to seek retribution to that area. `Hani' means to destroy and man, instead of manu, means man. But hanuman is a monkey having a human face, half monkey and half human, the reason for the Indians not doing any harm to the deified monkey population. I have cited Rev. 13 and proved that the Beast submerged from the ocean is there referred to be the antichrist as the incarnation of Beelzebub who can only survive in this plane only when the world population are turned as human animals or bestial in nature. The ring leader who organized the Tamil Tiger liberation in Srilanka was Tamil in origin whose ancestor went from South India, the place from where Hanuman apparently had jumped. His organization called `Tiger' by coincidence is of meticulous importance, because the tiger, ferocious animal, is in 2nd command of the lion, king of animals- the antichrist's Babylonian empire that come in unison with Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian, the imagery of lion,Dan.7,4, empire of old.

      This Tiger organization is the first one to start the technique or the weapon of human bombs, strapping the bombs in the waste or its vicinities which is close to the tail, and then grabbed by other terrorist organizations around the world, is the last monstrous and mass- annihilating of the cheapest mass destruction weapon. It is a pity that the Super Powers like U.S. and Russia conquered the space and eventually developed star wars in order to send the deterrent missiles, but the only few people who learnt to take off the plane, not having the knowledge of landing, brought the world to its knees by ravaging the cement super structures and the almighty dollar, paved a new world order that consumes all its resources and man power to work a way out of world tragedies is our consternation and, therefore, wide open our eyes which are affected by myopia. Man being the crown of the creation of God, Bramah, and `Brammaastra' means human being becoming as the weapon, the last weapon delineated for mass destruction, according to the Indian epic description. The modern hybrid man who lost all his insight and far-sight is sleeping like a Rip Van Winkle on a bed of high-tech roses that are surrounded by thorns that may crunch him at any moment.

      An indolent and docile way of life pretending that we are the Elects will certainly will dump us in Satanic snares which may take us to the highway of hell. We should, therefore, have an inclination to the higher forms of Fine Arts like physiognomy, hypnotism, etc that give the penetration into the highest order of excellence, creating an intuition into the delicate complexities of things and life, instead of drinking and addicted to drugs and philandering which induce us into watching of horror movies of satanic mould and science fiction and reading the pornographic literature and becoming a flagrant Christian simpleton of no worth, Ps. 49.

      Will continue in part-44

      E.S.John, Australia
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