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The Creator and the created order- part -42

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  • John
    Part-42 I feel that part-41 must have sent tidal waves of consternations and concern among the fundamental or fanatic Christians, as they haven t tried to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2013

      I feel that part-41 must have sent tidal waves of consternations and concern among the fundamental or fanatic Christians, as they haven't tried to explore the shoreless ocean of realities outside of the injected or indoctrinated dogmas or teachings that are done by the parochial leaders with some selected biblical verses or portions, the reason for Christ openly made some violent tides by His statement, `the blind leads the blind'. Physiognomy-face reading- palm reading, numerology, hypnotism and similar are parts of the branch of astronomical science, mother of all the branches of terrestrial sciences that deal with the behaviour of man, a miniature form of the sum total of microcosm and macrocosm, who act and react in confronting situations that leave behind indelible marks on his body.
      The biblical numerology like the numbers 3, 7, 12, 33, 40 have religious significance that delineates truths of all ages, but the blind-eyed multitude turn a blind eye to the truth that has been guiding us through the ages. `'So God blessed the 7th day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all his works which he had done in creation'', Gen.2, 3; 1, 28. `'And God said that it was good'', Gen.1, 25, only about His 5 days of His creation. God blessed the 6th day of the creation of man at the end, and blessed and hallowed the 7th day rest. Why/. He only blessed man, Gen.1.28, not hallowed him on the 6th day. He would only hallow the chosen race at His 2nd coming and gathering them in Paradise on the 7th day. St.Paul call this rest as the `solemn rest', Heb.3&4, and the chosen race Jews are denied to enter into that 7th day solemn rest, Ps.95, 10-11; Heb.4, 3. The most used Number in the bible is 7. We see 24 thrones and 24 elders, Rev.4, 4, against which we have 12 Patriarchs and 12 apostles on earth, despite the one apostle fell and disgraced, he was substituted with Mathias who was the only one replaced by 11 apostles and others were only chosen by Christ. I am not going to give biblical importance on the other numbers here. I took enough time of putting some chapters in my Malayalam books, showing the number display of the bible, which is a storehouse of mysteries.

      Those who have no idea about the biblical importance of biblical numerology will oppose about the astrological numerology, a branch of science that work everywhere. Those who live in darkness will fight like cats and dogs for all the scriptural truths. Christ says explicitly,' If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things'', Jn.3, 12. This reference is made after making a numerology game regarding the no 3; that is in 3 days' time he would build the Jerusalem Temple, which took 46 years to build by human hands, Jn.2. This is how disguised Satan who appear as angels of light and treat us as his robots, 2.Cor.11. I know a person who became a chronic patient after a doctor gave her some medicines for her cholesterol problem, but no medicine to neutralise the side effect for it simultaneously. The cholesterol medicine drained away salt from her body, the reason for her chronic trouble. The body elements, enzymes, creatinine level and the like are kept in balance by the power of the Spirit of God. Enveloping of satanic darkness in our body make foul play and making imbalance in the body requisites by the tentacles of darkness, the reason for the prayers of our Fathers to cleanse the sins that caused by our sins. If our body is a temple of God, 1.Cor.3; Rom.12, 1-2, such discrepancies won't happen if we only eat for the sustainability of the only requirements of the body. The apostles were never reported as sick, because they had unseen food, Jn.4, 32. Hence I repeat that the medical and psychiatric know how is a minor scene of `petty done and undone vast' part of melodrama of Godless elites who often work on ignorance and on selfish reasons. We are the robots of the devil, but claim to be smart and shrewd though are either subnormal or abnormal mental state. `Ignorance is a bliss', the reason for the darkest continent to manipulate man by the disguising Satan.

      On these bases I am trying to validate the importance of physiognomy, hypnotism and other astronomical sciences, which nominal Christians treat as black magic. Having a bright inner eye enhances the luminosity of the body, on the contrary is helpful only to downloading of darkness. If the `stains of sins' can make negative metamorphorsis and darken one's body system to change it as a nursery of vices, these changes we read and feel it as diseases and degeneration of the body, says the bible. Conversely, the righteous actions can spin the garment of incorruption that generate luminosity in the form of aura and halo. The innocence of childhood borrows a different garb of darkness or the plethora of light as one advances in age. As our behaviour changes, the body features also tend to change in tune with our thought, word and deed by changing the contours, facial appearance and lines in palms and the sole of the foot and everywhere. Free will given to man is for the purpose of choosing between the good and bad.

      One man wanted to make a portrait of Jesus after fasting and praying and doing virtuous deeds. He went around in the churches, monasteries and charity institutions of the world in search a model for drawing a Jesus portrait. At last he found out a noble, gracious man whose life he found as exemplary and the portrait was done. His next attempt was to draw the portrait of Judas who betrayed Christ with a kiss. He went around all the jails, brothels, and places of wicked places that are indulged in all the 7 deadly sins. He found out a person at last resembling like the prince of the devil with an ugly output. On studying his ill-fated destiny he realized that it was the same man who was his model for the Jesus portrait. Man changes his character that automatically modifies his body appearance and bodily features. `'Character is destiny''.

      As I was born and brought up in world war time era, owing to the pecuniary embarrassments and geographical oblivion and unaffordability of buying books, I was not a voracious reader, but has only some selective reading of few books, or found distasteful of cheap reading, on physiognomy, palm history, numerology, martial arts, hypnotism, holistic treatment, yogic therapy, little bit of body sciences that include sexual and complementing role functions, not kama shastra, and alternate medicines, like homeopathy, acupuncture, and the like before coming to Australia at the age of 32. Apart from these readings, I have read some parts of religious books about the most of the major religions, world history and Indian history, church history of the world and Indian churches, which do not hold valid or fit, after all, in a materialistic society. I have become a firm believer of Orthodox Christianity is on account of these readings that resulted out of a staunch childhood upbringing, hence there is no room for misjudgement.
      These readings and knowledge can only increase the head weight, unless garmented with the fine linen of righteousness, Rev.19, 8. My school and academic studies have helped in grasping the Hindu culture that conveying a world of mythological aphorism and truths. I have inducted into this line of writings, which even may not have proven beneficial for my enlightenment and spiritual elation. I wish and pray that the readers be led to upright and right thought, good relationship with others producing the fruits of virtuous action. Condemning, as a superstitious man of narrow-mindedness has no relevance, I neither suppose, nor do treat my messages as a form of self-advertisement, because as you know I have only half of my body is active.
      Everyone should know that each one of us is privileged to have a lifestyle of Jesus and apostles who could do all such metaphysical acrobatics, like walking on water, aerial transportations, healing the sick and all such feats….because our body is embedded with all such supernatural abilities.

      Numerology is a branch of science as other branches are.

      Will continue in part-43

      E.S.John, Australia
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