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The Creator and the created order- part -41

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  • John
    Part- 41 Dear Moderators, This expression of gratitude is exclusively meant for the moderators, because your earnest prayers and timely help have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2013
      Part- 41

      Dear Moderators,
      This expression of gratitude is exclusively meant for the moderators, because your earnest prayers and timely help have been immensely helpful in informing others by the messages that you posted in the site timely. Your free service by sacrificing your spare time in the work of the Lord is never erasable. Besides, reading my long messages and posting them is wholeheartedly acknowledged with due humility and respect. I beg for your prayers and support hereafter also in the days to come. May the hand of God send His benedictions on all of you and your family. I also remember one and all of you.

      I was unaware that the eminent medical experts' conclusion that we are living in an era of post- antibiotic age, as they have restricted the use of antibiotic treatment cautiously and seriously because of losing our immunity after a long period of using the similar sorts of medicines, not attributing the overuse of wrong medicines for wrong sickness and escaping their responsibilities, just like the mice becoming immune from `pashanam, a mixture of ammonia, so also pests for paddy farming. It is not alone the antibiotic treatment, but also all the allopathic and alternative medicines have side effects of detrimental varieties. Thus their aim of improving the mental health on the basis of genetic topography that ends in the psychiatric study of the subject and doing psychiatric treatment for malfunctions, focusing on the alleged psychiatric bible that has been published in the U.S is their refuge. Therefore, the battle of today's generation is between the Christian bible and the psychiatric bible that brought a new culture of psychoanalysis and lifestyle of one that our ancestors had never dreamt of. Any small or violent crime is ascribed to this theory that of Freud and his followers make made and criminals escape from the net of favourable court verdicts, together with the abolition of death penalty which changed the global society as an asylum of militant criminals and terrorists.

      `Vanarangal entharighaho', `what do the monkeys knows', is the outrageous and sudden reaction of serene humans about the psychiatric treatment and mental health promotion, despite there are salient truths mingled with our idiosyncrasies and hate of God. Please don't think that I am scoffing at the medical science and its Himalayan outputs in an envious proportion, but I doubt about the ambiguities of the treatment and experimentations and applications, because the Creator only knows our ins and outs and the pros and cons of these results finally. Everything in this world and society tend to change is the result of the created order. Everything is relative in this ephemeral world of contradictions. The transient beauty and transitoriness of this sojourn travel is an evanescent flower that fades its colour and come back to the soil. We also borrowed the clay from here and leave it back to the solid earth, together with the air that is breathing as the subservient to the Spirit of God, for our journey beyond. Came from nothing and going into nothing, the reason for Solomon to exasperate, vanity, vanity, everything is vanity under the sun- maya, maya…. A man-made law or Nature's law is impossible to run this mega system that include the ocean of terrestrial microcosm and celestial macrocosm, while we are not able to focus or control our thoughts for a minute.

      There is a spiritual law that harness and govern this microcosm, ephemeral in nature, that attract and keep the balance one another, not for one day or some years, while these Godless elites grieve for not able to control their own children for some years. Are they able to inculcate secular laws and social conducts, otherwise this earth wouldn't have been full of sex immoralities, social parasites of drug addicts and criminals of all sorts. If transcendental meditation is their remedy, where will their meditation go, into the empty vacuum of the wide ocean of cosmic realm? While our existence is relative and utopian, it is the unseen power silently and patiently run the system and creations in balance. The immutability and the inscrutability of an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and unchangeable God's domain is unfathomable to the man who lives like a drunken monkey that is enclosed by a swarm of destructive bees. Almighty is the only Absolute entity; all others are like flies that are mere sports for wanton eccentrics. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom that saturates finer feeling keeping us in equilibrium. These moral laws of the governing universe are written on our heart's wall and imprinted in every cell of the body, the melodious music and pulses of our lives. As moneymaking is the hobby of today, jettisoning the Creator is for enjoying for the lust of life.

      While the sages and the saints of the bygone eras used to heal the sick and help the needy without any money laundering, we have to look suspiciously by this money-consuming experiments by the Godless and `adulterous and crooked' mobs that live in profligacy of all types try to solve the inner problems of man and can end up everything as a parody, as man is a the darkest continent yet unknown. However, I don't like to comment about the super God role-play of the mortals who live only by the puff of the wind of Nature. Having rooted in psychiatry and euthanasia and fearlessness of death that denies the existence of God altogether, why do they crave for alchemy and astrology and all other related paraphernalia that are circulated in our Dailies, magazines and periodicals, is my question. Cults and black magicians do please the Devil who work silently to destroy God's handcrafted ones even by human sacrifice. Let us stop about the medical science and psychiatry here.

      There are biblical references that strictly warn us not to observe giving importance to day, month and year, but go according to the commandments given by God. But there are contextual exceptions for such things, which we cannot find enough reasons. We know now why the bronze snake was made and look at it in the wilderness. `'Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon, on our feast day, Ps. 81, 3-4. All the music melodies of the world are within the perimeter of 7 nots or notations, so also all the English books and communications are constrained in 26 alphabets, and also in other languages. An atom is the miniature of the universe, so also zygote starts with one or two cells. As sexuality permeates in each cell, milk for feeding the young ones are oozed out from everywhere of the body. As like an atom, human body is moulded out of the all the ingredients of mud and the particles of Nature into which infused the Spirit of God in Him, thus a double layer of Nature, the earth and cosmos that is imbibed by the spirit of the world. Nature is controlled by the effect of sun and other planets and the air, just as man is under the control of 5 senses and 5 elements or forces like fire, water etc. Man is a compendium of Nature that is run by the Spirit of God, or Divine world, which is absent in animals and animal world. Two thirds of our body is water. If the phases of the moon, new moon and full moon, is the cause for low tides and high tides, these phases can affect man who also is a product of water in him. There are different mounts in our palm and the sole of the foot that are assigned for these inscrutable purposes.

      Our bygone generations used to write horoscope at the time of one's birth. I shall explain more later about this. I have commented about this case in a nutshell before. I would like to establish a truth from going from the particular to the general. The horoscope of our Kallassery Bava predicted that the saint was born as a deva or god. The parents, therefore, as ascribed, were very strict in his upbringing and the mother didn't suckle him during the fasting seasons. The pontiff had a series of court cases that received wrong verdicts many times regarding his ecclesiastical authority and holding the position. Malankara Reeth's formation was a blow to the Vattasseril Thirumeni and to the church, together with a number of verdicts against the church and the persecutions was real poisoned chalice that the prelate had to leave the dwelling aramana due to confiscation right also was a thorn in the flesh of the church. Notwithstanding, Mammen Mapilla and his retinue found out a place at the dead of the night itself and advance money was given, otherwise as happened the other party gave more money for the property purchased, but their plot was foiled by the strong and honest refusal of the owner. The name of the place is `deva lokham', the worlds of devas, and the owner himself gave that.

      Our carpenters in those days were able to interpret the signs the way the segment from the main beam fell when the building plan was made. He said it would be the abode of a devan or God, thus the owner named it as Devalokam. The court cases that started in 1912 was ended in favour of our Bava Thirumeni and the church factions thus united by the Supreme court judgement in 1958, cementing the way for the for the establishment of the Catholicate centre as the world of devas or demi-gods, at least in figures of speech. Carrying the pressures and Antiochian yoke, the sufferings of Vattasseril Thirumeni came as a reality to the disciple who went through fire and water by tasting flames of fire of his lifetime. The horoscope if correctly written, comes true.

      There is a conventional thinking that is based on astronomical data that there occurs a change after every 12 years, `one vyazavattom', whether from good to bad or from bad to better, in every individual's and institution's lifecycle that lead to the 13th year, a time of ill omen as Christ also thrown into oblivion at that age after His appearance in Jerusalem Temple, engaging in discourse and dialogue with the scholars, so also the age of 32 -34, the crucial time of engulfing with so many problems that He could not disclose and identifying with Christ's untimely death that one man should die for the whole people or suffer in other cases, just as animals and birds were sacrificed in lieu of the sinning man.

      Though I know that there some elements of truth in such conventional realities, I live by putting my trust in God who raised Lazarus after 4 days and could give children from the stones to Abraham. Couple of my personal friends who read my hand said that I would go overseas because the line from the mount of moon, indicating the ocean cross, cutting across and descending and joining my lifeline shows that my travel to the alien land make no success in my life. My testament of sufferings is before you to take a sound judgement of vital conclusions in this regard. I would give details of such findings and continue in part-42

      E.S.John, Australia
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