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The Creator and the created order- part -38

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  • John
    Part û38 Black magic means magic or deception show by the black powers that have been waging an open or cold war against the Creator of everything since the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2013
      Part –38

      Black magic means magic or deception show by the black powers that have been waging an open or cold war against the Creator of everything since the age of unknown timelessness. Their tricks to thwart away the crown creations from the Divine vicinity and establish their superiority over the Fatherhood of God and shatter the brotherhood of man are the double-edged swords that have to force an open war bringing us to the closing Age of humanity. Believers and non-believers approach the performers for the black magic of all types for either getting rid of God's curses or retaliating against their own brothers on the basis of envy and pride or thinking that they have done necromancy against them. Black magic is real and can create tidal waves against the intended people and cause harms all of a sudden as happened to the righteous Job. It all depends on the power of the magicians who do the mantras, as equated to the saintliness of the righteous persons who pray to God.

      Mantras and prayers are the repetitions of words in higher frequencies that shake the destination, as it happened to Egyptian Pharaohs by Moses and sorcerers who could do 4 out of 10 miracles, which Moses did with his staff or rod. Therefore, performer and the medium are of high importance. If one does black magic against a Godless man who does all evil works, it won't affect him much for some time because he is on the side of Beelzebub, king of all fallen angels, Mt. 12. 27, but it will haunt him when a slow –to- anger God's patience run out and His angels leave the evil man and the demon takes over and finish him forever, 1.Cor.10, 7-10; Ps.78, 49, like the fate of Judas. This is how Godless ones and irreligious reap a harvest of their sins of commissions and omissions and destroy themselves and their next generations, whereas virtuous Job got back the double of the what he lost from his tortures inflicted by the devil.

      Sorry for the seeming digressions and diversions I make in course of making clear of a point that I drive home. Yielding to temptations make man to diverge from his aim or destination. Unless we kill our earthly organs against the satanic tricks, we fail miserably and jump into hot water. The temptations, openly or subtly, of the devil is transparently obvious as in the case of Parumala Thirumeni and st. Paul and other valiant fighters for Christ. We fight for the myth of kaleidoscopic rights that have driven mankind to a land of no return. `'So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and it was a delight to the eyes, and the tree was to be desired to be wise, she took its fruits and ate, and she also gave some to her husband'', Gen.3, 6-7. Three focal points are here to be noted. Good for the eyes, good for the food and the desire to become like God are the main temptations of man. `'The lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life'', is not of the Father…..'', 1.jn.2, 16. `'Desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is full-grown brings forth death'', James1, 15. `'She ate the fruit and earth felt the wound'', John Milton, and this is why I said in one of my previous messages that it was a death knell for the humanity when she sought her refuge in the workforce that bought her loose freedom, the womb for the death of humanity because she only can carry and bring up ideal children for God and man's glorious service. if the wife respects and obey the husband, automatically children also honour and obey the father and an ideal family is the outcome, whereas a dysfunctional family that fight and ruin its destiny is the fruit of their endeavour, provided the wife doesn't respect and obey her husband. Even if a father is a ruffian who doesn't love and care and nurture the family, children may usually follow the mother and work for the family's good future that change the father eventually, Eph,5-6. Thus it is the mother who is the builder of the family. Look at the humanity of today's organised chaos, the womb of tomorrow, that is in travail to give birth of children of this madding world which tend to send this earth to the Bottomless Pit, Rev.20, 1-3, of sulphurous lake, where from no one can climb to the surface. God took one day, probably a millennium, in the creation of man and woman, 2.Tim.3, 1-11.

      ``The earth was without form and void'', for how long, may be for millions and millions of years after the fall of Lucifer, similarly the gap between the creation of man and woman is the 6th day, 1 day may be equivalent to a millennium, some hundreds of years. Though man got the commandment first, whereas no proof that she got any command from God, he resisted the temptation, but she could not. She ate it and gave the last part of it to Adam; He had seemingly made a bite of the last part and discontinued, just as the 2nd Adam tasted the cheap wine just to remind of Adam's Eden predicament. Despite man and woman are of the same species, they are of 2 brands, one from the raw clay that had seasoned by the rough weather of Nature, whereas she from Adam's soft flesh near to the heart that is open to the temptations either way loving and doing good or of the frail instincts and sensualities embedded in the body. Multiplying at exponential rate of rape cases are to be overcome by woman marrying and spending their time at home and reproducing children and raising them to God and society, instead of marrying or not marrying but engaging in all forms of sexual and other immoralities by wandering around the globe or the streets or bars at the dead of the night by opening the PANDORAS BOX, gates of hell, and hell's angels coming out and doing all sort of havocs around the globe. The young boys and girls, the budding luminaries and celebrities, orbit around the world and pervert their peers and mint money for destroying their lives at the altar of dark angels by following the footsteps of their gurus who are already ripe for finishing their untimely death of various sorts. There are apparently no more normal human beings in this high-tech plane of deceit, only the hybrid abnormal subnormals maniacs who crave for fame and cheap popularity and opulence and affluence and deluxe life.
      There are only young and old monsters who don't give any respect or show of love to others; the head weight and egoism is immeasurable because of the rights and opportunities enshrined in the Constitution for destroying others given by the wrong formula of democracy that ferment for religious fundamentalism which lead to the battle of Armageddon, Guru shkethra war, not Kuru shekthra, as depicted in the old revelations. Teaching democracy and globalizing it is a passion for nations and people to loot them and shedding crocodile tears at odd times of their misfortunes. I write with burning passion by reading at the horizon about the forewarned signs of Christ's coming.

      The free will given to man for choosing between good and evil by obeying commandments that are given from above is taken as a token of arguing, bargaining and complaining for avenues and opportunities that quench their only animal instincts. Democracy is not for the expression our rights or doings that pleases our base instincts, it is the self-denial of our rights and comforts and sacrifice of our lives for the well being of others, as Christ had done by not having anywhere to hide His head. Christ could argue against the accusations and sentence under the jurisprudence of the land, because of interrogating during the night. They were shred politicians to carve out His sentence during the night; if it was done during the day time, His silent majority followers would have killed the self-conceited hierarchy and set up a new regime. For this purpose and aim we have to kill our earthly organs slowly and penitently. `'Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: fornication, impurity, passion, evil desire and covetousness, which is idolatry. On account of these the wrath of God is coming…creator'', Col.3, 5-11; 1.Cor.9, 27. All the Pauline epistles buttress these jewels of self-denial, the reason for portraying as him as male chauvinists by modern passion and fashion zealots. Quenching the thirst of our passions by illegitimate methods is the real idolatry. Living for the bodily instincts is idol worship in the NT times, though making idols and worshiping is abominable to God.

      This type of bodily idolatry is precipitated by black magic that is aiming at killing or destroying others become the double idolatry which convert us easily as the property of the infernal ones. As we are already destined to the dark forces by consuming our bodily lusts, another layer of idolatry by black magic by hiring the devil for evil purposes is detrimental to our redemption. Christian countries that legalized these deadly vices will meet the adversary in the physical form itself, just as the Israelites of old were pampered by gentile armies, particularly the philistines and Babylonian and Roman invaders who desecrated and dismantled and destroyed everything that is holy, Mt.23. Just as their House was made forsaken and desolate, desolation of the Holy Spirit from this plane indirectly, Mt.23, 38; Lk.13, 35, is inevitable for these unholy generations. The Holy Land and the neighbouring M.E for centuries that include Egypt, Syria, Jordan etc, where Christs and His apostles and His martyrs shed their blood is in the hands of religious fanatics that do not know the Saviour as the Son of God. This is the fate of the Christian countries and their 38, 0000 church denominations and cults and zealots that over amuze in their sensual instincts towards the close of the Age. Wail, wail,…for their audacious spiritual ignorance. `'But Jesus turning them said, daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourself and for your children…..''Lk.23, 28-31. This threat like a Damocles' sword swirl and hover over the heads of the global Christian countries and their blind followers of darkness over the globe for whom the innocent blood was spilled.

      Will continue in part-39
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