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The Creator and the created order- part -37

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  • John
    Part-37 The Hindu mythical celebrations and festivities of Onam have become a popular and national festival of Keralites who hardly abstain from its merriments
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      The Hindu mythical celebrations and festivities of Onam have become a popular and national festival of Keralites who hardly abstain from its merriments and exhilarations that nominally unite one and all of the land. Our religious conventions and concepts have also affected immensely impacted by the Hindu culture that influences the Christian way of life, particularly the Orthodox Christianity in Kerala. The religious hierarchs and the followers don't celebrate the wedding ceremony on Monday between 7.30 AM and 10.A.M, nor the bride and the groom and their retinue go to the wedding venue during this time, though we have been permitted to do the matrimonial ceremony only on Sunday or Monday. Owing to my disability that multiply the related health problems, I don't like to add more about the influence of the culture that made positive or negative impact upon our faith and ceremonies.

      The first commandment of Moses strictly laid foundation that God is the Creator of man who is, therefore, mathematically bound to worship and imitate Him only; thus the 2nd commandment of not worshiping idol is a subordinate addendum to the first one. The reason for these 2 commands buttress the fact the warning given in 1.jn.5, 19, that `'We know that we are of God, and the whole world is the power of the evil one''. As the whole world is under the iron fist of the Devil from the beginning of time, he has been trying to grab us firmly as his satellite. Unless we know the secret behind the creation saga, we tend to become the duplicate copies of the diabolical ones very easily, as he is the immediate provider of lust of the pleasure. Lucifer has a claim on this solar system in light of the handwritten bond between the angels and the dark angels, Col.2, 14-15, because he had been the morning star singing the glory of God during the period of timelessness, Is.14.

      `'The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep'', Gen.1.2-3, was because the war of timeless seemingly ended up in a chemical war, as in the case of Sodom during the time of Lot. Since his legion was evicted from this world during the war of timelessness, God created man to replenish the planet, the word `replenish' meaning `fill again' that man a second creation after Lucifer who lived in this planet before, as a ploy to test against the reclaim of earth again by the foe. Man, meat in between the sandwich, if allured by Satan by the forbidden fruit, he becomes the property of the infernal foe. As God thus failed in Eden, He has been playing hide and seek or seesaw tactic that could some how save mankind and declare the might of the Almighty. This cold war that culminated in the great deluge, and continued with the Babel confusion of languages, bringing out Abraham who grew up at the lap of Noah and receiving the promises from God in making him as the head of nations from Chaldeans, Egyptian and Babylonian exiles and the returns and the birth of the Immanuel and His sacrifice are some of the milestones of God's victory in the B.C.era.

      But the Devil has been sun basking all these 6 millenniums by besieging His chosen people. Idol worship that includes human sacrifice, polygamy, adultery and all sex immoralities, servitude under many cruel rulers and following the gentile way of life that exterminated many of the God's people in the long journey during the OT period, especially during the life of wilderness for 40 years. Hidden war in the NT period of more religious imperatives from the followers haunted the church in various ways that also I have detailed in my books as given as 7 seals in Rev.6. 7 seals and the animals in Rev.13, 1-2, and Daniel's vision, Dan.7, have similar roles in the accomplishment of prophecies and the closing down of the terrestrial Age. When the Lamb broke the first seal, the evangelist saw the rider, Christ sitting on a white horse. For battles in the bygone eras the horse was a powerful transport. The early church that was grown by the `blood of the martyrs'-Therthullian- saw the rider on a red horse with a great sword, meaning the slaughtering of the believers and spilling their blood for destroying church and peace on earth. The 4th century that earned freedom for the church by the conversion of king Constantine saw a black horse, the rider of which had a balance in his hand, indicating different measures, heresies and division of the church, that crept into the faith by demonic forces. Heresies encroached in due to the foul play by the imperialists who wanted to divert the church as a model of Roman Empire. Believers were butchered and Yakob Burduana of the real apostolic church disguised as a layman and kept the lamp of the virgin faith burning by his earnest work. As the believers were tortured, many found shelter under the newly formed Islam, which became a virulent force later in the ME.
      Fifth seal opened and saw an yellow horse `and they were given power over a 4th of the earth', seemingly the Anglo-Saxon empire that amassed wealth from the colonies by foul roles that led to the 1st and 2nd world wars' to kill with sword and famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth'. When the 5th seal is opened, `I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God…..' clearly prove the Marxist revolution of Soviet Union and other communist countries sucking the bloodbath of believers of the church. What happened to the opening of other seals you get all these details in my books?

      The silent war between the Divine world and Satan continues till the last day. Orthodox church which found it difficult to preach and convert the world with its monastic discipline was impossible in this plane of Satan's world of ambiguities and treacheries, but only tried to keep the sterling faith by martyrdom and persecution in number of pockets in the oriental world, blazing it as a living testimony of His coming. The formation of the eastern orthodox church in the 11th century, Lutheranism in the 13th century, Crusades and Reformation and counter reformation, Renaissance and Anglicanism and colonialism paved the decadence of the church of Chaldean descent in a style that the end does not know the beginning is a great success to the Satanic legions. They were further subdued by the Pharisees like the zeal of the Roman church that converted the Europeans and South America to the Christian faith. But their imperial government's, particularly Portugal Catholic rulers, brutal type of conquering others by gun powder superiority, as in the case of Kerala went overboard, the reason for Anglicanism, a milder type of faith zealots of imperial nature, allowed to flourish in the colonies of Africa and Asia for a while.

      When they also failed by the intrusion of materialistic tastes and mesmerist conversion by material offers, the task was given to the further disoriented Protestant churches and then passed on to the charismatic clans and cults to evangelise the rest of the world and adulterate the Episcopal churches and accomplish the gospel message that the `the gospel will be proclaimed to the whole world', Mt.24, mission. The imperialism and materialism that played the major role in the destruction of the true apostolic faith by the unauthorised Synod of 451 A.D, and their blind supporters. The true church should be catholic, apostolic, one and holy and materially poor. The imperial churches that brought heresy and infidelity to the Groom has proved clearly that imperialism and materialism area volatile cocktail mixtures that exploded violently the church on its perilous way.

      Today,s message by Mr. Litton, ICON 4943, is very encouraging. `'BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT''. Despite a short message, IT SPEAKS VOLUMES OF REALITIES AND TRUTHS. All what we hear and see around are bound to happen because all the prophecies are to be fulfilled. Satan was apparently in charge of the world since the beginning of the creation, but God escaped from his tentacles to keep the believers under His wings by engaging His angels to avert an open and violent war. The pandemonium and anarchy in the global arena declare that the all world religions, churches and its denominations and cults and the secular Governments and social lives are the duplicates of Satanic tricks which invited and flourished an apocalyptic church, religion and Governments of world nations. Thanks to the blessings of super-tech era that can do the `Water Gate' operations in and around the dwellings, cars, and all over the places of the world in hooking criminals, bosses of pornography, paedophiles, drug trafficking, rape and sex trafficking and all anti-social works, but the crux of the problem comes when we analyse what is right and wrong in this crossbreed society of carnivorousness and targeted to prey the Christian soldiers who genuinely work for the Lord and in His vineyard, Eph.6.

      It is blasphemous, disobedient and a great treachery to give importance to sorcery, soothsaying, black magic and occultism and omen watching that are blatant and flagrant violation of God's 1st and 2nd commandments. But how this irreligious and pagan way of life implicates the spirituality in an adverse manner may be looked in part-38.

      E.S.John, Australia
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