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The Creator and the created order- part -33

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  • John
    Part-33 Man is a social animal, so also belongs to the only cooking species. He is the only animal that occasionally prefers death to life; all other animals
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2013
      Man is a social animal, so also belongs to the only cooking species. He is the only animal that occasionally prefers death to life; all other animals flee away from death. Man is the only animal that having conjugal pleasure while his partner is conceived. There are many such superlatives and negatives by which man can be distinguished from animals from his behaviour and character. He doesn't come in the chain of creation of animals and birds; whereas God created him with His own hands by making use of or importing ingredients from all the available resources from Nature and celestial planes that include the hypothetical Darwin's evolution of the species. All the Natural ingredients used are a mixture from the recipe of Nature and solar substances, intermingled together to form his body and mind-Dehi- that has a spirit of its own that work as a subservient to the inner body of the Spirit of God, called the spirit of this world, 1.Cor.2; Ps.139.
      The air in the atmosphere is called `vayu' in Malayalam and the `prana vayu' for the air that breathe to signify the working of the Spirit of God, similarly is the usage of `atmavu', seemingly for the mind or `dehi' and `paramathvau' of the inner body, `the perishable body and imperishable body', 1.Cor.15, indicating that the terrestrial system is working as subservient to the celestial system. All animals are alive and run by the subservient system called the system of the spirit of this world, 1. Cor.2. Therefore, The pantheistic theory that I supported by an error of judgement, saying that there is God particle in all the living and non-living things brought the danger of ` stroke', while listening to the Evengalion reading is a warning to me always. We may say that God used a formula at the time of `Creation' that come under the chain of Darwin's evolution theory, starting from amebae to chimpanzee in the crafting up of man's physical body plus the Spirit of God infused within in the frame that made a full-fledged man. These animals may be distinguished from their instincts, perhaps that instincts may not abide for long because they may lose the lasting affection and relationship with their makers and siblings.
      Man is a product of these animal instincts, solar and Nature's powers, but breathing of the Spirit of God into his body changed him as a demi-god of imbibing the image and likeness of God straight away into him. Even the animals have their instinctive senses to know their creators, at least for a short period of time, Isa.1, but man becoming a betrayer of his Creator is a kiss like that of Judas who kissed the LORD, SO ALSO MAN AFTER A LONG TIME OF HIS DEPENDANCE UPON HIS CREATOR WHO BROUGHT HIM INTO THE MOTHER'S WOMB AND IMBIBED EVERYTHING FROM NATURE AND GOD MADE A FULL-FLEGED THANKLESS HUMAN BEING; THEN PARTTOOK AS AN ACCOMPLICE OF HIS STEP FATHER, SATAN, WHO, BY HOOK OR CROOK, TRIES TO DEFEAT GOD. THUS HE HIMSELF CHOSE TO BE UNDER THE CATEGORY OF BASTARDS.
      Man is a social animal because he is a complete dependent of others all throughout his lifespan. He is a parasite in his mother's womb, the place of mid-way journey from the celestial plane to terrestrial plane, reminiscent of Paradise during his upward journey to Heaven, surviving by sucking her vitality that is deposited there by God. The Paradise apparently is analogous to the `Nirvana stage and Para nirvana stage' to the stage of Eternity', in line with the Indian mythology. He gets the power of sucking the essence from the mother because God's Spirit formed both of them and deposited His spark into them. God is the cause and effect and the process of his creation; the immanence of God in him is for the root cause of man's whole being. Not only in physical evolution, but also in his mental development the immanence of God guides and propel in all his visible and invisible survival. An automobile manufacturer or a mechanic, God's hand-crafted one, may have the knowledge of fixing a car while there is electricity and spare parts made from different materials of Nature are available to him. We don't own anything in this life or in afterlife, but are only hire purchasers who have to give back everything to God with compound interests.
      I remember a real event that was read in the newspaper long time back. A boy was some how trapped with a group of some animals in a forest. He grew up with those animals that had looked after him without harming him. Years passed by and some hunters picked up the boy; strangely, they noticed that he had been living with them like a four-footed animal. It is not only the hereditary factors mould up a man, but the environmental or habitats also make a man.
      Man is a sensor of God and Nature and becomes a sensor of the Devil if he chooses a life of the flesh. If man thinks that he can flee away from God and do any immoral traffic, he realizes later that he is a fool because He has got the potentialities of tracking him down by the celestial radar system. Jesus has to give accountability to the Father about each individual, as his name is written in the Book of Life before he was sent down to this earth, Rev.3, 5. The patristic prayers, under the inspirations of the H.Sprit, ask God not to erase our names from the Book of Life. Even if he climbs to heavens or descends into hell, God is everywhere there, Ps.139. It is easy for God to hunt him down, as every thought, word and action is in God's cyber accounts. It is also recorded that everyone's tears are collected and kept, Ps, 56, 8. God talked to Cain that his brother's tears are crying from the ground. His capability of counting the hairs of each individual of present 6 –billions of world population is beyond my grasp, . This is the reason for God to qualify His flock as a collection of sheep that always moves together under the shepherd, whereas the goat strays away into the jungles, so as to become a prey of the wolf, Mt.25, the reason for Psalmist to call an atheist as a fool.
      The foetus that is given with a couple of litres of blood comes into this world with loud cry, signalling that it is a refugee or orphan who needs total help for its existence in this sordid planet that is full of stark realities made by a madding crowd which survive by the weapons of betrayals, intrigues and contrived thuggery. A slow-to anger God guides each individual with meticulous patience to lead to the pastoral land and take him to the intended destination.
      Will continue in part-34

      E.S.John, Australia
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