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The Creator and the created order- part -29

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  • John
    Part-29 Without commenting upon seriously about the prescription of the yogic therapy, ` twice a day, twice a month and twice a year formula is very
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2013
      Without commenting upon seriously about the prescription of the yogic therapy, `'twice a day, twice a month and twice a year'' formula is very pertinent for our rumination for all times. Twice a day means the call of Nature that avoid the toxicity level of the body, twice a month is nuptial pleasure that only we can afford to without losing the vitality for managing a sound mind in a sound body and twice a year means grooming or shaving the hair and the beard that sustains the body temperature and health under conditions, the reason for the bygone generations seldom cut their hair and do shaving. The mystery of Samson's Herculean strength was in his hair lock. The mystic strength of the celibates who shone like lode stars contributed invaluable benedictions in upholding the glory of God and they served as the mediators between the Almighty and humanity and their blessings to the mankind has no parallel. The foreordained Nazarene order like John the Baptist and Samson who neither ate non-vegetarian food by remaining as teetotalers, nor did they lose their sex virginity and destined as the ever shining stars in the firmament of mankind.
      All these three hermit essentials are meant for cleansing the body system without doing any harm in the long run. Yogis made these prescriptions with moderations for a natural man who used to live in tune with Nature, but the non-vegetarians of today may not have to follow their suggestions, because today's alien generations live in a rhythm of fast food chain and dating which perverted the true body rhythm that have rewritten the natural metabolism and body science with magic therapies and lifestyle of the take-away generations. But higher we climb, the faster we come down is Newton's gravitational law that will have an impact of `every action will have equal and opposite reaction'. There is a limit in our body energy that if not used in its rhythm will have repercussions of different dimensions. Sex predators are the likely products of genetic maladies that may reap up the consequences later. I bury this subject here.
      The automobile cultural syndrome of driving, flying, diving, motor racing and other mechanical racing, betting, gambling and sports mania of drug-addicted euphoria- mammoth minting of money in extravaganza and celebrity-making lifestyle- leave behind millions in institutions as crippled ones to be nursed and healed by whatever possible ways, so also stroke, heart attack, cancer and diabetic patients and many other hapless and hopeless ones need to be medicated and rehabilitated by different kinds of treatments; today's physiotherapy that is really based on manipulations and twisting of body muscles and nerves that provoking every part of the body is a duplicate of antique yogic therapy and massages which used to repeat with meditations and magic mantras. The old and crude form of physiotherapy, buttressed by massages and natural medicines, was treated and maintained the crippled bodies in static form, without moving or using the crippled organs or area for a prescribed period of time, but the latest physiotherapy, by not using ointment and massaging and without much concocted medicines, are the derivations that is aimed at reactivating by yogic exercises with the help of electronics and electrical appliances. Those who are keen on preventing the body break- downs also use these machines at homes, workplaces and gymnasiums, making physiotherapy as a huge money- multiplying industries. Physiotherapy is found to be a better method of body development that avoids the rigorous methods of conventional, herbal treatment, which take a long period and less successful than the latest electrical applications.
      What many people of different walks of life, mainly atheists and agnostics- modern philistines- suggest me is to have strong will power or auto-suggestion that is essential for a speedy recovery. Nobody likes to have unpleasant periods and unwanted sufferings in life, because `happiness in life is only an occasional episode in life'', Thomas Hardy. I agree it to some degree because `if there is a will, there is a way' or cherish a positive thinking is self-rewarding. But, will it work always when God decides the opposite that it is not necessary for either for his self-development or destruction. God-fearing with humble auto-suggestion and medications may give a better result; mere auto-suggestion can only reap less yield because God only knows every nook and corner of our body. I never aspired to have a `stroke', but it happened by some unknown reasons all of a sudden, not only that I don't like to have a second or subsequent stroke/stokes, as ` the stroke' is the second killer in Australia now. I used to do exercises and reduce food intake, but it happened and proving that it is one's own thinking or decision doesn't control one's destiny. All beyond our imagination and self-control there is an inscrutable guidance from elsewhere harness our inhaling and exhaling.
      Irreligious people of modern materialism and sophistications that depend their life in themselves, discard God and trust in their own strength, wealth and power, Ps.49, and claim that they got recovered by their own ability and will power. God loves everyone, whether good or bad, hence showers His blessings on everyone, thinking that he may turn to God later on because of his miraculous healing. When I look around in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics I see many stroke victims suffering over many years by having disability of various parts of their body; some lost their speech, many others paralyzed on both sides, some only on one side and many others affecting their memory and eye sight. Alas, the curse over the modern society, Godless generations!! Longevity of life doesn't mean the quality of life, what is the use of a mechanical `life-supporting' longevity. The Modern chronic diseases of materialism and head weight was very rare before, because the struggling mob used to live under the sun during the daytime by sweating and wetting, and sleep and get happiness everyday by complete dependence on God was their doze of medicines after home- made food that digest well, the reasons for lesser period of suffering and quick death. `'I am a self-made man' is the usual rhetoric that we hear from the obdurate folks in our everyday life these days.
      This `self-made claim' should not adhere in life for rejecting God and silently choosing the Devil. The quest for the unknown that is imprinted in our inner instincts is jettisoned with the instincts of the flesh is the tune and tone of today. ``We know that the whole creation has been groaning in travail…but we ourselves who have the first fruits of the Spirit, grown inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies, Rom.8, 22-23. If one has the self-determination and will power in cultivating his own positive thinking in the recovery of his health, this free will is given to select between good and evil and build a sublime character is the ultimate aim of our sojourn life. God has no power of changing a man due to the free will connotation already stamped in him, the main factor for Jesus was not able to do some miracle in Nazareth and Capernaum, the birth place of His father, Joseph, as the people had no faith in Him, because they knew that He was a carpenter's son and also the knowledge of His households and their status.
      The dictum `' Character is destiny'' has caught our boastful claim of self-determination that should sublimate one's bestial obstinacy. Knowing that God has given the freedom of choice, one should glorify the magnanimity in selecting between good and bad with our own strength of mind and submit at the feet of God, praying and worshipping Him 24 hours a day and the benefits sharing with his fellow beings. It is the blind faith in God and glorifying Him, not love or charity like that of the population of Nazareth and Capernaum, take one to the celestial planes. One who go by the spirit of the bodily pleasures, end up in the land of silence forever. If one can repair one's health by will power, he should have motivation, provision of God Almighty, to refine one's crude animality by our own will to convert ourselves as sons of God by obeying His commandments. Don't blame your Creator and lead a lifestyle of the swine that eat and lie in the mixture of its own excrement and mud by eating its vomit and human dung.
      Can the present generations claim that are free on the basis `free country, free world and free life' and enjoying the fruits of freedom while the dangers from Damocles' sword hangs on humanity from Star Wars, Nuclear Wars, Cyber Wars, World Wars, Human Bombs and war on terrorisms and many other wars of attrition like mafia wars, class war between the sex, pornography and other terrorisms, etc. Miraculous advancements of science that make a manicure human race which is destined to be the toys of Satan who chained mankind with all forms monstrosity that is free from `free will' but slaves of all bodily passions of life. The Humanity of today has become like a stray sheep that is running to and fro in the jungles of wolves, the satanic army, tigers and lions that prowl upon the preys. What sort of freedom you and I are talking about, is it the freedom for licentiousness and promiscuities of life only. The freedom with certain constraints of Heavenly commandments that we enjoy in God's unbound love is found nowhere else.
      Will continue in Part-30.

      E.S.John, Australia
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