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The Creator and the created order- part -28

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  • John
    Part-28 An ever- loving God who created us, though not visible His image with our external eyes, just as we ourselves are not able to see His image on our own
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2013
      An ever- loving God who created us, though not visible His image with our external eyes, just as we ourselves are not able to see His image on our own face, is waiting for the prodigals to turn back to eat the food of the soul, the Holy Mystery of the House of God, of the Father, not the bran of the Devil's concoction, that the swine can only consume. Therefore, His love and mercy that is greater than life incessantly flows from His mercy seat of the Altar that represent the Throne of Grace of the whole Macrocosm, upon all of His creations whether they love or hate Him, like a democratic Political Government is meant to rule the whole people with the same justice system by favouring all good people, irrespective of which Party or religion or ethnicity they belong to, by helping them, while punishing the lawless ones, not on the basis of the parties, but with the same system of justice. There are software files to prove His justice system for each one of us to be referred to at later times that we may have to go through before He condemns us, Rev.20, 12.
      All our thoughts, aspirations are recorded in God's software file at the same it happens in The book of Life and other books, to judge the world one day, whereas the Devil also uses his software system ready in thwarting away the souls that passes through the aerial realm, oyar, during its 40-day journey after our death, so that he can claim the panicking soul and grab for the land of silence. I should repeat here that the high-tech inventions of computer and its acrobatics and all other inventions and discoveries are the prototypes of how the celestials communicate now and after doing away with the earth. These latest inventions are the earthly parallels of extrasensory perceptions of imagery, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and so on by the Godly and atheistic and agnostic people are a monumental testimony against themselves, as the builders of Noah's Arc were denied to enter into and escape from the great deluge of antiquity. I was not caricaturing the eminent scientists, doctors and inventors and discoverers, the genetic elites, in the previous parts of this topic because if they are the betrayers of a loving God who explicitly revealed these secrets of this life, Lk.12, 47-48, through their time-consumed inventions, so that they can have a glimpse of the afterlife which is shrouded in their inventions. Also, they should realize that the Devil acknowledges that the demons also believe in the existence of God. `'I know that you who are, the Holy One of God, Lk.4, 33-37; Heb.2, 19. It is thus irrefutable that these Godless ones of the doomsday generations are duped by the fiery dart, mainly sex immorality, of the dark angels and fomented by the volumes in multitudes of their theses of research works and books and the complementary magazines and publications, the vehicles for minting money for the commercialized world, for the sedentary mob that include the special magazines for women, youth and segmented publications for each industry and business.
      Jesus says from verses 49 onwards that `I came to cast fire upon the earth…..'; this fire which make divisions in the family, `father against son and son against father, mother against daughter-in-law……' because of too much money plundered from the fossil energy and other resources that are at the vicinity of hell by raping mother earth. `…..and he will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the granary, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire'', Mt.3, 12, are the infernal fire that these modern inventors have made and given to the Devine-alienated global multitudes, as witnessed by His herald, John the Baptist.
      All the inventions of the spirit of the age, made by atheists and agnostics, but counter-signed by the Heavenly Father, are the litmus tests for the catalytic agents to witness transparently the Father in Heaven and an everlasting afterlife through the Heavenly images in our terrestrial life, Heb.8, 5; 9, 23-24. It is a dark shade cast upon the religious hierarchs and politicians, Herods and Pharisees and Sadducees of the churches and religions at the end of days, who give out all these inventions without weighing the pros and cons to the mass of a spiritually illiterate and vulgar mass that hijack the ignorant and the vulnerable and the marginalized ones for fermenting with religious extremism and a militant anarchy of the crossbreed political and secular system which eventually shed crocodile tears.
      God who loved all His creations that belong to all walks of life and religious beliefs look after everyone day in and day out very religiously and steadfastly without any discrimination. His creations that run to and fro in the global village find solutions of the fallouts of the pernicious inventions which created so many humanitarian crises and problems and anarchy by uprooting the whole crowds of certain countries, the boiling religious fanaticism of the M.E. regions, the forerunner of Armageddon, is a burning problem for the rulers of all countries, Amnesty International and the U.N. and so on by witnessing the nation fighting against itself and others also. All those helpless and crippled ones are not rejected by God, but helping them and chronic-diseased with efficacious medicines that were shrouded and concealed in our mortal frame, whereas the mass of the bygone eras found healing process in natural medicines of leaves, nuts and roots of the plants that God created and revealed through the yogis.
      As it is found to be impractical and unpragmatic in this bionic era to look after His creations with natural medicines, God prescribed help for these wailing communities long time ago through the sages and yogis for theses last but generations to find remedies himself that are deposited within himself. This yogic therapy that focus on doing yoga and meticulous exercises are the panacea, because all other natural treatments of homeopathy, Ayurveda, and many forms of Naturopathy have side effects that tell upon the system, if continued for a long time. But the yogic therapy also will have detrimental side effects, provided not constrained by certain discipline.
      God asked our first parents to live by fruits, and the natural therapy prescribes fruits, nuts, leaves and roots, the basic ingredients of natural medicines after the fall of man. John the Baptist lived by honey and locusts- root of a type of plant. Yogis live a life of vegetarianism, whereas meat eaters cherish a life of carnivorousness, the product of the forbidden fruit that hid nakedness at the root. Thus, yogic therapy is not meant for the married and the de facto couples and sexually unrestrained people, but is done now a day without any discrimination that may have some fallout later in life.
      Will continue in part-29.

      E.s.John, Australia
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