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The Creator and the created order part- 27

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  • John
    Part 27 An Omniscient God knows about the spiritism that has been ravaging mankind from the beginning to till date. So long as man enjoys free will, the Devil
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      Part 27

      An Omniscient God knows about the spiritism that has been ravaging mankind from the beginning to till date. So long as man enjoys free will, the Devil also is allowed to woo human race without any restriction, thus permitting both good and evil to pluck from the same fruits from the forbidden tree, one's own self determination. As man invented new products by synthesis and analytical process, he brought in problems one after another and he himself became a real unresolved problem. When the problems of the succeeding ages reigned in man, God gave adequate remedies to His creations. The natural order that nursed humanity so far, God blessed them with natural solutions and natural medicines and its applications. People who meditated upon the solutions of their ailments, mental and physical, God prescribed remedies by revelations through the prophets, hermits and sages.

      King Hezekiah, who was destined, to die soon was cured by fig fruits, as prescribed by God, and he lived for another 15 years. Sadhu Sunder Sing escaped from extreme cold bites and ailments in the Himalayan region, the hermit who was meditating for 5 centuries there gave him a leaf to be chewed for escaping from ill health. The origin of the Ayurvedic treatment and different natural therapies that don't have detrimental side effects like the allopathic treatment was the contributions from great sages and yogis. Different kinds of yoga books, `Raja yoga, gyana yoga Hadda yoga,… martial arts…. are the outcomes of observations and revelations, not by research works but the love of God was conveyed in explicit form. As the planets exist by attractions, man also to survive by the gravity and attraction of brotherly love and sharing, the nucleus of which is from God the Father. Elijah brought back life of the widow's son by the transfusion of his own spirit, instilling the vibrating power of`pranathmave' into his body. Jesus used the natural method of healing the blind by the application with the lump of clay, so also by the Messianic treatment of plucking the disease and releasing outside. God, who looked after His children like infants in His hands, will nurture and care them till the close of the age.

      The alternative medicines that are meant for natural man who used to live by the caressing of Nature, is not appropriate for the sophisticated man of the bionic era that inevitably need the bionic treatment, quick-fix remedy. Alternate medicines won't work effectively to the bionic mechanism that is addicted with so many alien materials of hard drugs and liquor that accumulated toxicity of a different kind. The generations that are reigned by the reality of `time is money' don't have the patience to wait for workplace imperatives, which are consciously eager for the fast cure; otherwise he loses salary, or even the jobs. `Fast food, alcoholic and drug' culture that builds obesity and adiposity due to chemical malfunctions also is another reason for the ineffectiveness of the bygone natural treatments. Besides, the old medical methods are becoming obsolete, the raw materials for natural medicines are scarce due to deforestation, wildlife destruction for commercialization, usage of industrial pesticides, bulldozing for dwelling places, commercial buildings, pollution, climate change, massive increase of industrialization, and so and thus concocted a consumer society, resulting in a sedentary life of indolence, gossip, apathy, cynicism and self-complacency. Hence some of these natural physicians also found new theories of changing the old concepts and applications by different mixing and adding unwanted chemicals.

      Despite I expressed my dissatisfaction with the new allopathic and radiological treatments and scientific advancement that cause massive side effects, these new medical breakthroughs and imperatives for the bionic era that is infested with the illiteracy of Godliness and moral values are essential for the sophisticated men of the digital age that is infected with voluptuousness and permissiveness. The stereotype of Godlessness, irreligiousness and fearlessness of the unknown impel the modern man to be lured into the life of the flesh, which find cheap pleasures of evanescent nature. For example, if a man is divorced, his marriage that went through many ups downs of dating and wooing and making the children for custody battles, he finds it humiliated to come back to God and religion by erasing his ego and pride. When a person made a world record in sports by doping and drug habits and caught and punished, consequently divorced, he would usually blame God and leave his religion. Celebrities of many types are in such complexities and dilemmas. This is how religiosity evaporates from people who seek fame by cheap and materialistic way.
      When God becomes an allergy for the super men, many allergies of Nature haunt over the sophisticated folks who cultivate the dreadful immoralities of all kinds, especially the sex immorality that harness the genetics of the future 4 generations at least; if not repented it may ravage for many more generations, Exo.20, 5-6; 34. 6-7, and lose his physical and mental equilibrium. Natural medicines will have much effect slowly to those who are physically and mentally diseased because both mind and body are intertwined by spiritual forces.
      Today's global society is diseased by one's own misdoings. We have to cultivate sympathy and mercy to such individuals who are deceived by inexperience and sluggish wisdom that brought their own ruin. He who is self-conceited by contradictions of minds and body will have no healing by natural medicines. If there is no faith in the effectiveness of natural treatment, there is no cure also. A positive thinking for cure and the faith in the doctor, allopathic also, and the medicines is a psychological addendum for any healing process. As the allopathic treatment is not focused on the root causes, but on the external manifestations only, the high potency medicines suppress the pains of the organs and tissues of the affected area by killing the alien forces that are intruded. The drugs may either suppress the symptoms or organs or gain a temporary cure, which serve as the herald of the chronic diseases over a period continuous use.

      While starvation and malnutrition was Mendel's biological balance of population control, obesity, the outcome of Epicureanism or organ malfunctions, is the biological balance of the population control of the materialistic era that exiled God and cultivated bohemianism at every stage of life. It is not the longevity of life that is important, but the quality of life. We used to vote the Political Parties to power that were having strict value-based manifestos, which were strictly rooted in the theistic, and moral upholding, but now we vote to power the parties that waste the public coffer by rattling the borrowed money by giving to the moral hunchbacks. It is the money that talks, even if there is only a difference of 2 Rupees or 2 dollar in benefits. Therefore, allopathy is a need for the Godless generation that is under the scourge or curse of immense stress and tension. Therefore, the advancement of medical technology and high-tech inventions of science that is marvelously great is the gift of God to the fearless generation that, some how, will find its own destruction, though God helps His creation to have a good life that should help him to turn back to God. But he doesn't give any heed about the finer sides of life, but only submit to the feet of the spirit of the age and ruin himself by embracing filth and bestiality.
      The chronic diseases, the product of mental aberrations due to Godlessness and irreligiousness and desire-based banal instincts, have no other effective medicines other than calming the mind by Godliness, which has to be imbibed by the religion of silence. `Silence is the best speaker'. Silence is the ligua- Franca of the monks, seers and yogis whose contributions to whole world are priceless from the beginning of the world. The Bollywood films that break down the nerves of the whole individual and street- rattle the neighbourhood of the group hysteria is the language of the moral groundlings, so also the drunken and drug-driven disco, dance, TV advertisement, etc that bring anarchy and pandemonium from the inferno is the order of the day. Having no histrionic talents but only for the thirst of money, lust for power and celebrity status, the global nomads who are drug-induced, with the support of their duplicates everywhere in the word, prostitute the Fine Arts by shouting, kicking, roaring and running on the stage and outside with the hilarious devilish tone, as if these Higher Arts once cuddled and nurtured and enjoyed by the great, gifted and talented genii were their concubines. All these mania are allowed in the name of the demoniac freedom allowed by the lawmakers of the hysterical doomsday time. I once appreciated the Welfare States that help the poor, needy and underdogs, but proven beyond doubt, though helpful to the majority, that it can help the thugs of the sub-cultural lunatics to dictate their own terms that can yield the majority under their armpits.

      There are instances where the sensitive members of the audience pissed without their knowledge while listening the soothing melodies and resonance of the natural music and shed tears during soul-kissing dramas of the natural lifestyle, whereas the topless and half-naked audience of the nerve-rattling music and the rowdy running-around show of the modern musical theatre only help to send the heat waves through the genitals that ejaculate into culmination, because the book `The Soul after death' testifies that the presence of the angelic hosts saturate the vicinity with fragrance and derive ecstasy to the participants, whereas the demonic multitude that disseminate foul odour in the venue which give shock waves that pass through the uncontrollable genitals, proving that the modern Arts and copycat cultural programmes and music, the synonym and the playground of abysmal powers, are the pandemonium at `the end of days'. The whole world is electrified together with these voluptuousness and profligacy that make ripe for a total destruction of mankind. It is not the new inventions that are needed for the suffering mankind, but go back to Nature and God, the mother and solemn nurturer and solicitor of mankind.

      Will continue in part 28.

      E.S.John, Australia

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