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The Creator and the created order- part -26

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  • John
    Part –26 Women boastfully claim that bringing up children is a full time job, but has become part time lately as being lured by the passion to rule over
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2013
      Part –26
      Women boastfully claim that bringing up children is a full time job, but has become part time lately as being lured by the passion to rule over others and to earn money and spend an epicurean and sensuous life in the society, a showing off life of equality with men, the reward of which is at the end of the tunnel that calculate and reap the sum total of our nemesis. Driven by the greed of power and money, she is pushed around by males who want to entertain in gambling of sorts and entertaining theatrical venues and places of pleasures that dry out the fear of the unknown, the future destiny of man, when the globe found to uninhabitable. What goes around comes around.

      Children are a reward of God who blesses the youth with children for tomorrow's citizens. `Innocent youth is a priceless possession', said M.Gandhi. `Honour your father and mother', and `he who speaks evil of your father or mother, let him surely die'. But you say, `if anyone tell his father or mother, what you would have gained from me is given to God, he need not honour his father', Mt.15, 4-9. Neither the present generations accept God as our Creator and sustainer of life, nor does honour and care and looks after the feeble procreators, parents, at their difficult time, the second childhood period. `Pro' means `for' and signals the message that the procreators, parents, are the agents of God in the creation process.

      It is a cycle that repeat itself; what we did, we get back later in the same coin is the part of the justice system of God. Two incomes in a family is a necessity these days, as such spirit of the age is the propeller life. It is better take the chance of getting two wages in a family, if it is highly needed, remembering that there are so many families living a life of penury by a single wage. It is like the family that collected the required amount of manna for the day and the others who collected in excess for the next day also. Money has the dynamism of jumping from one wallet to another's. If one has the will to manage with one income, he is in general proven to be a lucky fellow in later life, as the mother does her fulltime job at home. `Give us this day our daily bread', not for tomorrows because tomorrow will look after itself. Some de facto couples won't buy houses or valuable items, as they are not sure when they decide to live apart, whereas a de jure couple plans meticulously from the beginning to make both ends meet and make a balance for other indispensable list of shelter and transport and children's education. `Penny wise and dollar foolish' philosophy guides their own destiny. Cat walks, beauty parade, beauty parlour, gambling of different types, horse racing, betting, poker machines, etc are the symptoms of the money cult that is needed for an extravagant loose life in the present age. Everything for money is the order of the day.

      Dating begets hating after the marriage takes place because `familiarity breeds contempt', and they land on the solid earth by crippling from their dream world that they once imagined. Despite there can be disharmonies in the de jure marriage on the outset, they tend to live for their children by ironing out their differences. Married couples also likely to divorce any time that make the reason for them not to have children by the blessings of the family planning dragons. They enjoy all the global available options to have a life of the flesh by holidaying and world tours. For many couples children thus become a problem to the family and then to the society, as the parents either neglect or overprotects by unfair methods. Time to see the children need leave to be taken by some parents since the domestic duty of the mother has become a part time job.

      The highly paid and well-maintained pets are the companions of individuals either at home or during traveling time, highlighting the naked truth that children are unnecessary appendages. Even if one believes in God, the mechanical spirituality of babbling in religious places and elsewhere is the outcome that doesn't produce much fruits. Fear of God has oozed away from religious places, as the militancy has become the only means to control an open society or system or institution during the Iron Age. Ruling with the iron rod has created a shepherdless flock that scattered around the globe, which is destined to be slaughtered for the devil. Laws run on mechanical frameworks are dynamic, whereas God's law once framed and given in the beginning for the terrestrial life lasts till the consummation of the world.

      Mechanical spirituality, like rainless cloud, becomes barren and frigid. Where is the time for the shepherds and the flock that is busy with paraphernalia of varied kinds to meditate and pray to find inner peace and preach the fruits of the same? Does the online spirituality serve any valuable purposes to sublimate our base instincts other than for increasing our knowledge? Our saints, parumala thirumeni and Vattasseril thirumeni and other undeclared saints became the living Elects of the Spirit by yama prayers and devotions by starving by tightening the belt around the waste, but the electronic spirituality of babblings and mechanical celebrations have proved that we are a degenerated species that is unable to live a life of the purity of heart except engaging in religious terrorisms. Copycat culture of politics has incalculable fallouts upon the religious life that made a life of miscellaneous mixture of good and bad, the reminiscence of the forbidden tree. Both religion and politics are ripe for a terrible breakdown.

      Looking after the old and frail parents at the evening of their life is a curse upon the digital age generations because alienating them to old age accommodations from sweet home feeling which is adverse to their comforts and feelings, a poisoned chalice, is the only way left out for the working families. A religious end and warm goodbye from their dear ones from this miserable life is impossible to unfold into a blissful in afterlife, if the feeble and helpless parents are separated from the dear and near ones. They don't have any conducive atmosphere of continuing their religious hope in the new environments, which is addicted by irreligious babbling of sports, gossips and all the hullabaloo affairs of everyday life. No good sleep and loving care in such huddled life of complexities and mixed environments.

      Here I remind that just as the two incomes are needed in a household for giving loans of various types, the seriously crippled ones and disabled ones can be looked after only in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, respite locations, etc, particularly in cold places, that goes in tune with the spirit of the age. Death doctors by euthanasia are also away only at a phone call distance. I am not criticizing any institutions or arrangements and organizations, but reminding the curses of the fang end of the world are limitless, but only consolation from this organized mess is to focus our eyes to the infinite heights. The mythical freedom in an open and permissive society may devastate our inner instincts, unless guarded by the rules of the conduct of life.
      We have created a carnal global society, which is self-preying itself. The bestial sex morality that followed by other deadly vices are the innovations of the father Devil who prowls upon us `like a roaring lion to devour', 1.pet.5,8, us. There are volumes to write on our daily day-to-day problems and businesses that multiply as the new smart-tech inventions swoop over the global society even by globalizations and other methods. I opened this sub-section, as Mr. Carter and many other fair-thinking elites and followers also, complain that women are discriminated and exploited. Comparing with our natural life and super-tech deluxe pleasures that scattered parents and children in many-sided tiers of life, we can find that the quality of our life deteriorated by humanitarian crises, bombing, blood bathing, carnivorous global sex trade, human bombs and nightmares of multiple types and I dare to say that the main reason is that women's part time job of domestic duties, the spirit of the age, thereby neglecting the commands of Eden.

      What freedom you and I have when we hear that the next-door neighbours are engaged in enslaving three women for decades of violent abuse that we heard from last week's events in the distant country/s. we cherish the life of spying and espionage, but not what is in the vicinity of habitat, because the Privacy Law of sex indulgence is treated as a holy covenant. Free will is a gift given man to choose between good and bad and help himself and others, not to destroy oneself and others by our terrorism, because sex bomb is pernicious than human bomb, as the former affects detrimentally the person and next generation and the latter make martyrs, allegedly escape to paradise, the land of beauty and excellence. I end this sub-section of women's discrimination of Mr.Carter's grievance and stating that God still love His hand-crated creation and helping both the good and evil people without any discrimination, Mt.5, 45, will continue in section 27.

      E.S.John, Australia
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