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The Creator and the created order- part -25

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  • John
    Part-25 The sex culture that started with innocent dating has crossed through different and serious intersections of red lights of sexual immorality and ended
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2013

      The sex culture that started with innocent dating has crossed through different and serious intersections of red lights of sexual immorality and ended up in married couples of both sexes divorced, that are having married children, and doing same-sex marriage by enjoying all the rights of a normal marriage. 14 countries, mostly Christian counties, I guess, have legalized same-sex marriage on the basis of freedom and rights; apparently leave God the law giver alone who has no rights at all. What all-irreparable damages this revolution has made cannot be counted or assessed in terms of its apparent damnation of religious life by overturning the social order, which is, in any way, irrevocable.
      Harmful contraceptives of varied types, which was used since puberty has become dependent for the rest of life with so many side effects that appear in many ways. Pills used for unwanted abortion also tell upon the body to deteriorate. Sacrificing all the natural, resourceful values for dating, we invent self-annihilating personality disorders that dissipate our energy for safe-sex syndrome that revolutionized dating and other related industries. If dating does not start by puberty, the anxious parents encourage the children; otherwise they will be left out in the mad race of finding a partner later. Thus it is a shameless rat race that passes through the jungles of acrimony, revenge, fights, perhaps of different forms of assaults and vindictiveness. The venues like holidaying, theatres of all kinds, restaurants and clubs, sports and fashions of all are thriving industries in encouraging such hobbies of dating. Children are expected to live with their parents till the age of 15; a wide arena of `free country, free world and free life' passion impels them to do anything that they leap into without having any second thoughts or expert religious advice. Dating with different teenagers, also the oldies, they are thrown in the wilderness of Satan who tempt and make them as good for nothing in religious or qualitative life, as duplicities of character and multiplicities of personalities is the culminating outcome of a free life.
      This is the reason for alienating religion and embracing a life of body instincts. Sports, dance and leisurely enjoyments entice them; the high-tech life equips them and forces them to shine as celebrities in many fields that they choose. Lunatic music and cultural decadence and sartorial lifestyle of nomadic bands made a wanton race of ignorant flamboyant generation. Cry wild that is thundering the leaders and technocrats. Hybrid and special food and processed diet culture produced a soulless race, drying up all the inner instincts of love, endurance, forgiveness and so on. Fights, scuffling and vindictive assaults and rowdy behaviour among girls that were uncommon before is an every-day feature in schools and communities. Competition and race has become the ultimate motto that drives the budding generation mad and to accept any norm that is suitable to the occasion. The end justifies the means for all generations are a social weed that makes everyone, as a parasite is a tragedy. The loss of self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence has become mere anachronisms. Safe-sex syndrome that impel them to have no children or one or two children created a lax morality of worldly pleasures because children are considered as a nuisance, so as to enhance their career opportunities and educational qualifications and leisurely merriments, resulting in late marriages, but not avoiding amorous sexual relationships. Unmarried population that is a social parasite is on the rise daily.
      Home is a world of microcosm that equips one to adjust with others in the macrocosmic world. Children should play, love, hate and give and take policy and get immunity by associating with their siblings at home. Tagore, the Nobel Prize laureate, was the 14th child of the parents. If there are only one or two children, that also commonly with a gap of more than 10 years, and giving over- protection in everything, they merely become selfish and self-conceited pests in later life because every parents try to make them as doctors, lawyers, engineers, put so much pressure which forcing them either to run away from home or criminals and suicidal products. Imposing too much restrictions and spending too much money unnecessarily make them unripe citizens of tomorrow. Living among the animated world toys and addiction of TV, video and what nots make them indolent is an unfortunate outcome and watching the scenes of gun culture and bloodshed is treated as an abominable crime of the society. Yogic literature says that protein food, meat, egg, etc should be avoided till the age of 12; if `sadaka pitham'-energetizing secretion, the source of acquiring the higher values and energy to face any situations in life, is poisoned, such children usually become subnormal characters. Man is a product of his glands, other secretions and enzymes.
      Polluting them by over-consumption of rich food is detrimental. Suppleness, sensitiveness of the system must be maintained by simple food, preferably vegetable food, and leisurely activities. Too many sports, tuition and a backpack of books and instruments that break the camel's back are a common feature of today's unfortunate children. Churchill, the greatest war hero and the Prime Minister failed in his school leaving or school entrance examination, so also many other leaders of all times. Energy is born, not made. Children have been made our robots is a social holocaust. Western nations have finance and know-how in changing this social malady, but all other nations thriving by corruptions of many kinds. Together with these burdens, dating and other passions make jack a dull person with no finer feelings. The loss of feeling for higher passions is suicidal.
      Today's children's nervous system which is devoid of the passions of sublime love and creative fear; they are good only in some sports or acrobatics in certain conducive systems; they are fish out of water if change their habitats. If sewerage system is contaminated or broken down or no supply of electricity, they can't survive. The children live in slums and squalid condition generally are fit live anywhere else. People live in sufferings and difficulties are the fittest to survive. Modern hothouse growth is a real curse. Living in air-conditioned or heated environments is a superficial life style is a torpedo that make them unfit to live a healthy life. To cultivate pleasure and enjoyments nuclear families of this age does not prove that they are not better than the age of extended families. As there are no older and experienced people in the household who lost, however, respect and honour end up in domestic war and divorce. Parents or Parents-in-law have no voice in making the feuding house in order. There are dying mothers-in-law of about 100 years of age who live in nursing homes who have no contacts or visibility of their daughters-in-law for 7 decades. Thanks to the nuclear age and nuclear families and their new devices of family planning. How come great men of Mr. Carter's calibre overlooks such sides of humanity that is self-preying itself.
      Will continue in part-26

      E.S.John, Australia
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