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Re: Long worship

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  • ES John
    Dear believers, Who says that we wouldn’t end in personal benefits? Last part of Ps.23 says that we will get personal benefits also. we get spiritual and
    Message 1 of 8 , May 9, 2013

      Dear believers,

      Who says that we wouldn’t end in personal benefits? Last part of Ps.23 says that we will get personal benefits also. we get spiritual and earthly benefits also by being with God longer periods.

      ;…and day and night they never cease to sing, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, IS THE LORD ALMIGHTY, who was and is and is to come, Rev.4, 8. Lucifer and his legions also were doing the same. We are also created to fill these places in the Heavenly mansions, Jn.14, 2. Whether in church or outside, we are obligated to continuously sing the song of praise and greatness of our Lord and do good works. It is better to sing the greatness of God in the church because it is the House of the Lord where the Holy Ghost the third person, not a wind, brood over there.


       Because the garment of incorruption that is weaved by our worship and good works, the visa for the entry into Heavenly plane, is humanly impossible by our short time attendance in church and little charity works. Unless one earns this white garb, even if he is taken into Heavenly Above, he cannot stand there because of the light and brilliance, thus testifies of the book ‘ The Soul after Death’. Some souls were taken there, but they couldn’t open their eyes due to the plethora of luminosity. God is helpless because the law and order and justice system that was pronounced before the creation of the world and to be executed by the Heavenly hosts properly. We are indebted to love God as He loved us and  share that love with our brethren without any malice and hate. As prophetess Hannah did, Lk.2, we are to worship God at all the moments of life, preferably in the church, which should be bereft of any holy politics.


      In all the major cities of the world there are many churches opened for 24 hours, though arson threat and looting exist, so that the thirsty believers can go at any time and shed their tears.

      The celebrant sings in the ‘huthoma prayers’ like this. ‘Lord, accept our sacrifice as the slaughtered Abel, the prototype of the Lamb who spilled His blood for us, Noah in the Arc and on Carmel mountain Elijah celebrated and approved it to you as a token of their gratitude, after going through great stress and duress. Attend the LITURGY after penance and prayers in order to our adoration to the innocent blood shed and sufficient preparation from Saturday afternoon onwards


      Priests celebrate the Liturgy for us and for himself. If we are not there as devotees, why attend the Mystery partly in vain.

      Though salvation is only a grace of God, our trials are tribulations for His name will be taken into account.

      The celebrant leaves the Altar by reciting the Psalms 23, which ends in ‘…and I shall dwell in the House forever’. Also read ps.84. ‘for a day in thy courts is better than a thousand elsewhere’. That should be our aim for our salvation.


      E.S.John, Australia

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