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The Creator and the created order- part -24

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  • John
    Part-24 Godlessness and fearlessness of man that precipitated shamelessness to do anything in private, religious and social life is the outcome of the 3-tier
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2013

      Godlessness and fearlessness of man that precipitated shamelessness to do anything in private, religious and social life is the outcome of the 3-tier roles-in literary language I gave them as the 3-dimensional roles of women in this doomsday culture- of women in domestic, marital and workplace life which is contrary to the Eden commands. The sense of shame, the veil that Nature clothed man and woman with, is torn apart for triggering the animal passion of the flesh, forgetting the truth that life of the soul that transmit life to the flesh sustains our life on earth. Feminism that empowered dating bloomed the age of the era of unwed mothers, which is legalized and financed by the political authorities that signed the death warrant of the global society. The superficial role changes cannot alter the inner changes that channel one's overall life.

      Legalization of any role changes that was what God imbedded in Nature, which bring automatic catastrophes of the infrastructure of the workings of the Spirit of God, the recipe for inviting the intervention of the Divine world. There is a Providential order or Divine or poetic justice that govern the universe, free will given to man is expected to be subservient to the universal Divine Law and justice. Man –made rules, unless they are countersigned by the Infinite mediators, go under the hammer of the Upper House of the unseen Parliament of 3 personae who created man in with unanimous agreement, Gen.1, 26, the nucleus for the rule of the birth of democracy, but failed miserably in Eden, though there were only 2 persons there. Therefore, it should be made compulsory that voting rights should be on the basis of taking membership in any religion, proving that religion and politics are the both sides of a single sheet. Thus, fear of God together with moral laws should be the language of both religion and politics or the secular authorities. King Saul was given freedom to choose, but not at the expense of Divine command, hence the command to obey is better than sacrifice, superseded.

      I take a diverse route of explaining this further, as I received an email, the part of which is given under.

      `If all the Atheists & Agnostics left America, they'd lose 93% of The National Academy of Sciences & less than 1% of the prison population."

      I replied. Number is not a problem for God; God has enough time to wait for collecting the suitable and perfect souls for filling the places of Lucifer legion. This proves that we are living in Noah's days and Sodom fire, only 8 persons saved from the great deluge, 3 from Sodom sulpher fire. Look after your soul that no one else other than you can save your life, not even by God because of the free will that He has given to us once. True repentance can absolve from sins. 'Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool', Iaiah.1, 18'. Atheists and agnostics, the ungrateful and ephemeral creatures, who destroy His earth in complicit with their father Satan, Jn.8, 44, have no right to say the word democracy and live in this planet of God who created it and looking after still, so also the hypocrites of Pharisees and Sadducees brand of crooked and adulterous generations. `Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord', ps.33, 12. is there anyone to argue and plead with God, or answer, job.9. Atheists and agnostics have no right to rule God's people, nor should have the voting rights that they should try in Satan's abysmal territory of lawlessness. They legalize all sex immorality that is accompanied by so many dreadful vices. They shed crocodile tears and consume the borrowed money for the sake of catching votes.

      `Nation will rise against, and kingdom against kingdom…..', Lk.21, 10. Is it not democracy that fights against itself, the fight the ruling party against the Opposition parties that involves setting fire to the public property, looting, killing, raping and what not. The Christian countries, the custodians of chaste faith, have fought all the wars and World Wars of modern times, and their colonies were also dragged in it. When colonialism failed, the same masters adopted the God's justice system of free will of democracy, in the guise of love, to be propagated around the globe for grabbing their wealth. This fomented religious fundamentalism and fanaticism as a new religion of the non-Christian countries to conquer Heaven. One regimentalised system spanned another militant system of extremism to devastate God's world of peace and tranquility. Just as complete destroying the city for eliminating the mice, both Godless and moral idiots and religious fanatics join together because they don't lose anything but gain everything by installing the Devil as their monarch. Today's Democracy, the apparent iron firebrand brand of Godless minority, that hijack the silent majority to be radicalized as the global order in complicit with raging religious radicals of feminism. If 93% of the intellectual and ruling elites belong to the category of Godless extremists, one should wide open his eyes and realize that Heaven is at hand Eph.6, 10-12.

      God does not destroy His own creation and the created order. Climate change and other natural disorders are the byproduct of scientific and hi-tech excretions. Population growth comes to a standstill by same-sex marriage. But God wouldn't have destroyed Sodom if there were 5 people to obey His commandments, but there were only 3, Lot and his two daughters.

      Free will given to man was to select what was good for him and for others in the long time yet to unfold, not to claim the power of ruling over others which infringing the rights of his own brethren. The right of democracy is to look after others selflessly.

      Lots to write, but I can't. The prophet Daniel prophesied about the end of the world when king Nebucadnezar was the emperor of Babylon, who conquered Jerusalem and plundered all holy things and desecrated the Temple and took remnants to Babylon as captives. His prophesy also will be fulfilled when the Beast of Babylon become the ruthless global ruler and kill the vast majority of believers, Rev.17, 5, the remnant believers to be collected by the LORD OF HEAVEN.

      Will come back to the original track in part-25

      E.S.John, Australia
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