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Re: The Creator and the created order- part - 22

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  • ES John
    Part-22 The former Russian president Khrushchev once said, ‘We have nerves as tough as steel’. This utterance was given to intimidate President Kennedy
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2013
      The former Russian president Khrushchev once said, ‘We have nerves as tough as steel’. This utterance was given to intimidate President Kennedy while the Cuban crises was about to reach its highest peak. Building steel nerves for women that make equal with man has resulted in a class war that stimulates energy to fight against her own species. The function of woman without man and man without woman that aligned with Nature and their continued role for the dissemination of  human species is a mystery that amazingly makes owe and wonder in the silent universe that is remote controlled by a PRIME MOVER.  Without realizing the immanent Sovereign power who silently spins this universe, we are making acrobatics and martial arts of all sort and yet denying and betraying Him. School sports together with marathon running of 20 over KM and gym exercises evaporated all natural suppleness and delicateness embedded in her for childbirth and nurturing the species. Continuous training and special food habits for National and International sports participants and athletics has changed her metabolism and even postponed the monthly cycles for years, according to the surveys and newspaper reports.
      This also has to prove that women have the capacity to do work like men and carve out a gender balance that establish her equality in all realms of life activities.  Thus she already has showed that she is equal to man in anything like man can do. I concentrate upon Mr. Carter and many other good Christians and noble global citizens of high repute to realize that whether the gender balance and equality she fought with like cats and dogs have changed the world order to a higher pedestal of super quality or failed because of sex-trafficking and sex trade and rape cases and divorces reached its Himalayan heights all of a sudden. Yet she forgot that the quality of life is more important than life itself. Does she realize that the sexism and feminism has destroyed the quality of life in her endeavor in coming par with man in gender balance that made anarchy in the society? The quality of woman’s status and role functions has totally eroded, but she can boast as the custodian of lax freedom that precipitated more carnage in the society.

       The Virgin character is a biproduct of virginity of sex that synchronizes body, mind and soul together to form a balanced personality, a sound mind in a sound body. Eating the forbidden fruit that explicitly opened nakedness in Eden has proved the fall of mankind to an abhorrently lower quality of life. Dating from the time of puberty or before and leading a profligate life may pave for personality disorders, just like Esau sold his birthright for a dish of soup. Drinking water and breathing may be claimed as birthright among humans, but enjoying sex is not a birthright. Free sex has created a hell on earth and is taking a huge toll of death and suicides, as many other side effects that make them sedate as good for nothing. The true Celibates live without sexing, and they have proved themselves as living dynamos.
      Driving automobiles without license is an offense, so also unripe and untimely sex was an offense in religious and social sense that will have later social implications. One gets the automobile license by learning and proving the authorities that one can drive the vehicle without dangers. This is also applicable strictly because unlicensed sexual union is explosive in many ways because it bears marks upon the personality and genetics that will have the future degradations upon the coming generations. The analogy of car license is a temporary inconvenience, but the penalty of unlicensed sex union that implicates personal ostracizing and also a slow-to-anger God’s silent and severe penalty is a difficult nut to crack. Dating that revolutionalised religion and society and diverted the destiny of mankind detrimentally because all the sexual immoralities such as fornication, de facto relationship, divorce, custody battles, personal vendettas and bloodshed of many kinds and above of all reshaping the genetic landscape that make an imprint upon the society at large.  Dating, by the diversion of inner electricity, is the mother of all modern vices that led the for opening up the inferno, just as electricity, mother of all inventions, made a parallel paradise in this world in appearance only.

      I have discussed only 2 venues, workplace gender balance and sports, that paved for sex equality for woman who carry humanity in her pouch. In Workplaces, religions, churches, place of social intercourse, military, political, judiciary, mass media and executive positions and any other places of importance she stamped her seal that cannot be erased at any means. This lifestyle has led the society to a new culture of influencing the industries like cosmetics, fashions of clothing and many others, cosmetic surgeries and abortion at the cost of taxpayers’ money and multitudes of areas that I am not going to explore. Freedom gave children the authority to leave the parents after the age of 15 and jump into a boiling cauldron without getting any experience to look after themselves by sifting good and evil. Leading a lax life by whetting the passions of life doesn’t open the inner eye, resulting in choosing the bitter pills of sufferings, which lead to aimless destinations. Those who do food dieting for better body shape and size that are the pioneering works for sex palatability should know that sex dieting will launch the soul in infinite frequencies. I am speaking only the science of our body, not sex profligacy.
      Today’s bionic culture of sexual turpitudes that expanded its tentacles to all spheres of life dazzled through by using the right of wrong freedom and privacy laws and overturning the marital, spiritual and social life, yet the derelicts of narcissist age are not even satisfied with the nervous enjoyments of the fleeting flesh. The over committed life at the workplace, domestic, marital extravaganzas are overtaxed by leisurely pleasures of life by so many other paraphernalia like holidaying, camping, theatrical performances and wild screen displays of pop music and dancing and restaurant dieting and so many agenda, thereby leaving God and the church behind, the ascribed caretakers and custodians of humanity, to suffer. No time for religion and God, and thus absconded them to their miserable fate. What God and church to bear with is accusations and blame game, if something gone astray anywhere in the global village by a maniac who abuse and betray God always.
      Let us see whether woman was used as a pawn before the dawn of the age of women’s liberation movement in part-23.

      E.S, John, Australia
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