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Re: The Creator and the created order- part -19 and 20

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  • ES John
    Part-19 I have given in general in parts 17 and 18 the complementing duties and how went astray at the Altar of God at the end of the day by man and woman who
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 21, 2013


      I have given in general in parts 17 and 18 the complementing duties and how went astray at the Altar of God at the end of the day by man and woman who received the duties from a remote controlling ‘God who sits in Heights, with all Rights with the world’. Mr. Carter failed to have an insight of these problems that are ravaging the world now. All what we enjoy are mere gifts of a benevolent God. The sunlight and rain and the puff of wind that we breathe in from Nature by which we are cared and looked are a free gifts, which can come to a cease all of a sudden without any advance information. These gifts are given free for His creations, apart from man who need to apply his free will and serve the Creator with implicit obedience that is expected to be devoid of grumbling, blaming and accusing God who offer as a free gift of Eternal salvation. Those who produce the 12 fruits of the Spirits of God, Gal.5, are entitled to have the different gifts of salvation which are varying in its results, such as that given to apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, etc, Eph.4; 1.Cor.12, though the same Spirit showers it differently according to one’s desert. The free gift of mature Heavenly manhood, Epe.4.13, given to both man and woman at the end of the race is a free gift, not on our merits. Hence both man and woman are expected to complete their complementing functions without becoming an accomplice of God’s enemy, Satan.

      The authority given by God to man who misused it by hijacking the hidden powers of fossil energy which come from the Devil’s abode of hell by discarding the multiple source of energy freely given by the Almighty. God gave man the right of using Mother Nature, including the solar system, as the provider of his food, shelter, light and also firewood energy, but he plundered the wealth of underground energy and misused it to destroy Nature and its vivid sources. Climate change is a reality that devastated Nature and life in this planet that has become a thorn in our flesh. God gave us wood and water and air as a free gift, but Satan polluted it with petrol and all the byproduct and electricity and gas that destroy the quality of a natural life that used to bless man with abundance of peace and concord, not with the longevity of life due to the food deficiency. Our longevity is more, but man has become a walking sephulchre as the deficiency of God’s grace. Everything is hybrid and complex in its application and use; it has come to a stage, where ‘nothing is good or bad, but thinking make it so’ philosophy, Shakespeare.

      Nothing is real in this revolving world of evolving man. Some research done in Australia proves that there is an unbridgeable gulf of difference between people’s intelligence, attitude, nature, and way of life and moral values to those who use wood energy, electricity and gas. Anything that is quick-fix is appealing just as anything that brittles are not gold. Hybrid food, clothing and shelter and hybrid habitats, cosmetics, medicines and medical applications are all the seeming volcanoes, which can be erupted at any moment. Artificial food and superfluous lifestyle that make an artificial social apparatus that trigger man to choose a life that animals fear to tread. I am not trying to fault with somebody, but it is the naked reality that nobody find any solution or escape from its after because one has to go with spirit of the Iron Age. Gas explosions and electric fire that can conflagrate the forest fire destroy houses and wipe out human lives. Big industries and manufacturing places are not immune such dreadful fires. The automobiles that run by these artificial energies is life-threatening problem for the life yet to continue. Gun power and nuclear energy that can make nuclear bombs are different forms of fire, which wipe out cities and countries. We are sitting over the nuclear bombs of different nations that are a fear to world powers. Any maniac may set the world on fire at any moment.

      Therefore understand the seriousness of fire, which the Devil blessed us with, but a loving Creator provided us for our daily use for sustenance of life on earth. Freedom that appears as gold is real volcano that can emit lava that devastate and consume everything around. Man and woman have launched a class war between them to prove who is better between the two is a carnal issue now. The real winner in this battle is Satan. I would like to remind that freedom is a philosophical topic, which is meant for the cerebration of philosophical recluse, not for the everyday man who carries the yoke of sufferings, which is created by the high-tech demons who have made today’s world order and their puppet Governments as the slaves of the abysmal powers. Freedom devoid of fear of God and moral values that are implied in the responsibilities of serving God and man have made a lacuna that is becoming the haunting ground of hell’s angels in sheep’s clothing. The more licentious freedom we acquire by bargaining and intimidating others, the more we are encroaching in to the freedom and rights of other men and society that are entrusted to look after the global population at large.

      Will continue in part 20.

      E.S.John, Australia


      There is no form of Government that is unique or perfect, though Democracy that gives liberty and freedom of expression, as in conjunction with the Eden style is sheer utopia. The first democracy that began in Eden had permeated with a precondition of obeying and give glory to the Creator. Don’t eat the forbidden fruit is a command of the Creator of man. As this supreme commandment was infringed violently, the fall from grace and the eviction from the garden were imperative. Then another set of commandment in ‘replenishing the world’ by childbirth by honouring the complementing duties given to them was not met with by implicit obedience which led to the great flood of Noah’s time. However, by falling and rising of man over the years of 6, 000 years God’s love of humanity kept him to struggle through. Although man has no freedom and rights, as he is a mere moving shadow, the freedom given to him is a Godly benevolence or sign of His justice system, but ended up in failure ultimately. Freedom, therefore, is only need-based, not desire-based. Freedom devoid of giving glory to God and respecting His creations is destructive passion and invite punishment. Salvation also is free, provided His commandments are respected with implicit obedience.  Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man is the lifeblood of democracy. Man who doesn’t obey and go according to His commands has no right to live in this world; the dark continents of nether world are his heritage forever. But to err is human and to forgive is Godly. God wanted to guide His flock through the Judges; He was not even pleased with the rule of His flock by the kings who proved to be total failures later on.

      We follow the Athenian democracy that began in B.C era for 2, 000 like-minded men or families who believed in Athenian gods and took part in deciding their own local affairs. To apply this theory in a Nation having billions of human beings of various ethnicities, man-eating religions, languages, castes and creed of different geographical seasons and topography has become a butt of joke in dealing lately with terrorisms and rape cases during this period of super-tech culture with no capital punishment, though I oppose it on the ground of executing the verdict in a mafia culture of international organized crime syndicates and different tiers of pornography and sex trade and sex trafficking and heavy drug addictions and trading. In comparison with the populations with other countries we can say that these countries are somehow managing. But how long, only God knows. But this same global culture of militancy and radicalism with humanitarian crises is our heritage that haunts the humanity that is wading through bloodshed and carnage.  I would like to drive home the truth that the class war between man and woman, sexism and feminism, eat away the very fibre of humanity, a divided house with members of different personality disorders.  The dysfunctional families that created a dysfunctional world order of money culture, where organized chaos is the legacy of the Godless and immoral world of father against son and the son against daughter and mother-in-law against daughter –in-law and husband against wife and vice versa, Lk.12.

      I remind again.  I write most of these details with the evidence reflected from eminent, world -reputed scientists and scholars. Just as there is an imprint of sexuality in each cell of our body, there is an imprint of maternity in each cell of women who are the embodiment of sacrifice, love, care and nurture. God gave such a physiology and intrinsic structure to the mother of humanity, so that she is able to care and nurture her offspring with sympathy and a chemical bond that emanate love and respect to nurse her husband. The Pauline epistles received guidance to write it from the Holy Spirit. Being the carrier of humanity in her womb, she is expected to consummate that role with the fear of God, Col. 3, 12-25; Eph. 5, 15-6, 4. Women who are equipped with the gospel of licentiousness and permissiveness the band of lobbyists shun this Nature’s gift of childbearing, and claim the myth of equality and jump into an ocean of parasites and destroy the humanity that is at its death throes.

      Alcoholism and hard drugs that impels her to roam around clubs and restaurants and other abominable places during dreadful dead of the night allow herself to get bashed and raped, forgetting that she conceives the humanity in her lap, not man, and, therefore, should be safeguard herself from such inclement places and seasons. Wrong time at wrong places with wrong weapons. Godless man craves to satisfy his lust for a moment and she is the one who become the victim to carry and bring up the offspring for a lifetime, provided she is not killed and shunted into the drain. Unmarried mothers who are financed by the taxpayers’ money are a crime of the society that is legalized by its providers. She has no right to do such abominable crimes that she has mathematically bound to pay the penalty. An adulterous woman used to be stoned by the each community member in old Jewish communities and still rampant in Muslim countries, so that reminding them that lechery is a treachery to the Lord and society. If a woman doesn’t have the fear of God and man and have no responsibility only will try to acquire a wanton freedom, which will ruin her life and the society. Gender balance in the workplace makes the functional imbalance in the domestic scene because she ought to be an ideal mother that suckles and nurture and to a complementing partner who does his complementing role in the nuptial life and food provider with care and love to the household members.

       She finds it difficult to play duty-bound roles in all these venues, apart from the gender balance in the stressful work place. ‘A jack of all trades is master of none’. For the sake of freedom, if she sacrifices the maternal and domestic duties, the other region or nations that are dead against these corrupt system will emerge and make devastations to the whole. ‘Humanity must perforce its prey on itself, like monsters of the deep’, Shakespeare. O GREAT BABYLON, Rev.17, 5, the sole global power that trample over the corrupt system will be converted  into ashes in a matter of 7 years’ duration. ‘So shall Babylon the great city be thrown down with violence, and shall be found no more’, Rev.18, 21.

      On the basis of contrived freedom she is there in the front of combat forces of foreign battlefields where men live away from far off counties.  Elopement, abduction and rape and compensation claims, false or true, are an everyday poison in such weird places. Bastardization of civil or military places or societies are sanctioned by the rule makers and rule changers in the name of liberty that throw opportunities to the frail man and woman to bash her ideal motherhood. Beware that such things are done by incurring the wrath of God and squandering taxpayers' money. In a nutshell, apart from rape, for any sexual relationship outside the marital wedlock, woman is to be held responsible, because she is the one who undergo the pains of childbearing and bringing up and bearing the shame of illegitimate birth and ruining her and other lives.

      I have no grudge or whimpering against anybody or anything. What I understand from the scriptures that a catastrophic end of humanity is already around the corner, I write it for the sake of true believers of God and good people who can protect themselves from the dangers of ensuing days. It may also help good Christian philanthropists like Mr.Jimmy Carter and many other noble-minded world elites. Will continue in part 21

      E.S.John, Australia






    • ES John
      Part-21 Now let us look into such a deplorable situation that the humanity has drawn into. I write on the basis what I have understood from the philosophers of
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 25, 2013
        Now let us look into such a deplorable situation that the humanity has drawn into. I write on the basis what I have understood from the philosophers of religions, science and the traditional and empirical knowledge and also from what I have gathered from my observations and knowledge which I learnt from pains and bitter sufferings. It is not intelligence, the brain faculty, that make a man grasping the farcical vicissitudes of life, but it is the feeling, heart empathy, making the bitter sides of this transitory life. It is not the muscular but the heart vibrations that travel in different frequencies in different planes equip a person to read the emotional and mental aspects in different situations of complexities that mould one to make an inroad of into the unseen problems. Very simple and elemental feeling can translate the vibrant extrasensory planes that are invisible as the permanent beauty of Eternity. The Nobel laureate Tagore, the 14th child to his parents, was while in his Calcutta home saw a an elder brother, allegedly caring his younger brother in a wild and thunderous stormy and rainy weather by covering with his clothes and protecting under an umbrella when they were crossing the road. ‘Genius is bisexual’; it doesn’t mean that a genius need to have bisexual relationship, but has the potentialities of masculine strength and penetration into the many-sidedness of life, coupled with feminine quality of intuitive insight into the complexities of life.
        Minor incident makes storm in the heart of sensitive people like Valmiki and Tolstoy and many other giants who made history by their self-sacrifice. Therefore, delicate sensibilities to empathize and identify the feeling of others nurse the suffering humanity. Woman who is formed from ‘the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh, Gen.2, not from the crude clay like Adam, is of delicate sensibility that has to look after the young ones with a feeling of remorse and sympathy, whereas man is created to protect the family from all outside dangers and has the ability to have more muscular strength comparatively with a precocious intelligence than hers, ‘parakrama buddhi’, proving that man is the brain and woman the heart of humanity. ‘parakrama buddhi’ does not mean that he has to fight with others, but take a non-violent approach with equanimity of mind. Nature has embedded these two main types of abilities separately in man and woman, though there can be of various mix by hermaphrodite version and masculine weaklings. They have been doing the deputed Nature’s for the last 6,000 years. Exchanging these roles without man conceiving the young ones will make ripples that are detrimental for today, tomorrow and the time yet to come.
         Basing on these characteristics, let us look at the global society of today, despite Australia is 5 to 10 years behind than the other developed countries, perhaps because of geographical separation from others. I cannot picture a modern humanity through small prism of small pieces of message because it is humanly impossible to imagine or sketch the panoramic landscapes of assumed equality of our own making that appear in the form of anarchy, lawlessness and pandemonium that is eating away the ocean of mankind globally. Antichrist is described by st.Paul as the man of lawlessness, Thess.2.2; Eph. 6, therefore, there we are now. Woman who is the primary agent of grooming the humanity, jumped into the ocean of wantonness that is ravaged by anarchists and militant groups of extremists to fuel the problems in exponential ratios. Women of liberated species run the educational institutions that deform man as an inferior being, because of radicalization by wrong recipes. As the system is already ‘feminized’ decades back, the educationalists in these countries have been tackling the imbalances by inducting more male teachers by funding more money and attractive conditions to men.
        Men folk left the system long before, as they could get better working conditions elsewhere due to the arrival of high-tech contributions, so that making more money that created an easy-going by indulging in bohemian philosophy of drug and alcohol-addicted life. Masculinity is replaced by femininity everywhere due to a militant system that gave more power to women who were once neglected. When the female teachers and girl students working in complicit together for female supremacy, the male students have turned as dropouts, muffs or rowdies, as in the case of many dogs attacking one another for a single bone. That which is put into heart flowers during infancy and teenage cannot be destroyed all by insecticides but will grow as unwanted weeds. It is like the locusts that are introduced for destroying some unwanted weeds or creatures have become a pestilence later. Once when the educational institutions have become like Pandora’s box, the irreligious rulers gave baits for catching votes and legalized all the plagues and pestilences that intruded into.
        Sports that inject masculinity into girls made another chapter of havoc. The latent powers of woman have been triggered by so many incentives that converted her as of alien creatures that I have categorized as ‘bionic woman’ who have conquered the front line combat forces in distant lands, without honouring the formula, ‘give what is due to God and give what is to due to Caesar’. Thus a bionic human species of alien mould  is the ultimate outcome, just as in the beginning of time, Gen, 6. Look at the sports industry venues and behind the scene criminality. Doping that has been an international criminal industry has become a thorn in all world sports and competitions that was meant to develop to not only getting high achievements in individual and group performances, but also as ambassadors promoting cordial relationship with countries and nations that are at loggerheads with one another due to supremacy and political and power domination. Drugs testing that are needed for checking cheating and dissembling that buy fame and name cost millions of money and rivalry among nations.
        Everything that has a noble and sanguine aim has culminated in earning cheap names and fraudulent moneymaking games in every sphere of life, including religions. I write these things to remind you about the birth pang of finishing of eon in an alarming tone. Horse meat is different from kangaroo meat, so also beef and lamb meat and so on. The natural quality of woman’s body and nature is a duplicate of Nature’s frailties that are meant for childbearing, suckling and caring the young ones is different from man’s strength of masculinity that protects the family and society and the species. The suppleness, intuitive sensitivity and precocious sensibility that are by which she is adorned with shouldn’t be made like horse meat taste, which is rough and tough that serves in the wrong way for the partner and the progeny on the basis of like poles repelling, making family life as a hell on earth. Girls converted as boys by rigorous sports and athletic training right from primary schools are not meant for propagating the human species because femininity is metamorphosised as masculinity. As a result of this modern vituperative game, she is neither good for maternity nor ideal as a complementing partner as her transformation is legalized by secular, religious and social order. God’s holy commands and Nature’s sacred demands are virulently walked over by a hermaphrodite species thus created in this detrimental age of digital technology.
        Will follow in part-22

        E.S.John, Australia

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