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The Creator and the created order- part -18

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  • John
    Part 18 Seeing that the Holy Church is desecrated and destroyed by filths, promiscuities and fads and materialism of all kinds, the women chauvinists of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2013
      Part 18
      Seeing that the Holy Church is desecrated and destroyed by filths, promiscuities and fads and materialism of all kinds, the women chauvinists of the liberation movements ripened it for more plundering by giving the peripheral members of the church with incentives of irreligious menus for its degradation. Their target was first to tarnish the position of the `chief of apostles' who proved beyond doubt that women are intrinsically different from men in playing their role functions that was allotted in Eden. St.PAUL gathered this knowledge from Jesus and fellow apostles and OT prophets and also by his paradise visiting. Jesus could rise against the Jewish authorities for depriving women of equal opportunities, but He neither encouraged His dear and near ones, including the Mother, nor did teach them that they are the shareholders of priesthood and the spiritual authorities and other role play in the parish venue. It is ridiculous to state that Jesus was afraid of changing the status- co by fighting against the system. However, He came down to shed His blood for the strayed human race; therefore, He could add more agenda of His mission. St.Peter also corroborates what St.Paul wanted to covey about the role of women in the church and elsewhere, 1.Pet.3, 1-8.
      As iron filings and magnet can't keep separately, man and woman can't stay or work together in religious places without chemical attraction that defiles the sanctity of the church, because maternity is the byproduct of the gall fruit of Eden, as Adam and Eve were clad with the Heavenly manhood prior to the fall. The marriage makes them as one body, Mt.19, 5-6, which cultivate together for their joint salvation, 1.Pet.3, 1-8' 1.Cr.11, 9-11. If looking with lust, Mt.5, 28, is a sin, genesis of which is from our thought, is a sin, how many of us are absolved from it. The joint salvation triggers them as the angels who are men, Eze.1, regain their Heavenly manhood or sonship, mt.5, 46; Rom.8, 23; 9, 4; Eph, 4, 12; Gal.4, 5-7, once that they lost in Eden.
      St.Paul's recipe is that they should marry and beget children, 1.Tim.5, and 13-15. They should exhibit their exemplary works by giving childbirth and dressing themselves modestly, 1.Tim.2. There is no room for woman to have authority over man, 1.Cor. 11, 9-15; 1.Tim.2, but they are one in Christ, Gal. 3, 27-28; phi.4. 2-4. Older women also should be an example to others, Titus.2. 2-5. Women must learn from their husbands, and their role in the church is to keep silence as the Creed says, 1.Cor.14, 34-36. OT also gave these restrictions on various reasons. Women in the OT period had so many restrictions to follow with regard to worship attendance; Christians also adhered to these restrictions till about 1970s.
      Those who consume excess salt should drink water in excess because of two reasons, firstly a safety valve to escape from ailment or death, secondly to remind them as a penalty; Eve who was the protagonist of the Eden episode should bear in mind of her guilt, which threw Adam also in the dilemma of biting it. These 6, 000 years is only a dot that is like yesterday in the linear Eternity for God. The church Fathers clearly stated in our prayers that the hand that touched the forbidden fruit should have no place in fiddling with the fruit from the Tree of Life. The chief among apostle who did 3 hazardous missionary journeys in propagating the gospel faith that continued till yesterday for 6, 000 years is discarded like a waste at the end of the time by making a carnivorous attack on the church.
      I have written with adequate details about `the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, STANDING in the holy place', MT.24, 15, is nothing other than the female or gay clergy, whereas the anti-christ `takes his SEAT in the temple of God', 2.Thess.2, 3-4. The clergy celebrate the H. Qurbana by standing is certainly pinpointing the female and gay clergy celebrating Holy Mysteries at the end of the time. The Bible is the word of God that depicts the changes of the time that fleets to see its finishing point. I saw a video of Fr.Sulaiman, a convert to Christianity from Islam, Vayanadu, Malabar, Kerala, this month, stating that the book of Q' ran has 25 references of Jesus' salvation mission, while it mentions about prophet Mohammad only 5 times.
      The Roman bishop of the 11th century, bishop Malachi predicts that the present pope is the last pope on the throne of St.Peter.
      The Hindu literature of BC era foretelling that the Saviour takes His birth as PRAJAPATHY and die as MAHABALI and redeem mankind as JANARDANAN. The word meaning of those incarnations speaks in volume, hence no more explanations. The redemption takes place when the worship places will be converted as the place of sacrilege during the time of king or god KALI, whose carnal pleasure is blood sucking or drinking. The humanity that crosses through the bloodbath lately thunders aloud the meaning clearly. The last weapon is `bramastra', the human bombs; the Brahman's creation, man, is used as a weapon. His reigning period is called as Kaliyuga or the age bloodshed.
      In order to convince the computer age the BIBLE CODE BOOK written under the information given by a Jewish mathematician who spread the books of Moses in the computer and was amazed, as all the important world events and scientific inventions and discoveries till the end of the time are recorded meticulously by giving the names and dates.
      Atheists and agnostics are also God's creation. To inform the monstrosities of the last days God had foretold and listed through the 15th century visionary Nostradamus who listed all the future events through the science of astrology or occult Science. See the video or read his book.
      Maya civilization, South America, of antiquity predicted the end of the world as last year December 21st and then changed the date before because of alleged wrong calculations. God informed the dreadful cataclysmic end of this eon through Jesus, prophets, apostles, visionaries and astrologers. If we don't give any heed and live a bestial life at the end of the days, as portrayed in the Book of Revelations, no one can help the thoughtless and bestial generations. Have I wasted my time, energy, health and money unnecessarily by writing books, messages and articles for more than half of my fruitful and productive life for nothing?

      Will continue in part-19

      E.S.John, Australia
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