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The Creator and the created order- part -17

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  • John
    If religion and male chauvinists exploit women, it is also a lamentable chapter of life. The question of equality based on sex has made many ripples in
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      If religion and male chauvinists exploit women, it is also a lamentable chapter of life. The question of equality based on sex has made many ripples in religions lately that created deluge of opinions that made divisions within the denominations and in the global society. Anglo-Catholic denomination is an offshoot of Anglicanism, so also voting rights given to women in Orthodox Church is an overt sign of woman lobbying that tarnished the chaste apostolic faith that we dearly and chastely cherished it 2, 000 years. `Woman is not the undeveloped man, but diverse', Lord Tennyson. The Roman church that liberalized and diluted its faith in the 1970s gave the green signal for precipitating the pedophile activities and sex preying, though it was in embryonic stage before, in a new hybrid world order that subjugated the natural lifestyle.
      The following are the reasons for a crossbred culture that shaped a new world order of anarchy.
      a. Violation of the Eden commandments
      b. Advent of Renniascence that led to colonialism and Industrial Revolution
      c. Revolution by high-tech miracles
      Violation of Eden commandments
      There is a book called `character' by Samuel Smiles, in which he has very well defined the roles of man and woman, though they look like in size and shape, but intrinsically different, designed in executing their complementing sex roles. `Adam wove and Eve span' is a correct explanation in tune with the assignments allotted to them. There is no equality in anything in this plane of evanescent life, only complementing roles to make the imperfect and uncertain and transitory life happy is the duty of everyone. The parents' contributions in their offspring are different and varying. `vithu gunam pathu gunam and pathra gunam pathinettu gunam' or the quality of the seed is 10 times and the fertility of the soil is 18 times. Nobody other than God has the grasp of these mixing ratios that go in tune with the time and the pair's mental aspirations at the time of the union. The procreators' mental states that transmit the genetic traits at the time of the mixing give an opportunity for the Lawgiver to bestow His grace upon it. Man's contributory role is minimal and only for a limited time fraction, the rest of the work rests upon the mother to develop it as a high quality product during the time of pre-natal and post-natal periods by the support of her spouse. Breastfeeding to the child is a golden opportunity to transmit all her anxieties, worries, hatred, love, etc to it.
      All her thoughts, words and actions bear an imprint on the embryo, proving the dictum `like mother, like daughter', you are the daughter of your mother, who loathed her husband and her children; and you are the sister of your sisters, who loathed their husband and children'. Your mother was a Hittite and your father an Amorite'Eze. 16, 44-45. Thus a mother is the moulder of man in all respects, despite the father's genetic role and careful support and her good thinking and actions may imprint upon the character of the child. An Amorite Father marrying a Hittite wife, inter-denominational and multi-faith mixing, is the main catalyst for cutting the taproot of the chaste and apostolic faith of the latest Iron Age symptom by the chemical attraction of the couple.
      In line with Vedic thoughts, a child is to be treated as a prince till it reach the age of 5, as a servant with rigorous training for its character and physical formation with implicit obedience from the age of 6to 16, and thereafter as a friend. Caning, if needed, is a good medicine according to some Australian studies lately, because it emits certain creative energy that bind the love relationship stronger in the ensuing years. In order to develop its affinity towards the near and dear ones it is to be taught with religious, philosophical and moral code of ethics, so as to rechannel the lust of the flesh and in other areas of art, music and martial arts that will make him fit to come to fruition in the marital life with richly promises. In order to achieve his destiny in a better way one has to be a Brahmachari, celibate/spinster, till the marital life. The word `Brahmachari' may mean to be a co-traveler with Brahman, God. The quality life during adolescent, kaumaram, may be the herald of a ripe and fruitful married life, Danpathyam, which exit into `Vanaprastham', a complete religious life for the preparation for the Heavenly abode.
      Instead of strictly practicing celibacy during the onset of puberty that lead to teenage, if fiddle with dating, the latent power in man goes downward and `kundalene' strength that invoke the inner eye at the forehead by which man conquers the inner powers goes in the wrong direction of self-destruction. Spiritual and moral sensibilities develop by sex restraint is the lesson that is learnt by the fruit of the forbidden tree. Eating forbidden fruit before marriage is a moral crime. There is an inherent science of inner development that controls the body, Nature and invincible planes. God is not inventing laws and rules for each minutest thing for each minute. He made and inscribed these in Nature and within us by which we are moulded. He doesn't interfere in anything, but these laws are automatically linked and electrified simultaneously and instantly for each occasion, ps.148, 4-7. There are intermediaries who play in the implementation of Divine justice, for example, saints and angels of different legions as role players for God.
      While man is a product of the ground, Eve is a product of the rib from Adam, thus there are differences in the intricacies of their inner infrastructure, so as to play a similar and different Nature's role. By the time a boy reaches the age of 16 he is physically mature. A woman becomes physically mature only by the time she gives birth 3 children by her mammary glands and other organs development. `3 pettale muzhu madavu'-only after 3 deliveries a cow becomes physically mature to maximize its milk production. `Kala, latha and vanitha- art, tendrils and women- need support for their development, 1.Pet.3, 1-8. A girl craves for signs of maturity before a boy of her age, because of the reason for her self-development. Before a tree shedding its leaves for new leaves the tendril that is of the same age of the tree, flowers.
      The people claiming of the equality and gender balance that demand the equality in all walks of life jumped into unnecessary troubles that can only expedite the coming of the Lord. `She ate the fruit and the earth felt the wound', John Milton, hence she also has a primary responsibility in caring the family. Despite it is difficulty for a one income family to find both ends meet a deluxe life of the super-tech life, it has proven to be a death knell that woman walking out of the home for a kaleidoscopic dream of the equality of sex that impacting upon detrimentally an ideal family and social life in the global arena.

      Will continue in part –18

      E.S.John, Australia
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