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The Creator and the created order- part 13

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  • John
    Part –13 The medical science and other super-tech contributions are priceless blessings that replace organs or make repair of numberless crippled people who
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2013
      Part –13

      The medical science and other super-tech contributions are priceless blessings that replace organs or make repair of numberless crippled people who otherwise would have died after long and agonizing sufferings caused by automobile or sports mishaps or any other accidents. We are endowed with an angelic life of mobility and transportation. I was not at all blaming the contributions made by this high –tech living style, but living a life of profligacy by condoning the love of our creator is a butchery betrayal. The higher we climb into the outer space or dive down to the depth of the oceans and knowing minutest details of our physical existence, the more we are shut out of our inner exploration. As a result, we are overruled by ignorance of self-development of our inner instincts that forces us as the factory products of devil's manufacturing industries. Blood transfusion, invitro fertilization, stem cell research, cloning, cosmetic surgery or any other innovations and treatments are left to the individual, but my concern of playing a role a super God and denying or ignoring the existence of the Almighty God by having the abundance of holy and almighty dollar which allow us living a life of self indulgence of wickedness and indolence. We are blessed with a pre-cosmic deluxe life on this earth as a training ground for the next, so as to understand a similar afterlife in an identical magnitude.

      After writing so much I happened to read an e-mail article written by the former U.S. President, Mr.Jimmy Carter, confessing that he has abandoned the church and Christian life, including being a religious minister for some years, because of the discrimination shown to women in all active social and religious and secular life. It is a blame that the Creator has been hurled upon. I was really pondering to deal with this topic of sexism and feminism in part-11, but didn't venture, as the sites don't show interest in posting this touchy subject. As a result, some of my messages have not been posted previously. Seeing that atheism or agnostics as becoming as a very influential religion in the global materialistic countries, perhaps in all Western Christian countries, I started writing the topic `The creator and the created order'. The former Australian prime minister, a converted agnostic, cannot reconcile with God's justice system because the innocent are suffering.

      I posted an article in this site, Do the innocent suffer, as a Christmas message, in which I have stated emphatically that His throne and His justice system is blemishless and justifiable. After aborting two embryos the third one and the rest are nurtured and cared very dearly, but the little ones ended up in a school-shooting tragedy. Then you blamed God for His cruelty as He is the carer for 24 hours a day. But when you cruelly killed the first two children, did you get permission from God in your inhuman murder. God is capable of bringing such genetically contrived children together in one place and at the same time to get the harvest of the parents' contrived plans. Mind you, blaming God brings a traitor's destiny. Many people came to the conclusion that the Connecticut school tragedy is God's making. The innocent suffer for God, like that of the death of Abel, St.Stephen and the like. Even John the Baptist who doubted Jesus' identity later is seemingly not free from guilt, when he was imprisoned. Yet he is the greatest who is born of woman.

      Mining wealth and fossil plundering from wealth from the periphery of hell closed our spiritual or inner eyes, which forced open our sensual eyes that helped to bloom a life of narcissism and anarchy in the world. Despite everyone knows that climate change is a by product of petrol consumption, no one wants to accept that it is the herald of the satanic empire that rule this world for 7 years before the coming of the Lord. If one doesn't believe in God and Heaven and hell, how can we make believe this insane mob that is destined to be perished in the concrete debris of our own making. When the cosmetic theologians have produced 38, 000 church denominations or cults by the individual misinterpretations of the bible, which is bereft of scientific details
      , where else can we hide our faces. As no science has explained in the bible, how the modern weird and lunatic genii can be made understood of the life of Eternity.
      Sexism and feminism has no role at all in our social and secular and religious life. If there is no feminism or sexism in the facets of our life, still this mundane life, a part of Nature will be difficult and cumbersome in our fallen state. When the former Australian Prime Minister Mr.Malcolm Fraser quoted that `life is not meant to be easy', a part from a poetry, it was a political and household joke in that decade. It is a curse that man has changed the natural role of man and woman that God has assigned to in the Eden garden, despite his body biology and chemistry not changed to a level of man conceiving and caring his progeny.
      Freedom or liberty is a philosophical subject that is meant to be ruminated without making any pragmatic result.
      Man has no freedom, but only needs. In a Godless society, these needs are bargained and getting fulfilled by exploitation by cutthroat business and attitude of grumbling and complaining. When we don't have fear of God, we fiddle with these abstract words of freedom, love and harmony and reach only at the opposite life of a culture of hate and apathy. This is the beauty of the belief in God who sustain and care every moment of life. Every living thing on earth craves to lay its support of somebody's lap, or otherwise what is God is for. This is why a god-fearing man derives happiness that electrifies us together by an ethical code. A Godless man becomes a parasite as he lives in his own fool's paradise by cultivating all inner and social vices, thereby having no inner peace and attributing the cause for the same on others. All these organized chaos of the world stem from the imperial churches, the rightists and leftists, a product of Chalcedon Synod that divided the Triune God who allegedly didn't take part in the Passions of Christ on the cross. When we try to divide the Holy Trinity, we divided ourselves as 38, 000 fragments. The orthodox church, bride, the only church that glorify the inseparable Trinitarian God in truth and spirit and purity, the reason for other churches stealing our flock from the 6th century onwards. This is the reason that these Western churches went around the world and amassed material wealth that suffocated the believers who are ultimately becoming the diet of infernal roaring lions. It is the heyday of Muslims and Buddhists. Today's hybrid human race live in a crossbreed culture of abysmal darkness, what good can come out of this crossbreed human race, a bionic human being that has no soul except having a bionic mechanism. It is alien in nature that has the spirit of outer aerial realm.

      If senile pundits like Mr. Jimmy carter is trying to escape from the sinking ship, I would try to explain the sickness of this age that is going to take us down to the infernal darkness. As it advance to the end of the days, how can you reconcile, when the two thirds of the population is wiped out, Zech.13,8; Rev.11.13-21, what our disenchanted apparent christian brothers can grumble against God.
      Will continue in part 14.

      E.S.John, Australia
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