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Malankara World Journal - Good Friday and Holy Saturday - Issue 134

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  • Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal - Good Friday and Holy Saturday - Issue 134 (Mar 27, 2013) is available online at:
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      The Malankara World Journal - Good Friday and Holy Saturday - Issue 134 (Mar 27, 2013) is available online at:


      TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue No: 134
      Passion Week Special- 4
      Good Friday and Gospel Saturday

      1. Foreword

      2. Bible Readings for Good Friday (Mar 28)

      3. Sermons for Good Friday (Mar 28)


      4. Bible Readings for Gospel Saturday (Mar 29)

      5. Sermons for Gospel Saturday (Mar 29)


      6. Malankara World Passion Week Supplement and Daily Reflections

      Malankara World has a supplement that provides detailed information about Passion Week including articles, prayers, sermons, etc. You will find it here:

      Passion Week Supplement in Malankara World

      Malankara World has developed a daily plan of bible readings, meditations, reflections, and prayers for Passion Week. You will find it here:

      Today in Passion Week

      7. The Greatest Act of Love

      The crucifixion was the only way to rescue lost humanity. If there had been any other way, the cross would have been a grotesque display of divine cruelty. But because so much was at stake, it can truly be called the greatest act of love by both the Father and the Son. ...

      8. Jesus' Last Words

      Every year on Good Friday, Christians take some time to meditate on the depth of Jesus' sacrifice for us in suffering a humiliating, bloody death by crucifixion. It's a time to dwell on what Jesus suffered for us, in all its pain and intensity, without rushing straight ahead to the good news of Easter, resurrection, and new life.  ...

      9. Forgiven and Forgiving

      Jesus practiced forgiveness. He paid the price for our forgiveness, and He inspires and empowers us to forgive. He can help us! ...Forgiveness of our sins came at a great cost. Jesus suffered and died and shed His blood on the cross.. to pay the price for our forgiveness. ...

      10. What's So Good about Good Friday?

      Why do we call Good Friday "good," when it is such a dark and bleak event commemorating a day of suffering and death for Jesus? ...

      11. Stabat Mater - St. Mary at the Cross

      Stabat Mater is the title of a thirteenth-century Latin hymn and it means "the Mother was standing." In Latin, the hymn consists of twenty couplets which describe the Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin at the Cross. ...

      12. The Art of Dying Well, with Jesus

      The headings of the Grief cycle still offer useful lenses through which to observe some of the archetypal activities and personalities playing out during Holy week...An article in the Christianity Today Library merges the themes of Ars Moriendi with the Seven words of Jesus from the Cross and this might just become my outline for the Three Hour Vigil on Good Friday. ..

      13. Love is Stronger Than Death - Good Friday Meditation

      Love is stronger than death. That is why this Friday is so good. Love Incarnate died for each one of us and transformed the door of death into the portal of everlasting life and communion. ..

      14. A Prayer for the Enemy

      So Jesus was essentially saying, "Father, forgive them. They don't realize how bad this is. Forgive them, because they need forgiveness so desperately. Forgive them, for they have committed a sin that is beyond all comprehension. Forgive them, for they have done something that is beyond bad. Father, forgive them." ...

      15. As It Was in the Beginning - The Cross

      We cannot relegate the Cross to history, as an event, a bit of Christian doctrine. It is an abiding judgment-seat; the Lamb is on the throne now, and will be the final verdict of judgment. The last view is of "The Lamb in the midst of the throne", and the whole scene will be one of God's mighty and eternal "Yes!", when everything of the "No!" of God will have been actually removed.

      16. The Passion Week and Holy Saturday

      The Passion Week has a special position in the liturgical life of the Church. The whole week is a complete unity during which we follow the procession of our Lord's passions. His crucifixion, His burial, then His resurrection. ...

      17. About Malankara World


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