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The Creator and the created order parts 8-10

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  • John
    Part 8 Healing by the religious ministers and body mentors, medical professionals, seems to be gone out of the track as a result of spiritual poverty in all
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      Part 8
      Healing by the religious ministers and body mentors, medical professionals, seems to be gone out of the track as a result of spiritual poverty in all our daily transactions and superficialities. In a trend of new political landscape vote catching and power-mongering has become the goal of our life. God gave full freedom to man to make his own destiny. The freedom of choice that is the lifeblood of political preaching is a noble idea, but when it comes as crocodile tears it touches upon or soul and body together. But man-made freedom of rules and laws are meant to be violated even by the lawmakers. The same law once given can be interpreted in a different way, as there are different sides of one opinion or idea. For example, when one church takes centralised decisions, in other church take a de-centralised body takes its decisions, thus there arises differences in operations, which creates disparity and loopholes for any laws. These loopholes in the laws and decentralisation and individual interpretations are the nurseries of faith bashing, where the craving for recognition and popularity come in. Some smart committee members introduced birthday for collecting money for that committee which became an incentive for other parishes to follow. This small ripple made a big storm all throughout the church; thereby birthday becoming a ritual everywhere, so also the choir and equality of sex roles in church.
      In a society of political manicuring and atheistic domination, religious faith and influence diminish. As particular clerics feel that their popularity is threatened, they take other means of survival techniques. Ecumenism is a product of such kin-saving exercise of plundering popularity. When there appear challenges to their domination, multi-faith agenda was the next cauldron to jump into. Consequently nobody care for the faith or the sanctity of the church. Popularity that fetches money is the game of the day. In order to get distinction from one another the trademark brand of sartorial importance was attached to it. The colour red is the sign of kingly positions, not for spirituality, for the prelates. The white brotherhood of spinning and weaving of white garment is the sign of spirituality. While Saffron colour for the Hindu sanyasins, the Ezava sect chose the yellow as their trademark. Green is the noted colour of the Muslims. Fanaticism and religious fundamentalism apparently is the religion that they embrace and try to grab others by entering through the backdoor. Ecumenism and muli-faith agenda that encouraged by the politicians for socialisation and peace making in the community become the diet of the religious hierarchy and lay spiritual charlatans. When affection and love is disappeared, artificial love is injected into the wounds from where the demand for mercy is emitting. Politicians make use of religions as their pets and sedate them for their advantage by shedding crocodile tears, so also religion take the same recipe to fish in trebled waters. God created people to worship Him in true faith, but the shrewd minority cut them into segments and sects, thereby ruling over them has become a passion at their own whims and fancies.
      This is the case with science and medical area that I knowingly omitted in the previous part 7. Research in any branch of science is for getting a degree and earns cheap popularity and high positions. It is a proven fact that C.T. scanning has 140 times more radiation effects than X-rays. Taking x-Rays and other testings has manifold harmful effects on the embryo. Why do then doctors and radiologists waste Government money for manufacturing malfunctions in the body? Knowing sex of the embryo in advance is a big business because they can torpedo it if it is a girl. Most of the congenital problems are associated with such dangerous tests done in pregnancy and infancy by forgetting that human body is a delicate system by recycling 3 or 4 litres of blood that we receive at the time of birth. Then they inject the innocent young ones after their birth for getting immunity from diseases. Instead of all such machines that radiate magnetic waves to curtail they make advanced machines and give them to the ignorant mass and spent a fraction of money for research and some for charity. They make new medicines to cure the new diseases they manufacture. This is a vicious circle that has no check and balance. Nobody can touch these medical Associations and unions because their power is limitless as if they were gods. Medical specialists, pathologists, radiologists and medicine manufacturers work in collusion and their fortress is of iron make. Health insurance is their strongholds that look after them financially. They prowl upon you if you question their weaknesses because we depend on them, as they are our seen gods. Then the politicians make destructive weapons of mass destruction and some medicines for the survivors at costly prices. I think that God takes a hiding shelter from these politicians, religious stalwarts and Darwinian elites, medical and science veterans, because they are in collaboration with to drive Him away from this planet, Lk.19, 14.
      But a slow-to-anger God who loves His creations gives those other avenues to care His betrayed creations. Yogic therapy that has been used in natural life once is recycled by high –tech formula is a great blessing for the present godly and ungodly people of this stray life.
      I may discuss this subject in part 9.
      E.S.John, Australia
      Part 9
      Dear all,
      I will discuss the yogic therapy only after discussing some other vital points. Despite my main thrust is about God and His creations and his involvement in natural and social environments, I am not sidetracking the issue. Man, only a moving shadow on this plane, doesn't want to acknowledge that we are propelled by His power and using all His treasure house of Nature and its visible and invincible architecture. Today's thankless man doesn't dare to utter the name of God in public because he may become a butt of a joke that makes him an outcast. We do hear always the words Jesus and `bloody' that means in the name Virgin Mary', as swearing /cursing words every moment out of exasperation or as jokes and humour. Films are made in Christian countries that delineate Christ having amorous life with Mary Magdalene and other unutterable obscenities. That is our ridiculous role of portraying the Son of Man for a perverted world. Knowing the human nature well, God wanted to lead His people by His chosen Judges, but the Israelites want a king like those of their gentile neighbours. The democratic rule of today, however, resulted in making us as looters of the concept of the word that portrayed our Creator God as an `alien'.
      The jurisprudence so far prevailed has the touch of the laws given by Moses, which was dictated by God. Everything that we enjoy now is the one that was provided by the Almighty, but overturned by the almighty dollar lately, one of the powerful weapons of the demons. In the Parliamentary system of Government, the laws are written and approved by the Parliament and implemented and executed and tested by the Judiciary and the executives. Freedom of expression and freedom of choice that is built on the principle of the equality of sex by the West Minister System runs the democratic nations. The laws that have loopholes and misinterpretations cannot run a mobocracy without the fear of God and ethics. Fear of God and His ethical laws govern the rule of law. The society cannot be controlled by the fear of rules and rod; it must come from within of man, not from without. Moral conscience that is a part of the fear of God can run a home, society and nations peacefully. As the fear of the Lord evaporated from His creations, every loophole is plundered to exploit a life of the flesh. Let us look at the financial corruptions.
      Yesterday I heard in the news that a financial Manager of a company of 4 years embezzled 17 million dollars for feeding his drugs and gambling and princely life habits. How many such reported and unreported cases are happening in our daily life. In some countries the parliamentarians, the judicial authorities and police have connections to the underworld mafia organizations that pervert the course justice that even topple down the governments. The national and international politics of `treachery and lechery in the higher places', in the words of Shakespeare, for espionage and spying sabotage is a vast topic, which require millions of pages to write. Political and religious terrorisms that make bloodbath have become daily routine in our global society. Apart from the two world wars, though the longevity of life was high as today due to starvation, we had a more peaceful life in the bygone days.
      Today's religion of sex, legalised all that is abominable in the sight of God, is the main concern because the genital organs are the writers of the history of genetics of individuals and family yet to come. Dating and de facto relationship, the mother of all the vices, that made tornados and avalanches in our social and spiritual life have no horizons and bounds.
      Same-sex marriage is legalised in the modern home, England, of Christianity, the last straw which make the camel's back because of the irreparable, irrevocable and irremediable damage that it made; culture of politics, such are the people sitting at the helm of affairs. Almost all other Christian nations legalised this sulphur of the demon or on the verge of doing it. The church has become the place such street hooliganism is approved and made it authentic. In my despairing moments I once heard a voice,' you are the prophet of Australia' has any credible results. Atheists, agnostics and community as a whole legalised all sins that are leading to this pernicious sin that halt the propagation of the race. The church that is the custodian of the God-given commandments have any future roles other than being swallowed by the `god beloved by women', Dan.11, 37.
      Yet look at the vast ocean of the creator's boundless patience. He still looks at the ungodly generations with tolerance and kindness whether it will bear some fruits that may repair the damage.
      Will continue in part 10
      E.S.John, Australia
      Part 10
      I can imagine that there are bunch of people of many types which hailing from different walks of life, such as the scientists of eminence, reputed medical professionals and psychiatrists, feminists, female clerics, religious fanatics, and their hierarchs, church denominations, pornographic underground world of mafia connections, atheists and agnostic stalwarts, high sports acrobatics and gambling veterans and so on, cherish an antagonistic attitude because I have written against them. But I don't dislike anyone, reason for wasting my health and continue writing, but love them because `they do not know what they are doing'. The scientific truths are proven with various mathematical formulae and accuracy, but they don't know what is behind and why they are doing these most adventurous and self-destructive games. Though these genetic elites have made great contributions for the advancement human civilizations to its acme, yet do they comprehend the depth of darkness and light of the microcosm that align and ally with the everlasting darkness and light of the macrocosm?
      Prophet Daniel asked the angel, `How long shall it be the end of these wonders'. The reply came soon,' …it would for a time, two times, and half a time, Dan.12, 7. If `it would for a time, say Christ era or church era is 2, 000 years, the two times of that is 4,000, the BC era, and a half of 2, 000 is 1, 000. Adding them together is, 2,000 plus 4, 000 plus 1, 000= 7, 000 years or 6 days of creation and the 7th day of rest for the Creator and the chosen created ones is for 1, 000 years. Interrogating angel Michael, Daniel got the answer, `Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase', 12, 4. Many went to and fro around the world during the colonial years for plundering wealth, but its culmination came by the 2 world wars that uprooted the majority population of the global village and is in full swing now by people trotting around the world for fun and studying the world culture. As a result of high-tech wonders that changed the world altogether, knowledge of the secrets of Nature and its sciences has come to an optimum level by driving away God from His abode and habitat. Thus the changes in history of man and his way of life took place by the spirit of the age, because there is a particular spirit or `seal' for each age, Rev.6. Therefore, changes that eventuated over the years are by the spirits of that age, which followed one after the other in sequence. I have explained these in detail in my books.
      The Iron Age, in the light of the statue the Babylonian king saw in his dream, which Daniel interpreted, that we are living in now that doesn't have the quality of the bygone ages of gold and silver. The spirit of this age, high- tech age, has the thrust of iron and flavour in all walks of our life.
      Though I wrote in forceful language, I don't hate anyone who do wrong things but have the sympathy and remorse because they do not know what they are doing under the influence of the spirit of the age. It is not the super intelligence of the people at work, but the spirit of the age that reveals the inner secrets through the people who are remote-controlled by the demons. There is another aim for God that in next life, life in Heaven, to make them realize that people communicate and travel like that we do now with the help of technology. Satan also makes use of these inventions that converted the global village that is resembling of a new heaven and earth of Satan in this planet that thwart the aim of God's new Heaven and earth in the Divine plane. These demons that are on 24 hours duty instil the enmity towards God who give the freedom of choice to His crown creation, man, that only walk in two foots like the angels. Walking on two feet by man, His crown creation, man, shows that he is a special creation that apart from animals, paragon of animals, that has the freedom of choice. Here the missing link between chimpanzee and man is the Holy Spirit who indwells in him and gives man the ability and freedom in doing all acrobatics by walking on two feet. Thus it is the devil that works behind all the brutal things and the inventions of equipments and the weapons of destruction man, because the two-footed used to live a high quality life in the past by the promptings of the Spirit of Lord. The devil that fight against God can work only through man, the image of God, as there is no God particle in animals or in anything in Nature that can rebel or go against the Creator.
      Since the time of the Renaissance that infused a different spirit in man, began to discover and invent for material wealth, which is only helpful man in his everyday life, if treated as a servant. The age of colonialism that triggered the desire of the amassment of wealth, which started the age of Industrialisation that offered the age of Darwinism, which challenged God as the creator of man. Such materialism and inventions that fought the first world war, by dawning the cradle of the iron Empire, the Soviet Marxism, paved the dawn of the Iron Age that will uproot the church from this earth. Just as the Jews crucified Jesus, it is the Christian nations of the world that devastate the church through their profligacy of various types.
      Christ's era is about to finish. It needn't be exact 2, 000 years, solar or lunar. The ominous signs have been already on the horizon, as foretold by prophets and Jesus. For more details in my books. I find it hard to wind up this topic. This Lenten season is for the participation in the passions of the Lord that should kindle the catastrophic events of His coming at any season or day.
      Will continue in part 11.
      E.S.John, Australia
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