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Cleansing the Temple of God

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  • John
    Palms Sunday The miracle of Lazarus s death and raising up, a reminiscent of Adam s death and reinstatement into Paradise, followed by Jesus glorious entry
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      Palms Sunday
      The miracle of Lazarus's death and raising up, a reminiscent of Adam's death and reinstatement into Paradise, followed by Jesus' glorious entry into Jerusalem on the next day, is the testament of the redemption of mankind. A donkey that carries the burdens of others is a reminder that Jesus took Adam's burdens to Golgotha, the place of skull, where the body of the first parents or skull is resting, so that the blemishless blood of the Lord oozed into Adam's mouth for bringing salvation by His blood. The miracle of sitting on the ass and the colt at the same by the Lord brought instantaneous astonishment to many. The bitter wine that Jesus sipped on Calvary is apparently pumped out the gall of the forbidden fruit from mankind. His glorious entry for the cleansing the House of the Lord by toppling down the tables and driving out the merchants who converted it as a market place needed whipping and driving out the many that were selling animals and birds for the Temple sacrifice, saying that `My House is a House of prayer and you made it as a den of robbers'. Selling the animals and birds were a solemn religious duty, but it became a commercial enterprise by the authorities, Mt.21.
      We know the significance of the first miracle in Cana, the wedding feast reminding the wedding at the bridal chamber, Mt.25. Soon after His first miracle He went into the Temple and cleansed it in the same manner by whipping them out. Jn.2, meaning that He cleansed it before the public ministry that brought the tearing the Temple veil by His sacrifice, so as to uniting Heaven and earth. As they heckled him, He asked them to destroy this Temple and He would build it in 3 days, though they claimed that it had taken 46 years to build it. This 3 has the significance of 3 years for His death from then on and altogether 3 epochs or ages to build the Heavenly Jerusalem. This is a reminder to us that mystical mysteries are unfathomable, while it is shallow to the literal or literary interpretations. This 3 –day for building is used as a main testament of witness for His death sentence. After cleansing the temple He went to Bethany for His overnight stay with His disciples. As He felt hungry while coming back next day, He cursed the fig tree, allegedly the curse aiming at the Jews who converted the Temple as a `den of robbers'. Fig seemingly represents the Jews, Mk.13, 28, by flowering of an Israelite nation in 1948. The inner cleansing of each individual of the family temple is imperative to make the public Temple Holy where the families congregate for worship.
      But the election and other related paraphernalia of pagan and political culture has lately converted the Temple of as a place of robbers by desecrating the virgin faith. There is no role model now to use the whip for its cleansing. Though I write about this carnage, don't think that I am not a part of this organized pandemonium in the Lord's House, 1.Cor.11, 19.
      This is a lesson for us also to learn. Our body is a temple of God, 1.Cor.3. Our duty to cleanse it at the start of the Lenten period that makes us cleaner by the time the great Lent is over. Just like Jesus cleansed the Jerusalem Temple at the time of the beginning His public ministry after changing water into wine and raising Lazarus from death, ensued by the palms Sunday glorious entry into the Temple, we also must yearn to purify our body at the time of the beginning of our Lent and attain the salvation level by repentance and contrition of heart by the finish of it by participating through the passions of the Lord.

      E.S.John, Australia
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