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Should women be silent in the church

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  • ES John
    Dear All,   This is the topic where I started writing articles and books long time back. I didn t dream of writing articles, books, other than assignments in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2013
      Dear All,

        This is the topic where I started writing articles and books long time back. I didn't dream of writing articles, books, other than assignments in the university courses. I am not a genetic elite or genius who dealt with high research and scholastic studies. I am an ordinary man with no scholasticism and erudition. But when the question of female ordination haunted some churches, one Malayalee catholic priest who was with the Vatican paid a casual visit to my house, and he whole-heartedly hailed the female ordination as a new era that his church should also open for it. But his confession dawned a new era in my life. Then I wrote a short article in English that our Malayalam periodical failed to entertain it by saying that time is not ripe to publish it. This prompted to write my first English book with my biblical knowledge and without any experience in this field.

      I agree with this message totally. When we have allowed women to have voting rights and equality in the decision-making committees, it is ludicrous, illogical and hypocritical to read such epistles in our worship. But the question comes about the prologue song, `PAUL THE BLESSED….- Poulose sleeha danyan…' that make the affirmation that anyone even an angel from Heaven, other than he or fellow apostles taught, he will be an accursed one of the church, Gal.1, 7-10. He gave the ideal role of women on many occasions, particularly in 1.Tim 2.4-15. He is the only apostle who was taken to Paradise and learnt the realities of Divine planes, 2.Cor, 12, other than st. John taken to the celestial planes when he was in solitary confinement in Patmos island. Read his 13 epistles and be aware of how much sufferings that he had undertaken to preach about his Lord who appeared to him to convert him and many times there after while he was perpetually engaged in mankind 3 missionary journeys by land and water in utter hazardous situations. For the last 2, 000 years he was the greatest among the apostles, co-equal with st.Peter, 4th thubden. He is the apostle of the gentiles.

      Alas!! After 2,000 years he became the male chauvinist of the Women's Liberation Movement lobby. St.Thomas, who put his hand in Jesus' wound, taught the theology of `my lord and my God' and completed the 3 perilous journeys by land and ocean similarly lost his white garment of apostleship by our own brethren. Forget all these sufferings. Vattasseril thirumeni who went through sufferings of such magnitude kept this lamp of sufferings and carried the yoke of Antiochian curse in order to keep this chaste faith. If thirumeni was not there this Malankara Dove would have uprooted and caged in beyond the Arabian Sea. It is the blasphemy if we change this apostolic faith.

      I sobbed wept loudly on Saturday morning AND ALSO WHILE WRITING by the sorry plight of the last global church, the church in Laodecea, Rev.3, 14-22, that is going to be the sumptuous diet of the emerging Beast, the king of the GREAT BABYLON, REV.17,5, by caricaturing the greatest apostles who, I repeat, took most 3 risky missions, st.Thomas in Asia and St.paul in southern  Europe and part of Asia under difficult geographical and and rival social conditions, each, and the Iron Age dumped them in the materialistic drains. The mixture of iron, monstrosity of the global ruler, and clay, the church, depicted in the statue of Daniel's dream, portrays this last age, the Iron Age. The epistle to Laodeceans, likely addressed to the last-day symptoms of individual and church decay, that was written by st; Paul didn't last the test the tides of time, because the Lord seemingly might have thought that the believers should understand with minimum warnings for His coming. The god beloved by women, Dan.11, 37, is seemingly the false prophet, women's false church, the 3rd person in the Devil's, trinity, Rev.16, 13. It certainly is the sign of apostasy that propagate the hiccup of the Lord's coming. Our church that gave in to the women's lobby is a betrayal of the Lord and the Orthodox faith.Lk.18, 8.

      However, going back is out of question. There is leverage for us. Jesus knew well in advance this predicament. He said beforehand that both wise and foolish virgins would force into slumber by the long wait of the Lord after a long journey, Mt.25. But as the wise had both the lamp and oil with them, they could go into the bridal chamber, unlike the foolish ones who had no oil, faith but only the lamp, the church. I wrote this one in haste by burying half of the body, except the head, in a corner, otherwise I could write more.

      E.S.John, Australia
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