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The new or the last pope of Rome

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  • John
    The new or the last pope of Rome Dear believers, I wrote in this site last month, just before the hasty decision of resigning the previous pope, that he would
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2013
      The new or the last pope of Rome
      Dear believers,
      I wrote in this site last month, just before the hasty decision of resigning the previous pope, that he would be one but the last pope, in accordance with Bishop Malachi's list of the Roman popes. His vision is that the last pope's name is Peter the great. But the name of the new pope is Gorge, not Peter. Hence people began to ask me that `your message is not correct, nor is your interpretation of the scriptures that the end of the world is near'. I couldn't give a solid answer then. I am not a prophet, nor is the messenger of any prophet. But I have heard a voice in my agonizing moment some years back, `you are the prophet of Australia; I don't know any relevance to this oracle because it can come either from an angel of light or an angel of darkness.
      `John the Baptist is Elijah who has to come', Mt.11, 15; Mal.4, 5; and not in the name of Elijah, but in his spirit. `John will go before HIM in the spirit and power of Elijah', Lk.1, 17. This pope got the message 3 times from the cross while praying in his church in Argentina, `Rebuild my church'. He got the key to St.Peter's global Church of Rome to rebuild the dilapidated conditions of the church that is rotten by the ignominious scandals of various types, including the sex immorality. He may do many administrative changes and many conventional practices, particularly the cessation of celibacy that brought discredit and disrepute to the church and draining away money for paying billions in compensations. St.Peter's spirit of apostolic time came upon him, the reason for him to take a humble start of simple and monastic life from his early days. He abstained from the protocols of pomp and splendor attributed to Roman papacy and pontificate. But he won't sacrifice or desecrate the faith and doctrines of previous popes, but throw away the unnecessary appendages attached with it. He thus is not the greatest or greater Peter, ONLY THE PETER THE GREAT.
      I haven't visited Bishop Malachi site this time, when possible I may further try to plunder the depth of the vision in this regard.
      God has so many computations and permutations and probabilities. If people begin to foretell everything from an atom of truth, He takes any probable solutions. After the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and many other world leaders and many world events, they found the assassin's name date of assassination by decoding the Bible code. They also pointed out the assassination of the present Prime Minister Nathan yahoo at the age of 50, and they informed of him of this. But it didn't take place though he is possibly over 57 now. I was of the opinion by calculating the biblical time that the end of the world might take place in or around 2007, but it didn't happen. But its signs started blooming since 9/11. We cannot constrain God in our orbits. God works through His chosen and pre-ordained Elects of the Spirit.

      E.S.John, Australia
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