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The Creator and the created order-part 6

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  • John
    Part 6 If God is all in all, my aim is to highlight the futility of modern psychiatrists, scientists and medical professionals that try to establish because
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      Part 6
      If God is all in all, my aim is to highlight the futility of modern psychiatrists, scientists and medical professionals that try to establish because that since before the concoction of Darwin theory in the 19th century religion and biblical teachings proved that the celestial powers used to mingle with man as if they were brethren of the same God the Father. To prove these facts, I have to depend on my own experiences that are rooted in metaphysical associations that are narrated in the bible. Just like there is a hidden war between God and Satan, they use the metaphysical media and temporal sources to dominate their roles. The materialism that produced atheists, agnostics and modern theologians in line with Darwin's theory, is a painful dynamite to the orthodox churches, because very many of scientists, doctors, educators of our church are adamant that creation saga and our first parents are only symbols, not real human beings, while the genealogy of Christ proves undoubtedly that Adam was the first human being moulded by the hand of God.
      Even Darwin was a firm believer in God, whilst the followers of Darwinism are thoughtless genetic genii in disguise, a great contradiction of money that recruited a Devil's army. I was silent so far due to my humility that I didn't want to put in black and white my own personal experiences, though some of them appeared in my books, for your edification that should make you believe that Heaven is a real existence, not a state of mind, as the wrong translation, `Heaven is within you instead of Heaven is in the midst of you'. As Jesus the Heaven was with them at the point of that particular time, Lk, 17, 11, Heaven was in the midst of them. Our church should sacrifice all our temporal wealth and luxurious lifestyle and affiliations in order to bring back the lost sheep that are sedated by Darwin's chimpanzee culture and the cosmetic new heaven and earth, high-tech luxurious life, otherwise they are the prey of materialism and heretical and pagan lifestyle, good only for the land of silence.
      While my leg and hand was in plaster for long 3 months in 1993 due to an accident, I was in agonising pain and frustration, I saw prophet Elijah up in the heights and I dipped my feet in the waters there. O what a feeling of ecstasy that brought peace and tranquillity, which I find it hard to translate in words. It lasted only for a moment, alas!!
      Seeing imageries in our meditative prayer is the pioneering steps of transcendental journey. When I published my first book in English, many people encouraged me to write in Malayam, particularly my friend Samuel Chandanappally. While brooding over this, I saw Mammem Mappila, once chief editor of Malayala Manorama and the pivotal personality of supporting the church through its turbulent days of court cases and factional rivalry by his Daily and financial help, the man who raised I lakh rupees overnight for the Devalokham Catholicate centre, standing in front of me in the air in his white dress. He was removed from his Head Master position for the sake of grooming Dn. Ghevarghese, the first M.A. degree holder who defected as the founder of the Malankara Reeth- later mar Iuvanios- as the successor of Vattasseril thirumeni. Though he lost his teaching job, he stood firm to support whole-heartedly to the M.Metropolitan. Read `Malankara Nasranikal, 10 volumes, by Z.M.Parettu. Unwritten history is more reliable than the written one because all that had happened behind the scene don't come to light due to its vulnerability.
      The interpretation of this imagery I have already given in my book. I was correct in my imagination that one day my books may help the church and its faith for its defence. Now look at the scenario that Mr. Ommen Kappil pointing out the dilemma in reading the epistle of st. Paul that `women should be silent in the church', while they are enjoying voting rights and expressing their opinions openly and virulently. Read my message in this regard that sent yesterday to the site. I heard an early morning voice, `Jesus is kissing E.S. John's hand'. When I woke up all of a sudden, I saw my right hand stretched out of the bed in the cold season. Now left to the decision of the readers that `the heard melody is sweet, but the unheard are sweeter'. Today's Psychiatrists call it as the product of hallucinations and delusions, the sign of a sick mind. This is what Darwin's theory of chimpanzee culture and contributions that made perverted the young souls of our church. The animal nature that dominated since that theory has metamorposised man as a real animal finds its culmination now, the reason for the king of the Beasts surfacing from Hades.
      Therefore, from now on I may write about my experiences only for your information and guide. As I am unworthy servant of the Lord, I ask for God's pardon, if I have betrayed or mislead anybody.
      Will continue in part 7
      E.S. John, Australia
      Part –7
      The vast majority of people may label me as an anti-social element, religious people may brand me as a bigot and churches may portray as a fundamentalist and a fanatic; but as an independent thinker I feel that neither of these fit me into because I experience spiritual decadence, together with moral turpitude that degenerating the churches and civic life to a lower level as days go by. Raussuo's opinion is that ` man is born free, but is chained everywhere' is an abstract truth of philosophical nature, not a pragmatic everyday life. `Man devoid of laws is a brute', Aristotle, comes in contradiction with this abstract truth and freedom. Human base tendency of brutality bridle the passions of ruling over others, the social and religious life of the global majority, goes in tune with our cousins, the Darwinian apes. I was born in a democratic country and could enjoy freedom to the utmost; now living in a democratic nation and open society and has been enjoying freedom to do anything that is legal. Not anymore. I am in a state of not able to move my right-hand fingers because my own nerve ties me up. A brick wall does not make a prison; we make our own prison with in ourselves. I can at least find some relief as I have lived a free long life of bare sufficiency. I didn't any precautions to avoid by exercises, as I had no medical symptoms of B.P, sugar or heart problems. However, no way of escaping it if it is from above. But think about the life of some miserable ones from young age onwards in the global village, the products of the high-tech hybrids, the most unfortunate vulnerable and marginalised ones of the Iron Age. This is what impels me to write even with one hand alone.
      Today's dwarfish Einsteins of Christianity and their venerable and helpless and viceless followers, imitators of Darwinism, are ready to accept the mundane and cheap popularity and gains out of their everyday work life and businesses by adoring any innovations that are introduced by some firebrand innovators and vote-catching secular system. These Christians of today that warmly embracing female ordination, dating, abortion and divorce try to dominate, suppress, oppress and repress the faithful minority are real pests who thrive and pervert the normal-thinking, mute minority.
      Man is formed of two compartments; temporal one that is visible and perishable is subsidiary to the main, invincible and eternal one. Perishable one is sustained mainly by breathing the air and other imperatives, while the imperishable live in the Divine plane by the spirit of prayer. The Spirit at work is the common
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