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The Creator and the created order-part 5

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  • John
    Dear All, Jesus, the man born of woman is sinless; all others of sinning nature are expected to sublimate their infirmities and frailties by penitential
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2013
      Dear All,
      Jesus, the man born of woman is sinless; all others of sinning nature are expected to sublimate their infirmities and frailties by penitential submission at the feet of the Lord through fasting and prayers. Moses and Elijaha and St; John's solitary fasting came automatically, whereas Jesus, Daniel, Nineties and Esther's were self-motivated. Fasting has long-standing result; Gandhiji fasted for a noble reason that shook the world empire and brought to its knees. Daniel fasted for 21 days without eating any no-vegetable food for the absolution of his and Israel's sins and that resulted in the visions, which brought immediate changes that liberated his own people from the slavery and the prophecies regarding the end of the world. Not only that he fasted, he taught lions and fire to fast with him. Indian Gurus say that Great men of God take their birth once in 100 or thousand years to free the oppressed mob from the totalitarian rules. Jesus fasted for 40 days and gained eternal salvation for the whole mankind; John the Baptist lived a life of complete austerity by eating only plant roots and water. In forced solitary confinement and foodless life John the apostle saw the cataclysmic and catastrophic end of this transitory world during the fiery Iron Age. If Daniel's, a lay man, fasting could unfold the whole future under the 4 major unconnected empires which paved the coming of the Lord in two times, our fasting during this Great Lenten period may be able to unlock notable changes for us and the communities around.

      Valmiki, the author of Indian epic and the great seer saw the savage Vedan hunter, Satan, shooting and crippling the pair of dove, the LORD AND THE CHURCH. The long meditation and sitting in one position over a long period of time for the absolution of his and the hunter's sins and iniquities, forced ants to build the weightless shells, `chithal puttu' over his body; this clearly shows how deep was he in his trance. He foresaw thousands of years ago the church at the end of days would be bogged down by a monstrous antichrist. The Indian yogic epics illustrate numberless signs of the flowering of `kaliyuga' , Iron Age, some of which I have refereed in my books. The ant's shells are nothing but the weightlessness of the body that many of us might have experienced. This ethereal stage of body weightlessness and unearthly ecstasy makes some people walk on waters and make levitation for varieties of supernatural journeys. St.Paul must have experienced this state of trance, the reason that he says he was whether in his body or without the body during his transit to Paradise, 2.cor.12. He says that he had many enemies and betrayers, 1.Cor.16, 6; 2.Tim.4,9-16. When we suffer for God in one way or other, His angels will look after us miraculously.
      With due humility I also would like to confess in line with 2.Cor.12. I had my routine religious fasting in my early times. I used to fast for 24 hours continuously without drinking water or any other fluids in my early youth and used to jungles and churches for prayer. The seeds of this lifestyle for some years might have germinated and made imperative for writing about the Lord's coming.

      E.S. John, Australia
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