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The Creator and the created order-part 4

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  • John
    Part 4 Man is undoubtedly a supreme being of God s image and likeness. The inner eye that help to cultivate the inner instincts exhibit man a unique species of
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      Part 4
      Man is undoubtedly a supreme being of God's image and likeness. The inner eye that help to cultivate the inner instincts exhibit man a unique species of its own. These details that delineate are not superlative and bombastic and meaningless exercises. The inner eye, or the area of the mind is at the forehead of man, the place where the clerics apply the ointment `muron', concocted in the biblical recipe and bless the forehead with a cross or hand that prepare Holy Body of Christ. It is the place where the Hindus put the sandalwood or other herbal pulp or their women put the red spot or `sinduram'. If you observe closely some Indians used to make secretions by a kind of wild ants on the forehead, leaving some dips there because the ant's secretion provoke the area of the mind's eye. If these methods are external application, the internal one is quite laborious yogas and giving the outcome gradually over the years.
      `The kundaline' that is in juxtaposition with the genital organs works the result in opposite direction of that of the sex. The yogis sit by buttressing the kundaline on the floor and placing crossed legs above over and use mantras or prayers for longer hours, so that the fire of it goes upward through the spinal cord, thereby the mind or the inner part of the forehead is stirred up violently. The force or the energy stand up like a cobra's fang and becomes a living dynamo that radiates light all around. The urinary system that turned as the dual role of genital organ by the effect of the forbidden fruit is blessed for the propagation of the race and is presumed to be used once in a blue moon for that purpose mainly. Overuse and misuse or abuse of the nervous pleasure system at wrong time and wrong purpose and wrong place and at the perverted way make an imprint of the wrong outcome that last for generations in our own psyche and body system. The direct impact of the gall fruit is nakedness or `kama' that unless restrained become the mother of anger, khroda and all the deadly vices. The medium of genetics that transmit over the generation is the reproductive impulses that are deep-rooted in every cell of the body. All the religions of the world prescribed the genuine marital union as the real source of happiness and blissful transmission of the family pedigree.
      The development of kundaline which make a sound personality radiates and transmit light of the ethereal glow, whereas the sex deviations and perverted sex make men of multiple personalities whose dark aura and conceited dealings become a distraction and problematic to many. Our personality eventually becomes a synonym of infernal gloom. But the medication for the same is repentance and fasting that washes our sins by tears and sweats, resulting in the formation of illuminating aura and halo, for which Mary Magdalene and disgraced Kind David are monumental examples.

      E.S.John, Australia
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