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The Creator and the created order-part 3

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  • John
    PART 3 If the three personae of the Holy trinity have the same thought, same opinion, same decision and same face, man comprising of the body, mind and spirit,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2013
      PART 3
      If the three personae of the Holy trinity have the same thought, same opinion, same decision and same face, man comprising of the body, mind and spirit, also has the similar image and likeness in miniature form. Man in his private life, religious and social life must have the same unity in thought and action with others. The way the Trinitarian God do His function, God moulded man in the same recipe that prescribes how his body autonomous system work without revolting; it conveys the meaning that digestive system shouldn't dominate over the respiratory system or the nervous system over the sexual system. It means that one should give in to the other one for the harmonious function of the body science, so that the spiritual life is compatible to develop the soul in its onward journey to the invincible plane. Over-eating that affect the digestive system will indirectly tell upon the nervous current or the circulatory system and functioning of the body in general, so also sexual excesses that lead to body fatigue and nervous weakening. A true celibate is considered as a living dynamo.
      Drinking alcohol will create excess alcohol that tilts the balance of the body because alcohol that is needed in moderation is provided from the normal food. This excess will create disharmony in the digestive organs, especially the liver that has about 28 known roles, even for eyesight, in keeping the body in balance. Cancer in the abdomen may retard the liver and pancreas and so on and end up in lethal diseases. Smoking is also a dangerous game that brings disorder to the respiratory organs and the system in general. Our delicate systems and organs are so inter- dependent and that which happening one part or system of the body upset the two-footed animal that that impede the demi-god to cross over the hindrances set up by another system which try to make the body as a prison of darkness. The unseen and seen war that we are engaged perpetually in our life is to be won in the body, the battleground of the divine and dark forces. Man thus becomes the meat between the sandwiches.
      Our body is the temple of God, 1.Cor.3, who indwells there continually. St.Paul says about the small and larger organs giving its due respect one another for the smooth running of the system, 1.Cor.12. They all work perpetually and continuously for the harmony of the body, which bring the ultimate success. The biology of the body that spins the body chemistry keeps its geology in balance. Similar balance between the family members is indispensable for a family to keep its sanity. Just as the brain that is the symbol of god harnessing and controlling the body, the family head is the brain of the family. If man is the brain, woman is the heart of humanity, just as Jesus the head and church body. The body is to be illuminated by having the Lord as its head.
      Two systems or entities work in our body, the first is the light of the Heavenly instincts of enlightenment, and the other is the demonic darkness, which is rooted in the passions of the flesh, which are at loggerhead with the former. `Your eye is the lamp of your body; when eye is sound, your body is full of light, but when it is not sound, your body is full of darkness…..'Lk.11. 33-36. Our inner eye, according to Indian yogis third eye, that make the whole body luminous won't allow the satanic forces importing any malfunctions into our body, whereas if the devil pick out the good seeds and sows the weeds in our heart that make the inner body as a synonym darkness, seat of sickness and weird thought that prompts to sin of various vices. Either the body become a seat of satanic kingdom or a cosmic one is the outcome of thought, word and action. Mainly the mind, tongue and hand and legs do a commingling work to attain the either of this state.
      Will continue in part 4
      E.S.John, Australia
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