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The Creator and the created order

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  • John
    Part 2 God is the only absolute truth; all other truths are relative through the all-powerful entity, God. This is how God created Nature and man synchronised
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 2, 2013
      Part 2
      God is the only absolute truth; all other truths are relative through the all-powerful entity, God. This is how God created Nature and man synchronised together with the moral order of the universe, the reason for creating the planets and Nature first and then the animal kingdom for man to use. The essence of man is the product of Nature that is nurtured by the planets, which are also inter-dependent one another by the force and attraction. Animal nature and the influence of Nature in him are interacted in man, so that planets and Nature and animal kingdom work together harmoniously to strike a blend for animals and man happily live in near -perfection blend before the fall of man who used fruits, but began as a meat eater after the fall because amorous relationship resembles the latter. But man and animals cannot live without the crude breath of God, air, pervading and saturating the terrestrial plane. Thus life without God is a kaleidoscopic dream. A force that has no super conscience cannot bridle or control the planets and the food chain that is remote-controlled by a predatory system, which is the outcome of the bitter taste of the forbidden fruit. This is why tamed animals expresses their gratitude to the master, so also a humble man that is run with the puff of the wind bows his head and prostrates at the feet of the Almighty Creator, whereas the arrogant atheist 'will go to the generation of his fathers, who will never more see the light. Man cannot abide in his pomp, he is like the beasts that perish', Ps.49, 19-20. Dated marriage in early lustful youth is always detrimental because he/she is connected by the animal magnetism that drift apart when the real life problems prop up, though there may be some problems in all marriages, as two persons from two different families are united together.
      Just as the 3 personae dwell in the Triune God harmoniously, our body must function without any discord, so that body, mind and soul should work smoothly for its everyday running. Just as the Trinitarian God is holy, our body must be kept holy because it is the holy temple of God, 1.Cor.3, 6. God indwells in our common worship temple, church, and also in our body temple, the two places God broods on earth. Thus one who attends the church should clean up his inside and all his family members doing the same, so as turning the family as the temple of worship in miniature form. It is not the building that we live in or attend the place of worship makes the things holy, but it is the assembly of holy men in the unity of minds is the real worship, ecclesia.
      Jesus cleansed the Jerusalem Temple by driving out the mob that was selling all the sacrificial animals, which brought money for the middlemen and also for the Temple. Our churches are also meant for the real worship, not for converting as ordinary places by inducting all forms of businesses before and after the grand sacramental celebrations in exuberance. The Unity of mind that evaporates many kinds of party spirits and partying is the essential elements in our family and church life. Jesus could boldly say that He could build the temple on the third day, indicating His resurrection on the third day, after dismantling it. Anything holy cannot be destroyed because it can find its life again. Even in our earthly plane nothing can be created or destroyed because it appears in a different form again. If a plant is burnt, its ashes are good manure to make other plants to grow in abundance. No human soul is destroyed because it belongs to the universal Creator. God is super human conscience from whom everything emanates and pervades in His realm. The Lord cleaned up the Temple after providing them super wine by converting water into wine at Cana, Jn.2. If we are pure water, it will be converted to wine that in 3 days' period, 3 epochs that will take us up to New Jerusalem after the Last Judgement. The wine and bread that prepare at the altar which becoming the Body of Christ is the real Bread of life. O taste and see that the Lord is good, ps.34, 8. This can happen only when we do the inner purification that is also by the grace of God. To sum up, if the marriage at Cana on the third day resemble the betrothal in the bridal chamber in the beginning of the third epoch, the rebuilding of the Temple on the third day, resurrection of Jesus on the third day, reminds us of the resurrection of the departed dead at the end of the third epoch to stand for the last judgement and inherit New Jerusalem.
      Angels fear to go where the devil tread. Atheists and agnostics are propelled by demonic powers. Unless they accept that that there is a Benevolent Creator who propel everything in the universe, God and angels won't interfere with them owing to the freedom that is once given to them. `You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe- and shudder', James.2, 29; Mk.5'7. When the Devil fear and shudder in the existence of God, are these atheists and agnostics superior to Beelzebub. Only a fool in his heart says that there is no God.
      Will continue in part 3
      E.S.John, Australia
    • ES John
      Part-53 Come, LORD JESUS CHRIST! Rev.22: 20   The most beloved apostle of Christ received the apocalyptic revelations, regarding His second coming while he
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 4, 2013


        Come, LORD JESUS CHRIST! Rev.22: 20


        The most beloved apostle of Christ received the apocalyptic revelations, regarding His second coming while he was exiled in the island of Pathmos. Realizing the severity of the cataclysmic life at the ripening period of the great tribulation, Jesus said that ‘Surely I am coming soon’ and St.John reciprocated in haste to relieve his anguish, ‘ So it be. Come, Lord Jesus Christ’, Rev.22:20.


        The devil’s kingdom that is set up by Satan `at the end of days' on earth which deludes mankind and brings under the servitude of the equivocal powers that goes in contravention against the working of a natural order of God’s commands, unfolds the Spirit-inspired prophesies of old. Here are the few of the warnings of St.Paul about the dreadful conditions of His coming when Antichrist rules the world with iron tyranny that persecute and slaughter the Elects of the Spirit. “The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders and with all wicked deception to those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in righteousness… mouth or by letter'’, 2.Thess.2, 9-15. Those who sit at the lap of science and its signs and miracles of high-tech acrobatics should wide open their inner eyes that they are duped by a new heaven and new earth of Beelzebub, who hypnotized the humanity by barring them not to strive hard to enter into God's new heaven and earth, PARADISE, 2.Pet.3: 10-13; Isa.66: 22, for the solemn rest on the 7th day, Heb.3&4. The apostle PETER says also clearly that ‘the heavens will be kindled and dissolved, and the elements will melt with fire. ..with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire, and the earth and works that are upon will be burned up’. We wait for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells”, 2.Pet.3: 10-13.


        The ‘false signs and wonders’ that hallucinate and ‘deludes’ are the kaleidoscopic individual freedom and liberty, which God gave in Eden as a command in choosing between good and bad doesn’t mean the freedom of choosing between God and the Devil, because the infernal one has no authority whatsoever over the handcrafted crown of God’s creations, Ps.8, as He created man under the bond, Col.2: 14-15. His mortal body belongs to this earth, Ps.139: 15, the lustful passions of destructions, and his soul of the celestial plane by imbibing the Spirit of God. While we don’t have the ability or capability of even make available the imperative body demands of air for our breathing, water and food that only can sustain our body alive; also no medical capability of stopping death that come at any time without our permission. Man has the choice of freedom between right and wrongs, nothing else other than man a robot that is remote-controlled by God who is the Alpha and the Omega. Let us look at the pernicious implications of the ‘free will’ that corroborating the wrong interpretation which is the mother of ‘Privacy Law’ and lax freedom that destroyed all our individual, domestic, social, secular and religious sanctity, which kept a natural life and society in equilibrium with some hiccups till today.

        The Family 

        Jesus forewarned a doomsday dysfunctional family that brings fire from above, so that each member will be at loggerheads with one another, Lk.12: 49-53. Since children are the property of the State, parents have no power enshrined within the moral law, because the conventions and legalities of sexual, marital laws of divorce, custody battles for children and wealth and individual rights are overwritten lately by the secular authorities. There are no moral or natural rights for any rulers or institutions to give unlawful consent in fiddling with passion dynamics that vandalize one’s body and soul, as the body fires that misdirect and misfire to make it as a prison of 7 deadly vices.

        Inventions and discoveries

        Darwin’s the theory of species, together with industrialization, augmented for the plundering of fossil energy that pumped out wealth which money, from the vicinity of hell, which helped petroleum and its biproducts to cause global devastation of global warming and climate change of the planet and our way of life.  The technology of electricity and pumping of natural gas fuelled the momentum of further deterioration of our religious and social life and the quality of life by accidents and crippling made by automobiles and the quick-fix remedy of the medical science; the underground fire that made a modern fiery life is irrefutable. Playing with the fire of our body fire brings all sorts of havoc, sexual immoralities that culminated in legalising same-sex fire or Sodom fire. Besides, we are sitting on fire that sends its lava, reminding that earthquakes happen quite often at the end of the time, Mt.24: 7.

        “It works great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to the earth in the sight of men, it deceives those who dwell on earth”, Rev.13, 13-19. These great signs of fire of heaven are the interplanetary explorations and star war techniques of fighter planes dropping bombs and missiles and wiping out nations and towns, coupled with gun powder games of mass killings by human bombs and so on. Make a glance of the humanitarian crises, monstrous organized crimes, bloodshed and killings caused by the scientific revolution and high-tech inventions that manufacture bombs, weapons of mass destructions and creating social problems of carnivorous hooliganism in epic proportions. The refugee and resettlement problems and the naked exhibition of human sufferings can be watched in the mass media. Last month I have seen a ‘documentary’ of mass sufferings that caused by landmine victims of 23% of Afghanistan population; it is horrendous and unbelievable that one victim put it that there is no family in that nation that is exempt from war tragedies which resulted in social carnage. A vast number of them are children and youngsters of both sexes who lost, all of their limbs or body parts. No money for food even, then how do they overcome their untold sufferings that happen in mass- scale proportions, so also are the everyday miseries and grief in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and other nations working sabotage works for power and fiscal supremacy, even each country doing espionage against one other that includes internet piracy. No nation has any trust or love towards one another; it is a super play of the coalition of super powers.


        How have we made this human life as so wretched and inhuman by uprooting half of the most of the nations by bombing and mass slaughter and massacres in very many parts of the world and making the vulnerable and helpless as the prey of global sex traffic and sex slavery and exploitation in all infernal ways, by also nations rebelling against themselves due to freedom of expressions and actions in the name of freedom in an open and permissive society. This is how science and hyper-tech civilization have converted man as mere animals having no human dignity. Now the genetic elites of the world should realize that the high-tech that made Godlessness and fearlessness that converted man as an animal are the falsehood and delusions and hallucinations that the apostle giving as heralding signs of Christ’s coming. This scenario of the final cataclysm of the world that the Christ, Mt.24.: 28-31, apostles, and seers have portrayed for us, so that the peace-loving believers can understand that these are the fiery and final days of humanity. The final war that melt away the elements of the earth seemingly are nuclear wars, 2.Pet.3.10-13, because “I will give portents in heaven and on earth blood and fire and smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood….” By Joel.2: 30-32 and most of the other minor prophets too.

        A minority of self-conceited terrorists of many kinds, such as human, economic, environmental, religious, sex and social terrorists plunder the humanity as a whole for power and money. It is the new high –tech miracles and wonders, the blatant falsehood that deluded and hijacked the humanity that led a natural life of endurance of sufferings till yesterday, but the hyper-tech science of the last 3 or 4 decades that God hid it so far from His treacherous foe is predating upon the blindfolded and misled humanity by the doomsday terrorisms. Science and genetic genii contributes us high calorie hybrid food and medicines, as well as bombs, pesticides, artificial colourings and synthetic poison that transmit new and incurable diseases and multitude of `efficacious' side effects for a total apocalyptic end. The BC era that made the natural scientific and mythological portrayals of His coming through the world civilizations that goes in unison with the biblical mysteries, are for the whole humanity that is terminating in Christ who provided His Body for the whole world, Jews and gentiles- epistles to Galatians and Romans- find a place of solace and peace in Christ.


        `In the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, …, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it…'2.Tim.3, 1-9; Eph.6: 10-12. 

        Religions, overall the spiritual and moral governors, that have been fractured by sectarianism and factionalism and infighting for fanaticism and fundamentalism, became a duplicate of the national and international treacheries are to be lamented upon. Thus the cumulative progression of fire that kindled in the dysfunctional families flared up by the selfish secular system in validating the Sodom fire that conflagrated the international spy agencies and their governments who translated it figuratively as nuclear energy, the mother of Armageddon battle, Rev.13, to consume the global madding crowd and its Mother Nature and the earth by nuclear bombs. The sex revolution that blossomed a gay culture of health problems which culminate in the population dwindling down to its lowest level, new medical breakthrough, with all its apparent blessings, that convert the globe as a geriatric hospital of chronic diseases and the scientific miracles that man find refuge in nuclear energy only can dissolve the elements of the earth are in disguise the fires of God that ’shake once again not only the earth but also the heaven; for our God is a consuming fire”, Heb.12: 25-29, and that gives the globe a fiery baptism.

        The referred rebellion, Epe.6: 10-12, that started with Darwin’s chimpanzee age is making the toll on human animals of this evil age. A furious and vengeful God, at the sight of the abhorrent bloodbath and tears that make the heavens shake gives the consoling words, “ Indeed I am coming”, and the hasty answer, ‘come Lord, Jesus Christ’ is a great relief for the mute and redeeming believers.


        E.S.John, Australia
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