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Malankara World Journal Issue 106 - Theme: Prayer - (Nov 1, 2012)

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  • Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Issue 106 (Nov 1, 2012) is available online at: http://www.MalankaraWorld.com/Newsletter/MWJ_106.htm *Table of Contents - Volume 2
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      The Malankara World Journal Issue 106 (Nov 1, 2012) is available online at:


      *Table of Contents - Volume 2 - Issue No: 106 - Theme: Prayer*

      1. Editor's Note

      2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (Nov 4)

      Koodhosh Eetho (Sanctification) Sunday

      3. Sermons for This Sunday (Nov 4)

      Sermons for the Koodhosh Eetho Sunday


      4. Inspiration for Today: Ask God Directly

      Once king Akbar was sitting in prayers at a sacred place. A person was
      waiting for kind King Akbar. In the middle of prayers the emperor Akbar
      noticed that the person, waiting for him, stood up to leave. Akbar
      signaled him, to stay. ...

      5. What the Bible Says About Storms

      Big storms are ominous. They arrest our attention. They remind us how
      small and powerless we are. In the Bible the storm is a symbol of many
      different things. ...

      6. Featured: Daniel's Prayer: Longing for Rescue

      Daniel understood that prayer is an expression of faith in the promises
      of God. It also helps us align our hearts to God's will and purpose in
      the world. ...

      7. Remember Past Blessings In Your Prayer

      God wants to see prayers that are filled with genuine praise and
      thanksgiving for what He has done in the past. He wants our hearts to be
      filled with awe and gratitude for His blessings. He wants us to set up
      memorials in our hearts testifying to the provisions He has given us. ...

      8. When God says 'No' to Our Prayers

      Scripture does give some answers as to God's delay and to his "No." And
      while these explanations may not always satisfy us emotionally, they do
      provide a teaching which can ultimately assist us in not allowing our
      sorrow, anger or disappointment to interact with our pride and lead us
      away from faith. Let's look at a few of these explanations as to God's
      "No" and his delay. ...

      9. Prayer of Daniel

      Daniel 9:3-19: We have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have
      done wickedly, and have rebelled, even by departing from thy precepts
      and from thy judgments. ...

      10. Pray Without Ceasing - The Sin of Prayerlessness

      We must never forget that prayer is not only for petition, but also for
      protection and for preparation. Prayer not only gives us what we want;
      it prepares us for and protects us from what we don't want. ...

      11. Intercessional Prayers to Saints

      There seems to be a great deal of confusion among non-Catholics/Orthodox
      concerning the Church's teaching on praying to the saints in heaven. It
      is alleged that by praying to them we equate them with God. This is
      false. But why pray to them, when we can pray to God? ...

      12. Family Devotions and Prayer

      The Scripture is pretty clear on the fact that we have a responsibility
      to be training our children in the truth. Christian fathers in
      particular have a responsibility to be leading and training their
      families in the Revelation of God. ...

      13. Health: Health and Politics

      Left untreated, MRSA can eat into flesh, and once it enters the
      bloodstream it is deadly. Rampant in hospitals, superbugs such as MRSA
      presently account for 100,000 deaths annually in the United States
      alone. Superbugs may be passed on at the pool, beach, gym, or yoga
      class. ...

      14. Dare to Do the Daniel Diet

      The problem with the moralizing interpretations familiar to us is not
      only that they focus the story on us rather than on God and his work in
      history, centering on Christ; it's that precisely in making it about us,
      we trivialize the greatest story ever told. No wonder so many people
      assume that the Bible is simply a collection of tips for life. ...

      15. A Tranquil Moment (Poem)

      A poem written while visiting a bird sanctuary in Mysore.

      16. Humor: Mommy Test

      17. About Malankara World


      Read all the articles and features in this week's Malankara World
      Journal online at:


      Thank you for your support and help.

      In HIS Service

      Dr. Jacob Mathew
      Malankara World

      Malankara World Journal
      Hudson, Ohio

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