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Re: "She has done what she could.." Part 2

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  • ES John
      Part 2 Dear All,   Mary or Martha’s devotion is emanated from their blind faith that Jesus is the saviour of mankind. If we are guided by such deep
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      Part 2
      Dear All,
      Mary or Martha’s devotion is emanated from their blind faith that
      Jesus is the saviour of mankind. If we are guided by such deep devotion, we
      participate the sacramental life whole-heartedly and consequently help the poor
      and needy in our personal and private life as a byproduct of our faith and love
      in Jesus, instead of making a statistics as charity donors. Deep love is the
      product of faith in the Lord. If we don’t love the Lord, we abstain from pure
      worship and give weight to charity donations, and get indulged in all other
      profligacy, as happened to rich Simeon who became a leper later, owing to his
      unsympathetic attitude to Lazarus, and pleaded Father Abraham to send Lazarus
      to his household for preaching, while tormented in hell. “They have Moses and
      prophets”, answered Father Abraham. Today’s prophets and Moses should avoid the
      feast of Simeon and allow to anoint the sacramental worship that bring back
      various types of Magdalena Mariams and leper Simeons to the green pastures,
      instead of playing an accomplice role for sending them to the Hades. Her
      devotional faith in Jesus stamped her name for all-time memory, and also got a
      chance to convey the resurrection to the whole world, as she went early on
      Sunday morning again with costly spices for further anointing His embalmed
      body. All her money she gave for the Bethany mission while Jesus was alive,
      Lk.8: 1-3, and also for anointing Him, provided we agree that Mary Magdalene and
      Lazarus’ sister Mary is the same person.
      This is the only parable where the names of persons were used by
      Christ, hence this is an event happened at that point of time. Lazarus died
      before the death of the rich man, Simeon the leper, Lk.16: 22. The biblical
      proof support that Jesus came to the raised Lazarus’ place on Saturday, Jn.12:
      1, possibly before the demise of Simon leper. The coming together at the place
      of Simon the leper was on Tuesday, ``Mt.26: 1. The supper at Lazarus’ place,
      Bethany, was either on Friday or Saturday night, probably a thanks giving for
      the raising to life of Lazarus. The reason for Jesus’ visit at the leper’s
      house on Tuesday could be on accounts of mourning for the departed soul. If
      Mary was there to pour the oil on Jesus’ head, it was on account of Lazarus
      describing the dialogue between Abraham and the dead leper in sending Lazarus
      to his sinful brothers for preaching. This time Mary didn’t go there with a
      vindictive attitude, but to show sympathy of Simeon’s death and declare the
      glory of Jesus openly. All such incidents and miracles buttressed her faith in
      the Lord and gathered courage to visit the tomb on Sunday morning again with
      spices. God is faithful; He will hear our true yearnings and reward during our
      life here and also after the grave.
       I point out this issue
      because the rich man’s plea was heard by Father Abraham who transmitted it to
      God was already granted for Lazarus to visit his brothers and give a
      forewarning about the after life blissful or a tormenting eternity either in
      heaven or in hell. Though Abraham gave his apt answer to the rich man, a
      merciful God granted that request to the leper, the reason for Jesus and his
      disciples and Bethany community to come together to inform that the life after
      death is a transparent and confirmed reality. This is a clear testimony that
      they hear our prayers or requests addressed to the saints, but the reward has
      to come from the Father, Lk.11: 13. It seems, therefore, that there is a
      correlation between Lazarus’ and Simeon death, as there is a gap of 4 days
      since the time of his burial and raising up, assumingly the death of Simeon
      took place during this gap of 4 days. Jesus didn’t have to wait for 4 days in
      raising up of his friend Lazarus.
      Remember that the rich Simeon didn’t change himself, despite two
      feasts, as we know were given, one before his death and one after his death, to
      the Lord and became a public figure. Who knows whether God had granted the
      remission of Simeon’s sins due to his prayers and supplications for his
      households. Don’t exhibit Jesus only for our outside show, but also give Him
      room to stay inside of us.
       E.s.John, Australia

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