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Ten-minute Qurbana

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  • John
    Dear All, My heaving and fuming cry that consumes my health, time and energy still remains as a voice in the wilderness. The colonial church which dethroned
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      Dear All,

      My heaving and fuming cry that consumes my health, time and energy still remains as a voice in the wilderness. The colonial church which dethroned the Saviour's apostle and ordaining and consecrating the clerical hierarchy by jumping over the fence of the Indian judiciary has ultimately desecrated and ate the Holy Body of Christ with a kiss. Know that the wheel of fire, synonymous to the infernal one, is complete for our damnation. Such profanity can happen only at the turning point of an epoch of detrimental finish. This way of celebrating the holy liturgy in 10 minutes is analogous to Pilate mingling the blood of some Galileans with their sacrifices, Lk.13: 1-5. We all hold responsibility for this sort of maniac dilemma which stand between conflicts and mockery celebrations, "No; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish".

      Let us accept Darwin's theory of Evolution for a moment. We are reversing the order that man metamorphosing to be a chimpanzee and continued that evolution of becoming a human animal and at the zenith by taking a downward trend of falling to the deepest point is natural and compatible to the theory of Newton's gravitation. In our declining journey, we reached to the stage of amoeba from where life started. The amoeba species multiplies by splitting, the same is the case with human species that survive by splitting, the reasons for the Orthodox to split as Orthodox Catholicose and Jacobite catholicose, though they worship the same Lord, use the same thaksa and liturgy and even the same language and leading the same lifestyle in the same geographical and topographical latitude and longitude. The carnal animality that started by Cain in the same worshipping place has been copied by all the religious hierarchies from there on. All mad politics and carnivorous mentality of subduing and reign over others has become the passion of our flesh which display a dominating role. The chimpanzee culture that accelerated down to the spiritual, lunatic Monolithic Age has pulled down the human wall stone by stone and brick by brick by human bombs and weapons of mass destructions. Human beings have become the debris under the forests of concrete structures. Just like Christians, thousands of denominations and cults, kill one another, as in Irelands and other places, the Sunnis and Shias of Muslim religion demolish itself by fighting Sunnis against Shias, so also Hindus which foster a caste system exploit the innocent and put under the tyranny of slavery and torture. Buddhism also has sect within the sect. Splitting and destroying the very foundation of society is the sole aim of the religious Monolithic man. Religion has proven to be the basic texture of all human conflicts and suicidal annihilation.

      This is a final warning sign of carnal bestiality that predominates and predates from top to bottom. The bestial carnality that culminate in the present stone-age spirituality invites the Beast, Beelzebub, from the abysmal ocean for reigning this globe with all its iron fists and claws for a period of 7 years, Rev.13. The revelations given to St.John make their accomplishments in literal forms also. We are apparently at the fringe of digging our own graves in an adverse climate of self-conceit which culminate in all the cataclysmic changes, followed by the Beast ruling of this whole earth for 7 years; during the second half of his rule, Rev.13: 5, all the monstrosities and carnalities that the world hasn't faced so far will flourish in ruthless abundance.

      There is no meaning in blaming anybody; the spirit of this age is meant for desecrating and defiling all what is left HOLY. Ten- minute Qurbana is not the remembrance of the sacrifice of the Lord, but a bestial and blatant sign of a sacrilege that is meant for the beginning of the closing down of the epoch of Christ. The thievery of importing the holy vestments into the church building, against the order of the governing authorities itself, for the celebration of the Eucharist is the last nail struck on the coffin of the epoch of Christ.
      This incident itself should open up the eyes of fair-thing Jacobites to make a U TURN and embrace the right-thinking believers who follow the genuine Eucharist celebrated by the genuine spiritual authorities because the celebrant himself in this case had put dusts in the eyes of the Indian Government for getting the pontiff's enthronement consecration secretly done in a foreign country. Even Jesus obeyed the illegal authorities in crucifying after sentencing Him at the dead of the night. This sacrilege is a desecration of the HOLY NAME OF THE LORD of ETERNITY. This incident is a shame for the whole Christian world. Only the shameless will follow such shameless hierarchy. The Nineveh fasting is for repentance and getting absolution from God. The Ninevites who belong to all the religious beliefs of the then world submitted themselves at the feet of the Lord and fasted for getting pardon from God. The Christians that has a history of 2, 000 years kill themselves for pleasing their common Lord by defiling His Body. This is treachery and profanity which tilts the axis of the globe.

      The Nineveh fasting of 40 days is shortened for moderate observance of 3 days for remembering the Son of God penetrating into the darkest abysmal world of the dead. This world is for the dead, Lk.24: 5, and is covered with thick darkness, Mt.12: 40. Jesus descended into the next plane of glooming doom of darkness, where Beelzebub is in charge. Just as Jesus penetrated to the nucleus of the darkness of Hades, the 3-day fasting observance is for us to travel towards the heart of our mental darkness and trying to ascend to the heavens, Eph.4: 10 by the inner kindling fire of the fear of God with fortitude and probity of our inner self.

      The 10-minute Liturgy, a spiritual babel of confusion, prior to the Nineveh fasting and dragging us into the bottomless Pit is a desecration of the holy name of the Saviour who conquered the heart of Hades by His self –sacrifice. Unless our inner darkness is drenched and soaked and cleansed by the repenting tears, such 10-minute celebration of the Eucharist that mock the name of the Triune God is an open exhibition of the betrayer's unholy kiss which will have far-reaching consequences that none can escape, from the wrath of the Almighty, 1.Sam.2; 25. We celebrate the Holy Liturgy for the atonement of our sins, not for multiplying our treacheries by criminal fanaticism.

      Knowing well that I am a wretched man, I don't try to judge others, but only forewarn that we allow the viruses of our vices infect the Body of Christ and invite an age of pandemonium to predate upon a cataclysmic and turbulent future.

      E.S.John, Australia
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