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Re: Life after life

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  • ES John
    Dear All,   As my previous message on this topic was very brief, I am adding more thoughts into it now. I would like to give some more observations that are
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2011
      Dear All,

      As my previous message on this topic was very brief, I am adding more thoughts into it now. I would like to give some more observations that
      are based on the scriptures and other writings. Man finds what he aspires and
      seeks for in these endless shores of mysteries and realities. A soul that takes birth in a family is pre- tuned with certain genetic traits or sensibilities which suits it to continue the family history and characteristics.  The
      Creator doesn’t want a single of His human being to be lost to the infernal one;
      hence He gave all the imperatives for salvation and a free will to choose
      between good and evil to all the members of all faiths, the reason for the gospelization of the Incarnate God 's message to the whole world. The code of
      ethics or spiritual aspirations given to our first parents are transmitted to the
      next generations or renewed and added later, but they are being twisted and
      sugar-coated with alien concepts and mythologies of groups and localities eventually. Though the Jews were the chosen race of God, He loved all other
      people irrespective of race, religion, sect, cult etc. Every human being is
      instilled with the fire of fear for a blessed afterlife. The church
      Fathers’ prayers that are replete with the theological treasures of the
      apostolic faith are the wealth of the orthodox spirituality, a product of Judeo -Christian traditions and written facts. The Israelites mourned
      and lamented for the high-priests Aaron and Moses for 30 days, whereas for
      other people they wept for 40 days. As sinless Jesus didn’t have to go through
      the toll-houses guarded by the demonic army or ‘asuranmar’, He spent that 40
      days on earth and strengthened His chosen ones. But when He ascended, ‘the ancient doors of the gates lifted up their heads' spontaneously”, Ps.24: 7-10, so that
      there was no obstacle for the king of kings to pass through the toll-house obstacles
      created by the devilish empire. It is said that the mention of the 'lion' in Ps. 7 also pertain to the 'oyar' accusations of the devil. Why the doors of the aerial realm, 'oyar', are ancient, because it was set
      up due to the fall of man who was not allowed to step back into the Edengarden again and pluck the fruit from the Tree of Life till His Incarnation that
      provides eternity to the soul, Gen.3: 24. Jesus, the first-born in Paradise’, the third heaven or 3rd plane, took
      his captive, the repented robber who also automatically escaped the toll-house
      trials, with Him, the assumed reason for Jesus’ statement, ‘you will be with me
      in Paradise today’. Thus a buffer zone called aerial realm, ‘oyar’,
      between Paradiseand earth was created for the devil that didn’t
      allow any human soul to pass through for entering into Paradise in the OT times,
      the reason for all the dead ones to be kept inside the earth, 1.Sam.28: 13. There
      are different planes inside the earth also, Sheol, Gahanna, etc. Father Abraham, Lazarus and all other good
      souls were kept in the higher planes and the rich man and other evil hordes in
      the lower planes of the hell.  Of all the parables
      given by Jesus, the name of a person is given only in the parable of Lazarus
      and the rich man because it was a true event or part of history. I have devoted 2 chapters on the
      topic of Lazarus and his backgrounds in the 3rd volume of ‘shunnyamakkunnaMlekchatha
      series, God and the Devil, ch. 9 and 10. Only after Jesus became the first-born
      in Paradise all other good souls are allowed to enter into the 3rd plane Paradise, but now not permitted to travel beyond the 3rd plane
      that is the abode of the Father. we read in 'The soul after death' that saint Makarios also didn't have to face the devil in the aerial interrogation because of his pious life.

      The Orthodox faith is handed down to us through the
      prayers of the Holy Fathers, not by portraying different planes of heavens explicitly, though hidden implicitly in the biblical expositions, or the
      science that bridle the planetary systems. Count how many times we reiterate in
      our prayers that the evil forces that hide in the ‘oyar region’ for grabbing
      the helpless and loner souls which journey towards the Promised Land. This
      universe is a store house of mysteries and latent secrets which are portrayed
      by people of different mental horizons of different theological schools and
      churches. They want to propagate their own whimsical ideas and keep the
      faithful under their doctrines. If we want to conquer the heavens with might,
      it is shown now as a kaleidoscopic dream, 1.Cor.13 , a jigsaw puzzle that we have to propel
      through to make a siege. Many people who have gone through this sinister aerial
      zone have testified it graphically about the interrogation methods applied by
      the toll-house guards. As the Orthodox Church is not infected by carnal heresies,
      try to believe what the Fathers are asking us to follow. Logic or the material
      science is limited only in this sphere, but the rhythm of spirituality is
      beyond the region of this 3-dimensional plane of imperfect reflections of realities. The Eastern or the Byzantine Orthodox churches have given more credence to the
      aerial toll-houses, and the O.O churches preach the truth that they received through
      their prayers.
       I strongly
      believe that the Lord’s warning about our code of ethics given in the Sermon on
      the Mount highlighted on the toll-house interrogation because that is the
      only place or judgement executed by the devil against man. Read Zech.3 & Jude
      verse 9 and particularly the portion Mt.5: 21-26. Seemingly here, the toll-house
      accuser presents our entire treachery records in his software and the angel who
      carries with us our good deeds that are counted in ‘penny’, gold coins, will debate and
      arrive at a decision in allotting a region, paradise or Hades, to where the
      soul is destined to.  It is apparent that
      the Sermon on the Mount portions are directly related to the actions and
      reactions which are pulsated by our routine daily individual bodily chemical propensities
      which crave for sinning, particularly the sensual and power- mongering
      lifestyle controlled by the lust of the body, whereas the last judgement by the
      Son of Man is focused mainly by the voluntary charity works and also our daily wilful control of our bodily instincts, Mt.25: 31-46.
      The other judgements one by 12 apostles about the faith in the Lamb who gave
      His life as a ransom to His hand-crated ones, mt.19: 28; Rev.20: 4, is purely
      based on the apostolic faith.
      The Hindus, Muslims and Jews fast, mourn and fast rigorously
      for 40 days after the death of a person. The Eastern and Oriental Orthodox
      believers also fast and mourn for 40 days, so also the Roman Catholics. What
      other proof we need to establish the fact that the fluttering of the soul through
      the oyar region is a clear-cut truth, perhaps mainly upon which hinges our salvation.  We
      don’t see the mentioning of the number of
      20 toll-towers in our prayers, whereas the Eastern orthodox churches emphasise this fact. The devil is only an accuser, but the ultimate victory
      depends on
      outweighing our lustful sins by our penitential –accrued faith and good
      works which
      earns gold coins or ‘penny’ as Jesus put it. It is certain that there is a place for the accusation against human race by the devil who tries to
      grab the
      soul to be imported into Hades before the last judgement done by Jesus. The
      soul grows spiritually by spending the solemn rest, probably the 7th
      day for 1,000 years in Paradise, Heb.4, and till it faces the last Judgement,
      and it is our duty to pray and supplicate for the sake of the departed for 40 days and thereafter.
      The book ‘The soul after Death’ is available in any
      Russian Orthodox Church book stalls worldwide.

       Copy of Malayalam translation 'Maranasheksham' may be obtained from 'Mar Baselius charity society, mobile phone No. 9447296542

      E.S.John, Australia

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    • ES John
      While on earth, we only can assume that it is like a journey through the fog that hides everything around. As the great poets Shelly and T.S. Eliot have
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 11, 2011
        While on earth, we only can assume that it is like a journey through the fog that hides everything around.
        As the great poets Shelly and T.S. Eliot have confessed, "poetry is not a creation, but a revelation", so also religion and spiritual outputs are the `spontaneous outflow of powerful feelings" (W.
        Wordsworth) from a vibrating and fluttering medium. It happens only when we
        become a medium of the spirit or the H. Spirit. When "Soul After Death" is read,
        we realize that Jesus wrote the Pauline epistles for him, so also St. Paul
        dictated the religious or spiritual food to the golden-tongued Mar Evanios or to
        another Bishop; I don't remember the name correctly. Eph 2: 11-22 is that Christ
        has destroyed the wall that separated by the hostility, the outcome of Adam
        eating the forbidden fruit, and Jesus uniting the redeemed ones by deleting the
        old covenants and statutes and making a second covenant meant for all races,
        I wrote it emphatically that the gulf between the 3 celestial regions do exist,
        so also the different zones in the planes of hell. Even the `Soul after death'
        testifies that our continual supplication and oblation for the condemned ones
        will be heard and restituted for those who are in darkness also. Our
        Osthathios thirumeni also says that there is no permanent hell for the condemned
        ones. We don't have enough proof to authenticate such claims because we live it
        to the Lamb who saved us by spilling His blood. If their punishment is not for
        an everlasting time, we may have to believe the concept of the reincarnation
        concept that bring the soul back to earth and start all over again for a
        spiritual metamorphosis. If that is so, another Eden and a forbidden fruit which
        make another aeon is a wrong Christian teaching. Then it comes to the Hindu
        teachings of various eons that rotate in circles again and again.

        My question is whether those who have come into Paradise, whether all will be
        taken to Eternity after the Last Judgment. "Blessed are the dead who die in the
        Lord henceforth…that they may rest form their labours, for their deeds follow
        them", Rev.14: 13. It means that they may stop toiling and moiling, but may
        continue their deeds which battery charge their spiritual life for a higher
        place in Eternity. Read Rev.20: 4-5. Those who were beheaded, possibly during
        the tribulation period, for Christ, lived for 1, 000 years in Paradise with the
        Lord. This is the first resurrection. The rest of the dead didn't come to until
        the 1, 000 years were ended for a 2nd resurrection period for Last judgment. It
        is thus validated in praying to the virgins, saints, who live with the Lamb for
        our salvation, Rev.7& 14. Christ took the repented thief to the Paradise, the
        place of the first fruits for the Lamb and God, Rev.14: 4, not for the good
        departed people who wait for the judgement, proving that the mid-air plane
        Paradise also may have some divided areas. It is, therefore, our duty to pray
        for the rest of the departed till the 2nd resurrection, that is the last
        judgement. The gulf between the virgins, Rev. 14, and the rest of the dead who
        wait for the last judgement may remain till the last judgement also, the reason
        for us to pray only to the departed saints for our sake, not to all the dead
        ones whose fate is yet to be decided upon. We can pray to Father Abraham, but
        not to the rich man whose fate is still not decided permanently. He, the rich
        man, may pray for us and we can pray for him, but not to him for our salvation.
        We are allowed to pray to the saints who are, therefore, officially declared by
        the church, but the spiritual hierarchy of today asks us to pray to all our
        departed ones for our sake. Even there may a separation of positions or roles,
        as there are great and small in the Kingdom of God, mt.5: 19. These are likely
        hypotheses because the mystery of death, resurrection and eternity is a
        forbidden fruit that we are not allowed to be fiddled with or penetrated into
        now by our imaginative interpretation, while man remains as a mystery unknown to
        himself even.

        The love of God is certain that He is a just God who punishes the evil at the
        time of the last judgement and segregate between the good and evil, sheep and
        goat. This earth will disappear, Rev.20: 11, and a bottomless gulf remains
        between the good and evil. God loves the repenting sinner while he is in his
        flesh, and may be thereafter till the last interrogation, but not beyond that,
        Rev.22: 15. We don't know about another kind of rebellion by a different Lucifer
        wage in New Jerusalem which invite another cleansing by another Eden tragedy
        which pave for another aeon of the Hindu yogic `yuga'. However, man is worth
        only for a breath; he can't postulate what happens next moment. The belching of
        lava fire is a prologue of the lake of sulphur fire and `they will be tormented
        day and night for ever and ever' there, Rev.20: 14. The beast and the false
        prophet, the church of women's deity during the time of anti-christ, Dan. 11: 37
        are thrown into such sulphur fire before 1000 years than the dragon that
        deceived in Eden was hurled into thereafter 1, 000 years, Rev.20: 10. If one
        wants to know about this gulf of 1, 000 years, I am ready to cerebrate upon if
        somebody is eager to know.

        -E.S. John, Australia

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