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Our church to launch independent Orthodox candidates

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  • john_aliceau
    Dear All, There are many who say that our church should actively participate in politics and should stand as a mouthpiece of the power and stand with them.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2011
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      Dear All,

      There are many who say that our church should actively participate in politics and should stand as a mouthpiece of the power and stand with them. This type of advocacy will improve the confidence of our people and it will be ultimately a benefit for our Church.

      I don't agree to this proposal or suggestion at all. We are living in this world of the flesh, but are not of the flesh or of the world. Politics is the science as how to run the country or the globe, but religion is to cater the food for the soul. The church can't serve God and Mammon at the same time; therefore, the church should have a policy of not interfering with politics. While corruption of power and money is the language of country politics, treachery is the mother tongue of the international politics. Shun away from these. The ecclesiastical order is ordained or consecrated for the church, not for country politics.

      A ruler of a country or State must be a qualified philosopher king, according to the Aristotelian or platonic thinkers. A ruler must be of intellectual or moral genetic elite. One who rules others must be role models in all respects. A philosopher king who is trained under rigorous training must be over the age of 40, because life starts at 40, the time by which the mental and physical body comes to a synchronising union. Is there any democracy make a quota system in allotting seats in tune with religion, church, caste or castes? If it does, it cannot be called a democracy, but of a decaying bureaucracy. The policy of Indian `samvaranam', quota system, is a standing monument of this type of dubious and devious democracy that safeguard only the vote-catching gimmicks, not caring the financially, educationally backward individuals of the nation. When we fix a quota system, do we go for a quality control policy of selecting the intellectual elites or ethically-oriented role models? Who is the author or the owner of the church? Politicians or Christ? If the church that wants to advocate politics, we must have political study in our theological colleges. If the political system is the mouthpiece of religions, churches, castes and tribes, let us have a common religion that caters for the whole population of the land. Just as Vattasseril Thirumeni groomed Mar Ivaniose as the third Catholicose of our church, but thirumeni deserted the saint later for a better pasture, if our Orthodox members changing to Pentecostal or any other church may turn around and become a trap for the Malankara Orthodox church later. Fear God because of resurrecting an indigenous Orthodox church from its ashes after 75 years' of Portuguese iron tyranny that killed or seduced most of the population of our church to their side is a miracle that God did for us for His own name sake in Malankara, not by us but for us. We should aspire that intellectual and moral elites rule us, not by weeds that are malevolently installed by unethical means and unfair systems.

      As screening by unfair means and elevating people on a communal basis, what Malankara Orthodox Church should do is to boycott the election and transmitting the messages to the hypocrites that that will change the system and remove us from the system. Stand against the corrupt system and values and make our voice in boycotting the election that run on a communal and parochial platform. "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts". What are you, O Great Mountain? Before Zerub-babel you shall become a plain……, Zecha.4: 6-7.

      E.S.John, Australia
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