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We need to assimilate our services & we need a continuing education.

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  • padanayakan
    I have seen some postings with a suggestion to cut short our Holy services. We believe in true faith and following the teachings of our ancestors and that is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2005
      I have seen some postings with a suggestion to cut short our Holy
      services. We believe in true faith and following the teachings of
      our ancestors and that is why we called ourselves as Orthodox. Each
      part of our service is compiled with the basic of many traditions and
      teachings. Our ancestors were more religious and faithful than us.
      They arranged the prayers and services for worship with some
      fundamental principles. I am not able to explain all those, as I am
      not a theologian. But I believe those prayers and services are
      arranged are meaning full. I were expecting the same subject and that
      is why I mentioned in one of my early posting that the training in
      Theological seminary in Kottayam is necessary for the people those
      who are willing to serve as priests in our Indian Orthodox Church.
      Because they will be trained there to teach the community about the
      traditions, faith and Culture of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

      But it will be nice if our church can arrange the tunes of some of
      the lyric that we are using for the "Namaskaram' and in "Good Friday"
      services as it is difficult for people to sing it together some

      I find it is an important matter to assimilate our Church Service.

      I am experienced different type of services in different parishes of
      the Indian Orthodox Church. It varies from person to person. Is it
      our tradition to conduct the services, as the person likes to do it?
      Don't we have a unified code of conduct for our services?

      I only like to point out the important one only. Some priests are
      giving the Holy Qurbana before it possess to the west, some gives it
      after and some gives it at the middle and some gives it after the
      service. This difference has seen among our Bishops also. Now the
      laymen are confused. I heard different clarifications for this

      One of the explanations I heard is little funny too. This is the
      explanation that I heard as the justification of giving the Holy
      Qurbana before it takes to the west. The Priest is saying " Njangal
      Bhakshichthaya………." As we are saying the word "Bhkshichthaya" it made
      that priest to give Holy Qurbana before it takes to the west. I do
      not find it is a suitable cause for that to do. I do not believe
      that that word "Bhkshichthaya" means that as a present verb but it
      denotes that we already took it before and it is possibly denotes
      that we accepted the Holy Qurbana that has been served by Jesus
      Christ to the disciples and we believe that we had receive the Holy
      Qurbana from that moment. And the word "Njangal" is not only
      representing us but all our ancestors. ( I am not a theologian but I
      believe it and if I am wrong please rectify it). We Orthodox Church
      is not a community arguing with the words like the others otherwise
      we may also support the argument of the protestants and Pentecostal
      belief about the relation of Jesus and St. Mary as "Sthreeyaa enikum
      ninakkum thammil enthee….." But we believe in tradition and the
      teachings of our ancestors. If the justification in this case is
      correct then the word "Njangal" has to be changed because I haven't
      see the complete attendees are accepting the Holy communion instead
      of that I am witnessed only a few are taking the Holy Qurbana. If
      the words that we are using in the service is taking as the basic
      then the word has to be changed as " Njangalil Kurachu peer" or "
      Njangalil Chilarokka" Bhakshichathaya…………" It will be nice if
      our Bishops find a suitable time to think about this. It will be
      nice if anyone can give an authenticated explanation on this subject.
      And our diocese has to give the direction to proceed the correct in
      this matter.

      Every professional in USA has to attend in continuing education to
      renew their license and it is a good system as they will refresh
      their knowledge and they will review their knowledge and will get up
      to dated with their profession. It is a good system for our Church
      to adopt. It will be nice if we conduct a continuing education
      program for our Priests also it may enable them to get up to date
      about our Church and it shall help to make our services more arranged
      and unified.

      It will be highly appreciable if you kindly think about this subject
      and understand the subject before writing anything about this subject
      and please do not attack me if anybody
      Requested to you to do so.

      Charly V. Padanilam.
      (This posting made on the basis of information from different places
      and it is only for reading to whom it is addressed to only)
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