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Bishop Coordinators

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  • john_aliceau
    Though every bishop is a missinary bishop, there should be bishops with specially assined duties and coordinate the works of the Diocesan bishops. We need
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2010
      Though every bishop is a missinary bishop, there should be bishops with specially assined duties and coordinate the works of the Diocesan bishops. We need bishops who exclusively meant to look after the missionay works, guiding the theological students and semenaries and organizing and updating the church worship literature and so on. Rejuvenating the spirit of missionary fervour that was mainly started by Pathros mar Osthathios who did his missionary work under the umbrella of forming a body called The Servant of the Cross and the same type of work was undertaken by the St.Paul's missionary institution in Mavelikara instituted by Gheverughese Mar Osthathios thirumeni after the demise of the former, is an adorable contribution done for the church. We need at least to do two bishops for doing such work:

      1. missionary work
      2. For coordinating all our worship materials by translating into various languages, reprinting all our books after correcting the faith adulteration elements and encouraging members to write and publish the religious materials by making use of different mass media.

      Works of the Missionary Bishop

      Before making the first step we have to do the following:

      1) Root out all the weeds that are imported into the apostolic faith deliberately, for example, Ettu Nomb, birthday and wedding day celebrations, etc and the indirect influences, such as crossbreed marriages and paganisation of the Orthodox faith by intermingling with multi-faith agenda, a product of ecumenism, with other religions and political organizations. Unless we clean our own backyard, there is no meaning in continue proliferating the chaste faith that is handed down to us by our church Fathers through their blood spilling. If this faith purification is not done, we don't have to have a bishop set apart for this work of propagating a mechanical spirituality for this mechanical age, because all other denominations and cults that believe Jesus as our saviour have done this gospel globalization work through traversing over the heart of dark continents also and difficult topographical mountainous terrains, distributing the bible copies in the indigenous languages, translating and writing millions of books and disseminating by even electronic high-tech carriers over the centuries. There is nothing behind for us to do, except clearing out the weeds that are breeding like parasites in the body of the church, making the apostolic Christianity as a handful of lethargic followers. The main sign of the time is the vanishing of the apostolic faith, which is replaced by the leavened bread worship that pervades darkness everywhere in the world, Lk.18: 8. As we are the proponents of such a deplorable situation, God is helpless. It is our duty to continue rekindling the sanctimonious faith till His coming, so that a chosen `little flock', Lk.12: 32, can go with him into the bridal chamber. If we are able to nip the flowers of ecumenism that allows all forms of mechanical celebrations with all the available sources of choir, electric decorations and electronic devices, extravagant Rasa, perambulation, that make copycat culture of political survival techniques by wasting money and resources. Court cases are other venues that drain out our spirituality and resources which could be used for strengthening the morale of the members and the community.

      Sources of Income for the Missionary works

      One new parish formed in the North Eastern neighboring country was closed down due to the non-availability of a Vicar, as there were not enough funds, so also in Assam few years back. There was no display of a missionary spirit in continuing such parishes because no support from the church central authority. A centralized system of church Government that looks after the global church in all its faith activities and administration is able to prune and groom the church functions to its ideal performance. Curtail all the parish and church waste-makings and save and contribute to the missionary activities and charity and humanitarian works.

      Mission Board

      A mission Board under the control of a Bishop to take charge of all the missionary and charity institutions of the church is an imperative factor at the time when religious, political, atheistic and secular terrorism that inhibits any form of preaching and converting anyone to our faith. As reverse tides of trends eclipses over the missionary and conversion preaching, our duty now is to safeguard and protect the flock within our boundaries. The climate of religious preaching is not so conducive anywhere in the world due to the super-tech miracles that drive away people from religion, particularly from Orthodox to the heretical and non-believing pressure churches and civil libertarians. The secular laws and workplace pressure doesn't allow for the practice of religions or spiritual excercises. Secular laws that legalize mortal and venial sins are also other matters of excruciating concerns. No Diocesan bishop should be allowed to run their own charity institutions, as any thirumeni is prone to embrace any other churches that he wants to, like Mar Ivaniose thirumeni who formed the Malankara Reeth took the custody of all our own schools to be the bases of stealing sheep from our church by bribing employment in our schools and adding up their church membership. Another thirumeni who came and collected money from this parish also recently shifted his allegiance to another church. Not only that the Diocesan bishop's duty is to administer spiritual food and directions to his own diocese for its proper functions, instead of leading a nomadic life of collecting money by various means and sources for his own institutions, and it becomes a lucrative business that neglects his duty in caring and nurturing the parishes that he is in charge of.

      It is essential that a missionary shepherd who labours in His own vineyard be assigned to take charge of this Divine mission to care and oversee the faithful in our global church, so also a bishop who can arrange worship literature and printing works, so that he can provide assistance and help to those who are in spiritual and material needs and work zealously to be a role model who automatically lures people to his side by attracting non-believers to the Lord.

      E.s.John , Australia
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