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  • Marvin Arevalo
    God’s people need to know, and need to see, and need hear, because we here living the days of God’s judgment TEKEL is what the Lord told me to say to our
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2010
      God’s people need to know, and need to see, and need hear,
      because we here living the days of God’s judgment TEKEL is what the Lord told
      me to say to our people, because we will even be weighed during these
      times. The days of his judgment are upon
      us all. Those that fully turn to God
      will see his glory, because people will need those that can be trusted. Only those that are with Jesus will be
      trusted, in the days of this judgment, and only those that are servants that
      worship in spirit and in truth. From
      there all the people that enjoy the pleasures of this world, and you people
      that live to lie, all thieves, all sex offenders, all of you that are
      homosexuals, lesbians, and of you that are full of greed, all of you murders,
      all of those dose that do not respect your body’s, do you not know that even
      your body does not belong to you? Even
      your body belongs to the Lord God.

      Ezequiel 7 points to us that during the end times, and this
      is exactly what we are living today. Let
      those who have eyes see, and those who hear let them hear, and those that seek
      knowledge know that the greed that world fell in to because of bad decisions
      that housing industry made(Ezequiel 7:24), but even the wicked must fulfill
      what was prophesied about them. Wicked is what God him self called you, because
      you let fear drive you, and led you desperate measures, and bad wicked decisions
      affected the whole world. Repent wicked
      people that do not know God, and return to the living God of Israel, through
      Jesus Christ. Ezequiel prophesied what
      is coming to you wicked people. To those
      that know that God can make a difference read it fight for the good fight that
      the apostil Paul talk about.

      READ HOSEA 1 AND 2

      Hosea the prophet was given the order and he obeyed, because
      he needed to prophecy against all of the people that are living under adultery. Some say it is a prophecy of the church, and
      we are like the prostitute; however, all of you women said the Lord, you have
      forgotten who your Father is, and you have focused on the flesh instead.

      HOSEA prophesied against you women of this age, on HOSEA 4,
      but he asked the Lord and he said let not JUDAH be guilty. Blind fools that do not see that Judah means
      praise, because once our praise becomes contaminated with unstoppable sins that
      you refuse to get away from then you be doomed ever more so. HOSEA has prophesied against you. Praise the Lord on his day, and pray that he
      still gives us mercy. REPENT, in way
      that Ninibeth repented, so that God will hold his wrath for another generation.

      The vision:
      The whole church united around the world to praise our Lord, and Savior outside on the streets of every nation in front of their house, apartments, or jail cells.

      The message:
      This is based on Revelations 7: 9 through 17. The whole church united around the world praising our Lord, and Savior. One day, for one hour. Praise him with banners, with palm branches, or by singing praises and by exalting him by saying in a loud voice:

      "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the
      throne, and to the Lamb."
      July 7th at 7:00 AM. All time zones will do this at 7:00 AM for one hour. After the hour of praise share the gospel with who ever asks questions about this day.

      The Place:
      This will be outside on the streets of every nation in the front of your house, apartments, or jail cells.

      End by:
      7:00 P.M. – This time is open for all those that can not join us at 7:00 AM, but will like to join us still during this 12 hour period. After or during the hour of praise let everyone who approaches you about the gospel, and about the Blood that Jesus Christ shed for us. Take advantage of those who ask, and share the reason and purpose of this day.

      The church:
      Please forward this email to as many Christians that you know, translate it if you need to, or cut and make flyers for those who do not have email.
      The Lord will bless you for your cooperation.

      In the name of Jesus Christ.


      Marvin Otoniel Arevalo
      (818) 310 - 5028

      La visión:
      Toda la iglesia unida alrededor del mundo para alabar a nuestro Señor, y Salvador se hará en las calles de cada nación, al frente de sus casas ó apartamentos y cárceles:
      El mensaje:
      El mensaje bíblico se funda en Apocalipsis - 7:9 al 17. Toda la iglesia unida alrededor del mundo en unidad al Señor nuestro Dios. Se ara un solo día por una hora alabándole con banderas, con palmas, y con cantos de alabanzas y exaltándole en alta voz diciendo:

      “La salvación pertenece a nuestro Dios que esta
      Sentado en el trono, y Al Cordero”

      Julio 7 a las 7:00 A.M. Todos los tiempos y horas según su país harán esto a las 7:00 A.M. Por una hora.

      El lugar:
      Se hará en las calles de cada nación en el frente de sus casas, apartamentos y cárceles.-
      A las 7:00 PM., estas 12 horas están disponibles, para todos los que no pueden unirse con nosotros en la mañana. Después o durante esta hora de alabanza si alguien se le acerca compartan con ellos el evangelio, y de la santa sangre que derramo Cristo Jesús.
      Aprovechen esta oportunidad para compartir el propósito de este día.

      La Iglesia:
      Por favor remitir o enviar este correo electrónico a todos los cristianos del mundo que usted conozca.

      Tradúzcalo a otro idioma, si necesita hacerlo ó corte y haga volantes para aquellos que, no tienen correo electrónico.

      Dios los bendecirá por su colaboración.
      En el nombre de Cristo Jesús:


      Marvin Otoniel Arevalo
      (818) 310 - 5028

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