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Re: [ MOSC ] Heresy and relegeous Fanatism

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  • alice john
    Dear All, “According to an article from HB Thomas 1 group which surfaced recently, Our Lord ordained 10 Disciples (Sleehanmar) , except St. Thomas (St. John
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 29, 2009
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      to an article from HB Thomas 1 group which surfaced recently, "Our Lord
      ordained 10 Disciples (Sleehanmar) , except St. Thomas (St. John 20:24) and Judas Iscariot and vested upon them the spiritual authority -
      "Koodasha Adikaaram".

      What are we doing, dear faithfuls: Vettunna Pothinodu Vedamothunnu”,

      “teaching Indian mysticism to an attacking bull or buffalo”. While the brain
      claims that it is the high-tech brain that controls the whole body by the support
      of the infrastructure of the nervous system, heart boasts that it circulates lifeblood all over the body that keeps the body alive. Whereas the lungs
      defends it claim by saying that they are the ones that supply oxygen all over
      the body that give life for the body working, similarly is the claim of every
      system or organ in the body. The rectum has a claim that if it doesn’t excrete
      the waste products from the body, it can put all other systems or organs under
      duress and can kill the body easily. At the arse end of time it is the rectum
      that decides whether the body has to function or die or live. Despite the religions and
      denominations worked together like brain, heart, lung, etc so far, it is the
      religious terrorism that is the one that decides whether the terrestrial time
      will have to live or to be killed. Eradicating an apostle and claiming the
      superiority of the other is like a human bomb that destroys the genuine and the
      innocent ones.

      they prove that apostle Thomas didn’t get any spiritual authority from the Lord
      because He didn’t breathe on St.Thomas on the bank of Tiberius, we can argue
      that no other apostle was allowed to insert the finger into the pierced wound
      of the master, at the same time getting the breathing from his Guru, and receiving
      the authority to be the stewardship over all other apostles and the church.
      “Diamond cuts down diamond itself”, hence the pontiff HH Thomas 1 doesn’t like another
      Thomas, the Indian apostle and his Catholicos, another Thomas Mar Didymus. One
      Thomas cutting the throat of another throat is the natural theory that the like
      poles repel. If that Pontiff is using the term ‘ordination’, is there any proof
      that Jesus used oil or ‘muron, for the ordination of His disciples? Was it a proper ordination
      ‘koodasa’ performed by the Christ? When He sent 72 apostles, was there any
      koodasa ritual?

      buttocks rule at the buttock of time. When I take the issue seriously, how many
      of you pay serious attention? I don’t know. False christs and false prophets
      only can dictate terms. Man’s soul, a fine and delicate ethreal substance, is
      cradled within the body and head, not below the parts under our waste. This age
      has no soul, but only the spirit of this world, spirit below the waste, that
      rule ruthlessly and ferociously and trample down all finer things in this
      sojourn. It is called the age of Iron, not of gold; thus it is the age of the
      survival of the unfittest that topple down everything that is pure and golden,
      Dan.2: 39-45. Tell these fanatics that despite Eldad and Medad remained outside
      the company of the 70 elders who received the showering of the Holy Spirit,
      those two also got the gift simultaneously, Num.11: 24-27. “The wind blows
      where it will”, so also the Spirit of God, Jn.3:8. Let us remind these faith
      bashers that the full blast of the Holy Spirit that proceeds from the Father
      descended upon the apostles when St.Thomas was also present on the day of
      Pentecost. This heresy that started since 1970 will thunder to the whole world
      that these hypocrites preach a hate religion that proclaims a self-conceited spirituality
      that “it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven”. Judas also took the
      Holy Body of Christ, but he betrayed Him in less than two hours’ time, so also
      some of those who receive the breath of the Spirit of God in ordination/consecration
      are also likely to be imbued with the evil spirit as king Saul got it, if they
      don’t continue within the orbit of God.


      E.S.John, Australia.








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      Subject: [ MOSC ] Heresy and relegeous Fanatism
      To: MalankaraOrthodoxSyrianChristian@yahoogroups.com
      Received: Monday, 26 October, 2009, 6:59 AM


      Another heresy is that The Apostle Peter is considered as Moses. St.Peter or his position in the new era as per heresy,St. Peter is like Moses in ChristianApostolic Church(?).


      In Old Israel The Law Was Given By Lord Through Moses.The Fulfillment of Laws was Through Jesus Christ.There is no more sacrifices required because of Jesus Sacrifice at Calvary. We are in the Era of Grace. We do not require any more Moses to get Laws from God.The Priethood and prophecy of Moses was taken By (ended in)Jesus Christ, the Son Of God and He (Jesus) is The High Priest in the order of Melchizadek. The Present Church and beleivers are saved by the GRACE and Truth Of Jesus Christ.

      The High Priest/Prophet Jesus had 12 disciples and he sent them out all( 12 apostles )as his father sent him(Jesus)to this world.

      Moses was a faithful servant in all God's house,testifying to what would be said in future. But Christ is Faithful as a Son over the GOD's house. AND WE ARE HIS HOUSE(THE PRESENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH IS GOD's HOUSE)CHRIST IS OUR HEAD.

      The Qualifications of Bishops(overseers) in early church we read in 1 Thimothy3:17 and Titus 1:7-9. If St.Peter was modern Moses in Cristian Era, Why he(st.Peter) did not write anything about it in his two Epistles?


      and the first Bishop of CHURCH IN JERUSALEM was St.James ,the Cousin brother of Jesus. St.James was the one who made the first Eucharist Liturgy order(Thaksa) and not St.Peter the apostle.

      St Peter held a s significant role/ position in the early church and among the apostles.But this position cannot be interpreted as authority over other apostles.

      with prayers

      Thomas Samuel


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