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Son, your sins are forgiven

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  • yesudasan jacob
    “Son your sins are forgiven you” We are going to enter the third week of the Great Lent. The ensuing Sunday is the third Sunday of the Lent or the second
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2008
      �Son your sins are forgiven you�

      We are going to enter the third week of the Great Lent. The ensuing Sunday is the third Sunday of the Lent or the second Sunday after beginning the Great Lent.

      The Gospel we hear is Mark. 2: 1-12 about Jesus healing the paralytic The other two synoptic Gospels also narrate the miracle with some variations of locale, Matt. 9: 1- 18; Luke 5: 17- 26, but do not deviate from the core points. The miracle was happened in Jesus own house in Capernaum to where He had already moved from Bethlehem (Matt. 4: 13, 14)

      . Each Sunday of the lent focus on one of the miracles performed by Jesus Christ and each one of it has a visible aspect of Jesus� salvation redemptive work and one or more lessons of faith to be conveyed to us.

      As the narrative goes, the paralytic was carried by four men and they could not access Jesus for crowd and they lowered him before Jesus by removing the roof of the house.

      �When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, �Son your sins are forgiven you� (Mark. 2: 5; Matt.9: 2; Luke 5: 20)

      The lessons of faith in this miracle are:

      (1)The Orthodox faith of intercession of the faithful for the fellow beings is Biblically sound as is accepted by the Savior. The four men or the victim did not utter a word, but the Lord who sees the heart of men accepted their silent petition. The man who lost the mobility was brought before the Lord by those four faithful men, in spite of hurdles, whose faith Jesus saw and forgave the sins of the victim. At the same time, it is reasonable to believe that the paralytic was not brought before Jesus per force. His desire to be cured is also of vital importance. Jesus� question to the paralytic at Bethesda, �Do you want to be made well� (John 5: 6), is not repeated here, but Jesus new, he too wanted to be made well.

      �But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins� (v 10)

      (2)This statement of Jesus is as important as His forgiving the sins of the paralytic, as this is the power that He ultimately gave to His apostles that continue in His church through the bishops down to the priests. This declares that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God who forgives the sins. But the people did not believe so. For them Jesus was only a man

      �They marveled and glorified the God, who had given such power to men�

      (3)The other faith lesson conveyed in saying that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins is that the sins are forgiven in heaven as well by the Son of God. Here lies the faith and hope of payers for the departed faithful ones.

      .Dear co-believers in Christ, where are we in this Lenten Season. Are we unclean like the leper and motionless in sin like the paralytic or are we forgiven of sins? Are we the bearers of sinners to Jesus Christ or hindrance for them to access Him?

      X X X X

      A word about the Lenten fasting; some are keeping the Lent from the beginning, some are waiting for the mid-lent to begin, some are waiting for the Passion week to begin, yet some are waiting for Good Friday to begin and end fasting in one day.

      All may not get the chance as they wish, because tomorrow is not ours.

      Don�t you begin right today?

      Yesudasa Nedumoncave

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