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Re: Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christian [ MOSC ] Group Digest Number 960

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  • Kuruvilla Abraham Thykadavil
    Dear MOSC elder, I would appreciate if you could tell me in what way I misused the forum or raised personal allegations against Ms. Bindu. Is this the usual
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007
      Dear MOSC elder,

      I would appreciate if you could tell me in what way I misused the forum or raised personal allegations against Ms. Bindu. Is this the usual line that you write as an elder when you are faced with a truth which you keeping isisting is wrong?

      << You are making allegations once again>>.

      I still stick to my opinion that Allah is not the God of only Muslims but only the name given to God in the Arabic language. (In fact it is not only me who is of this opinion in this forum) If Bindu even after her stay in Syria never came across this truth then it is a pity. As for me, I checked again with my Lebanese CHRISTIAN friend and he says even he calls God - ALLAH. I still do not understand why some still refuse to accept plain truth. By calling Allah I am not supporting the Muslim terrorists or Mohamed, please dont get this wrong. I have know Jesus as my personal saviour and NOTHING can change it. I read the Bible and it tells me to hate none. It is not as easy task. But you and Bindu instead is asking through this forum to hate the Muslims. Why? Did Jesus personally ask you to do so? Jesus said hate the sin and not the sinner. Bindu quotes the old Testament to support her feelings for Muslims. If so, has Jesus talked about you and me in the Holy Bible since we
      are neither Jews nor Muslims. I still cannot understand why some still insist that Christianity is for a chosen few. Christ only asked us to believe in Him and if a Muslim also believes in Jesus, even he will be saved. But as Christians we make it very hard for them to believe if we carry such attitudes. As for Bindu's statement that we dare not use Allah's name in front of the Muslims, she is wrong. They dont understand the word "Devam" but only "Allah" and they know that we called upon the Almighty and not the Satan!

      << Completely untrue . Bindu never asked anyone to hate muslims. We only pointed out that Islam is satanic, Mohammed is a liar,and that Muslims are trouble makers every where in the world. The Islamic Allah is not Yahweh or Jesus. >>

      I agree that Muslims around the world does resort to terrorism and fanatism. But are the Christians any better if even they harbour such hate and fanatic ideas? Did you read the way Bindu potrayed Muslims? And she claims to be a government employee. I may be a proud Christian but at the same time I am a proud Indian too. Bindu as a government employee has more responsibility in showing true Christian values instead of spreading hate among other christians for her Muslim brother and sisters in India.

      << All of us are administrators in senior levels. We know the problem and we are creating awareness of it. You are trying to confuse people by pouting Islamic propaganda.>>

      As for allegations, she is the one who started by saying that the Gulf wallahs have "Stockholm Syndrome" and she is the one who says that the those of us who live in the Gulf are poor in spirit and that we are good for nothing except for our money. Is this not an allegation?

      << You introduced the word gulf walla. Stockholm syndrome is a very technical term used to relate to people who begin to symapthise with their tormentors. You are the one who said the church clergy come visiting the gulf only for money collections. Bindu said your poor reception when you re -entry into Kerala in oldage is not a spiritual matter, this is true >>

      If this forum requires blind adherance to silly notions , then I dont care to be a part of it.

      << MOSC forum is for all who love the Orthodox Church and her Lord. MOSC is not for vain disputes and ego. Remember we the Moderators are quite wealthy and well qualified in our own walks of life. Never have we spoken in money terms. We discuss only spiritual issues here.>>

      I pray that you look deep into your hearts and try to see the truth.

      << We have done a lot of soul searching and prayer before we began MOSC forum. If we were of the old stock we would have stuck to ICON or SOC forum, which serve no-one except the ones with big egos and who have hijacked the church and orthodoxy the same is being pasted now on the internet for the whole world to see>>

      And I hope you will post this too in the forum.

      << Thank God we are not so vain to ignore your mail. Our comments are also added so that no-one wastes time in writing another reply. We are closing this discussion. You have made your point and so have we. >>

      May God bless you all.

      << May Allah bless you>> ~ Moderators MOSC forum

      Kuruvilla Abraham Thykadavil

      The only forum for all Christians to express their views freely.
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