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Idiolotory in Church?

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  • padanayakan
    That is an important subject to be revised and discussed. Some times I myself think that we are deviating from the real faith and the teachings and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2007
      That is an important subject to be revised and discussed. Some
      times I myself think that we are deviating from the real faith and
      the teachings and commandments of God. But immediately swallowing
      myself the question on the basis of the teachings of the Church.

      When we are watching the day-to-day dealings in our Church, anyone
      may raise the same question even he/she is elder and learned about
      the teachings of the Church. The activities from the bottom to top
      making us to have a re-think about our present situations.

      Jesus Christ came to this earth to teach the real vision of the
      creator about His creations and to save the human society from the
      Hershey of the sin. But it is the time that we should have to
      analyze about our work as the followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus
      criticized the Jewish priests because they were obeying the
      commandments, rules and regulations in a different way that tailored
      by themselves for their personal benefits. Some times the
      activities inside our Church are becoming as an Icon of the
      activities of Jewish.

      "Blessed are those who are making peace." Are we (The Christians)
      entitles for this? The Christians are now extremely opposite to
      this blessed words. How many are in the process to make the peace
      in this earth other than the "Lip Service".

      Jesus called the poor and needy to come close to Him. The people
      who are the followers and those who are representing Jesus also
      repeating the same but they do not like to see the needy and poor to
      come near to them and even they will not give a chance to give
      attention to those needy and poor. But they changed the meaning of
      the sentence, and calling those who are hardworking and carrying
      heavy loads for bringing the price of their sweat to utilize it for
      the luxury life of the leaders.

      It becomes a fashion to speak out and advise in public to reduce the
      luxury life of the faithful followers of the Jesus Christ. But we
      are witnessing the luxury life of those advisors by using the wealth
      of the Church and the public. I do not believe that any faithful
      believer is offering the portion of their earning to the Church with
      a concept to spend it for the luxury of any individuals. The
      members of the Church are contributing the money to the Church and
      to the leaders with a belief that, that will be utilized for the
      benefit of the needy. Poor and to the community.

      Those who are donating money to a Bishop of the Church are doing
      that because he/she accepting that Bishop as the representative of
      the Church and that is a contribution for the Church and not for any
      personalities. But it is wrongly interpreting as private money of
      the Bishop. Each MOSC bishop is getting an average of Rs.50, 000/
      to 150,000 a month from the faithful believers without any
      accountability (one / two exceptions are there). An amount of Rs.
      15 Million to 45 Million of the faithful believers is vanishing
      without any accountability and that reflects in the luxury life and
      the growth of the wealth of some Parasites of the Bishops. This is
      the picture of the belief of the members of our Church who are
      little bit concern about the future of the Church.

      But the story of the clergy is different. Many of our clergies are
      suffering and struggling to lead an average family life and none of
      their interests are protected. When a priest fell ill, that family
      is broke and then some may get a chance to appeal to the public for
      help. How many of you like to beg for the treatment if you fall
      sick? Is it an appropriate way to leave our clergy to beg for their
      welfare? No one in this earth likes to beg but the circumstances
      forcing them to do so because there is no other choice.

      We are claiming that our MOSC is having a membership over 3 Million
      and the same society is letting the clergy of the Church to beg in
      the society for help in their personal life? We should plan a
      strong set up to provide the financial aid to our clergy in their
      real need. Our Church formed a clergy aid fund and none have any
      idea about the present situation of that program. If we collect Rs.
      50 to 100 a year from the faithful believers it may collect at least
      Rs.200 Million a year even it did the 2/3rd of our members. If we
      program it to invest a part of it in any lucrative project it will
      yield and increase the sum and have to implement the contribution of
      one-month salary (Receiving from the Parish) of the clergies. If we
      manage this program trustworthy then we may be lucky to not find any
      of our clergy begging for the treatment.

      The leaders are least bothers about the welfare of the clergy
      because the leaders are not facing any scarcity of money for their
      luxury. This system should be changed.

      If we are not considering changing in the proper way then it will
      change us forcibly and that is the law of the nature.

      These are the pulse and points of view of the ordinary members of
      the Church. If they are wrong then the Church leadership has the
      responsibility to clear their doubts.

      Charly V. Padanilam, Houston, TX.
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