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Children, the future representatives of the Parents (Family).

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  • padanayakan
    The Children are the future of this world and the representatives of the family. The child of today is the father of tomorrow. The parents have the
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      The Children are the future of this world and the representatives of
      the family. The child of today is the father of tomorrow. The
      parents have the responsibility to grow their children in the correct
      path, as they are the representatives for you in the future.

      Each person has to know about himself. If a child knows about his
      family and the great value of his tradition, he/she will never deviate
      from it. So the parents have to aware them about themselves. The
      history of the family has great importance in building the character
      of a child. According to the character of the human being none likes
      to loose anything valuable to himself or herself. It is a tradition
      among the Jewish that the eldest one in the family will explain the
      history of the family to the children at the night of the pass over
      day. So the child will understand his ancestors and the relationship
      of himself with God and he will realize how important is he. This
      tradition bound him to keep it up.

      This is what we need it. The parents have to come together in the
      evening along with the children and should conduct the evening prayer.
      When you read the Holy Bible the eldest has to explain about those
      verses red according to his knowledge and connecting to that; you have
      to explain the traditions. The parents have to discuss the traditional
      and religious matters at least once in a week with the children. It is
      very important.

      If you teach your children the right direction it will benefit to you.
      It will make the children to love you and it will prevent you to not
      to send you to the old age homes and it will help you to have a happy
      life in your old stage.

      Most of the children are thinking the Keralite traditions are olden
      and they make always fun about that and they think the western style
      is great. You should explain to them how great are our tradition and
      the benefits of the tradition of Kerala.

      We have to explain to them why do we eat with hands instead of spoon
      and fork in olden days, why do we show "Namaskaram" by folding the
      palm without a shake hand, why do we respect the elders, why do we
      take care about the children than anybody else, why do we curse
      divorce, why do we love our parents, why do we communicate with
      relatives and the community as a family, why is it important to live
      in the family set up, why we are not encouraging boy/girl-friend
      relationship, why we are not encouraging fiancée relationship, Why the
      Holy Bible teach any sex relationship out of wedlock is adultery.

      We have to teach to the children according to their stage. And
      remember if you drop your children for Sunday school at church and you
      are going back to your home to take rest or for a picnic, it is the
      great mistake and you are doing a sinful work that make the child to
      hate to going to church and you have to answer for that at the day of
      the Judgment.

      Please think it and act it now.

      With beat regards,
      Charly V. Padanilam. Houston, Tx. charlyvp@...
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