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The Real narration of Antiochian Jacobite Patriarchis & the indian visit.

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  • padanayakan
    Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 20:46:31 -0000 From: Thomas P Subject: Truth Triumphs! A Mulanthuruthy local meeting decided that Jacobite church is the only church in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
      Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 20:46:31 -0000
      From: Thomas P
      Subject: Truth Triumphs!

      A Mulanthuruthy local meeting decided that Jacobite church is the
      only church in this world!!! i.e. a church which was registered in
      2002 as an independent church is the only church in this world!

      How can they make such a decision in a local meeting of few bishops
      and lay people of JacobiHB Thomas 1 faction, in which two syrian
      bishops also participated. Why the rest of Syrian and Indian bishops
      did not participate? Were they invited for a common meeting to
      discuss matters in an Apostolic way, the True Christian way we see
      Acts, and in the method followed in acceptable Ecumenical Synod.

      What happened in Chalcedon, St. Diascoros was not even allowed to
      explain his position. Even before that the Pope Leo of Rome declared
      that St. Diascoros is a heretic! And we know how Chalcedon, which
      happened in an unjust way lead to blood-shedding and later the city
      of Antioch was totally distroyed in earthquake. Today no Christian
      church exist in that city.

      In the history of Christian church there was never an acceptable
      Synod in which both the parties were not invited. In Ephesus (AD
      both Nestor and Patriarch John of Antioch were invited, even though
      both were confirmed heretics at that time. John was an ardent
      supporter of Nestor, but later, after Ephesus converted back to
      Orthodox faith due to the efforts of St. Cyril of Alexandria.

      Mulanthuruthy meeting has no meaning. It is not canonical. It can be
      considered a political gathering to preserve the political interests
      of the present Jacobite leader trying to prove his leadership
      abilities, give popularity and credibility to the position he took
      through media magic (which is another phenomena of doomsday). The
      fact that he immediately went to see Political leaders to make Mr.
      T.M. Jacob a minister proves what kind of a leader he is.

      When the Patriarch said that Jacobites should pray for the other
      group, in the same meeting HB Thomas 1 said very bad words about
      Catholicos. Thus he proved how much he follows the Patriarch!

      People do not think, they go by shows and media magic.
      I was told by an Orthodox friend that carefully planned shows are
      Christian in nature, but done for praise and worldy reasons.

      Mulanthuruthy meeting once again taught the RC faith of Universal
      primacy of throne, that Patriarch can unilaterally make any
      Universal Syrian is a term coined in 20th century. There is no
      canonical validity for such a term. It is merely a political
      to keep the Indian Church under subordination. Also, no Ecumenical
      council placed Patriarch of Anthioc as the head of the Universal

      But our people in Kerala do not think or try to learn. We are given
      talents, not to hide it and remain blind, but to seek the truth
      our talents.

      Some questions for all to consider.

      1. Which Orthodox Ecumenical council gave Patriarch of Antioch the
      title 'Universal head'?
      2. Which Orthodox Ecumenical council accepted the name 'Universal
      3. Which Oriental and Eastern Orthodox churches in the whole world
      believes in Universal rule of successsors of one throne, that one
      leader can unilaterally make decisions?

      The answer to all the three questions above is 'none'. It is a clear
      answer for any one who learned the basics of the history of Orthodox

      We say Kerala is a 100% literate community. But this literacy should
      help us to learn the truth. Our talents should be used to understand
      the truth and help others to learn the truth. In the past, and even
      today our church did not put a lot of focus on catechism. Continuous
      teaching is important in the Church. Only true knowledge can help us
      to come out of the present complicated situation in the Malankara
      Church. Those who have some experience truth knows how important it
      is to maintain unity in the Orthodox church of India, and how
      unimportant and narrow the arguments of supremacy etc. are

      Ignorant people of Kerala can be easily mislead through political
      strategies of religious leaders. But truth is often not very
      attrative and glamorous. Those who keep truth face great
      in the current world. Yet we stand by the side of truth.

      I am still interested in the HB Thomas 1 group's response to the
      above three questions?

      I hope HB Thomas 1, his bishops and priests do not mislead people by
      mixing teachings of different church groups, but teach Orthodoxy in
      the purest way, and encourage youth to follow Orthodoxy instead of
      training them to be blind religious fanatics.

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