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  • misty lady
    Its funny but no one... not one person was able to answer ANY of the questions i asked in my previous mail... its almost as if the entire mail was simply
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
      Its funny but no one... not one person was able to answer ANY of the questions i asked in my previous mail...

      its almost as if the entire mail was simply ignored.

      I seriously need some help. Please.. someone.. if you can, please answer these questions...

      What does the Church say about mixed marriages?
      Are we allowed to marry outside the Syrian Orthodox community?
      What about other Christian denominations?
      How is it different for boys and girls? I mean, if a boy is to marry a girl from a catholic background, for example, what needs to be done? Is she baptized by our church? I thought we don�t believe in adult baptism (that�s another question actually � about Babtism) How about a girl marrying a Marthomite� is there any specific practise that is carried out?
      Is marrying a person from another faith (non-Christian) considered a SIN? Is it strictly forbidden? Or is it simply something that is unadvisable?
      Is it true that the Church would never solemnize a marriage between people of different faiths?
      In case a couple had a civil marriage, would the Church therefore consider the two unmarried?
      Do we believe in conversion? If a non-Christian person truly believed and actually wanted to convert to Christianity, does our Church permit it?
      In such a case, would the church conduct a marriage after conversion?
      For someone who has not gotten married in our Church � what are the things that he/she is not allowed to do? Or does the Church ban the believer from certain things?
      Is the person still even considered a Christian?
      Can the person still participate in and take Qurbana?
      Can the person go for confession or be given absolution?
      Can the children be baptized?
      At the time of death, will the Church conduct the funeral?
      What about things like house blessing
      Prayers for the dead
      If there are any other ways such a marriage would affect the believer's relations with the Church, please do specify

      Assuming the Church conducted the marriage after the non-Christian was converted, the other partner who was always a believer would obviously not be barred from any of the above. In this situation, what happens if the convert, after marriage, goes back to his/her old ways. What would the Church do? Would it do anything? Would it affect the believer? How would one know if the person was genuine � or just converting so that he/she would be allowed to get married? Taking that into account, isn�t a superficial conversion also a sin?

      I'm confused - have been trying to find out about these things... all I've come up with are conflicting views... really need some solid guidance - preferably just the plain truth without personal opinions...

      Hoping for a response from someone...

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