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Malankara World Journal Issue 169, Theme: Cross (Sleebo) (Sep 12, 2013)

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  • Jacob Mathew
    *Malankara World Journal Issue 169, Theme: Cross (Sleebo) (Sep 12, 2013)** * The Malankara World Journal Issue 169 (September 12, 2013) is available online at:
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      Malankara World Journal Issue 169, Theme: Cross (Sleebo) (Sep 12, 2013)

      The Malankara World Journal Issue 169 (September 12, 2013) is available online at:

      TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue No: 169
      Theme: Cross (Sleebo)

      1. Foreword

      Lectionary and Sermons

      2. Bible Readings for Sleebo Feast (September 14)

      Bible Readings For Sleebo/ the Feast of Holy Cross

      3. Sermons for Sleebo Feast (September 14)

      Sermons for the Sleebo Feast

      4. Bible Readings for This Sunday (September 15)

      Bible Readings For First Sunday after Sleebo/ the Feast of Holy Cross

      5. Sermons for This Sunday (September 15)

      Sermons for the First Sunday After Sleebo


      6. Inspiration for Today: The Cross in Prayer

      We too often think of the Cross of Christ as something we have to get through, yet we get through for the purpose of getting into it. The Cross represents only one thing for us - complete, entire, absolute identification with the Lord Jesus Christ - and there is nothing in which this identification is more real to us than in prayer. ...

      7. Featured: The Elevation of the Precious and Life-Creating Cross of the Lord

      For a long time the Cross served as the instrument of a shameful punishment, exciting fear and disgust among people, but from the time that Christ sanctified it by His Blood, it became an object of pious respect and veneration for all Christians. However, this did not become universal at once. ...

      8. Veneration of the Cross

      Jesus tells us that if we wish to go after Him we too must take up our cross and follow. This means that we must suffer with Him in truth and love, that we've got to live through the trials and tribulations that this world brings to us, and that we must endure the rejection of this world. We are rejected for being Christians, for living a Christian life, for standing before the world and saying "I believe in Jesus and follow his teachings". This means that we must put into practice the life that Christ Himself lived, the life that Christ Himself is, the life which is given to us in Christ's name in the Church. Then will we gain the life that awaits us. ...

      9. The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

      The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross is one of the greatest feasts of the Eastern Churches. It is frequently mentioned in ecclesiastical writings and always has, as its object, the triumph of Christ, his resurrection, and the veneration of the holy cross, the sign of his victory over death. The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was first instituted in order to commemorate the dedication of the Church of the Resurrection on September 13, 335. ...

      10. Society Needs Cross as Reminder of People's Shared Dignity

      The crucifix should be present in public and private places because this external symbol of God's presence is a reminder of humanity's shared God-given dignity, Pope Benedict XVI said. The modern world believed that by putting God aside and following man's ideas and desires people could become truly free, but that did not happen. Only by exalting God's greatness, just as Mary did in her hymn of praise, the Magnificat, can people become great. ....
      Living on the 'Finished' Side of the Cross

      My salvation cost Christ agony that I will never understand, but one thing I know for certain. Christ didn't go through it all for parcel deliverance. He finished the job. Sin and death have lost their grip on me. When you believe this, you'll begin to live on the "finished" side of the cross. ...

      11. The Symbol of the Cross

      What does the symbol of the Cross mean to you? To many people, the Cross is merely an archaic emblem. To others, the Cross invokes feelings of guilt or confusion. Some churches even see it as a hindrance to attracting nonbelievers. Yet the early believers chose the Cross as their symbol for a special reason. they chose the Cross that proclaims the wages of sin are fully paid and the perfect sacrifice has been fully offered. ...

      12. Malankara World Supplement on Sleebo Feast


      13. Health: ADHD and Improved Breathing

      Pay close attention to your kid's breathing; if he or she is suffering from a sleep disorder, it may very well be obstructed breathing, which has been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, that's causing the problem. ...

      14. How to Keep Having Fun Together in Marriage

      Could there be a connection between spouses having fun together and the success of their marriages? There is, according to a 2008 University of Denver research study that found the more fun married couples had together, the happier their marriages became. Reflecting on that study in an interview for USA Today, Howard Markman, co-director of the university's Center for Marital and Family Studies, commented: "The more you invest in fun and friendship and being there for your partner, the happier the relationship will get over time. The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high, and significant." ...

      15. Inspirational: Obstacles into Opportunity

      For as long as he could remember, Jay Platt wanted to be a U.S. Marine, and for nearly 15 years, he lived that dream. But in 1998, a rare condition called von Hippel Lindau syndrome (VHL), attacked his eyes, brain, spine and kidneys, forcing his retirement from the service.  ...

      16. Russia Calls for Protection of Christian Holy Places in Maalula [Syria]

      The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the attempts made by the armed opposition in Syria to take over the city of Maalula, a symbol of the Christian presence in Syria. ...

      17. About Malankara World


      Read all the articles and features in this week's Malankara World Journal online at:

      Thank you for your support and help.

      In HIS Service

      Dr. Jacob Mathew
      Malankara World

      Malankara World Journal
      Hudson, Ohio

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